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  1. Hello, I'm trying to find information when streams and videos will be online. Live or VOD. When amnesia fortnight is happening I tend to rearrange my sleeping schedule around it, since I live in Sweden. So it would be great to get some information regarding times. Anyone know?
  2. Just finished mine at 55min, got the speed run trophy and the platinum on ps4. Great game, which I'll put on the shelf for a while now.
  3. Purchased ps4 edition and finished the game there, not bothering with steam. Trophies are too shiny:)
  4. The entire roller coaster ride that was this backer project, private forums, documentaries and game does get a 100 from me. I'll miss this project deeply. If I were to only rate the game I'd say the game is witty and humorous at all the right places. The puzzles for me were at the right level of difficulty that I had to use a walktrough at times; got stuck and solved it, got stuck and used walkthrough etc etc.) On the negative side the ending felt very bland and rushed, the animations weren't very deep and loose ends on the story. I guess the expectations were to high from my side after three years, sum that up in a game ending eh:) but also judging from the crunch the devs had to do it was bound to get a rushed feel in the end.
  5. a quick time event could fit perfectly after the house was potatoed, I got potatoed immediatly after the house potatoed which meant that I could not potatoe away.
  6. gaaaaaah, I've been waiting all day; 1am now (swedish time) It's sad, I was hoping for prototypes all week. Ah well, I know DF is hard at work giving us something they can be proud of.
  7. Yay! Watching it now, can't wait to get back to the game and see the new fixes!
  8. Could everyone just please stop posting in this thread and leave it alone. He is clearly just trolling.
  9. Yeah. Same thing with the art piece from the house. I got it before I even knew I needed it. Yeah, these two examples as well as Shay's missions in the beginning I solved without knowing it, or pciked up without know I actually needed them. SPOILER "Hey mr. can I have your hat" shouldn't have been an option until actually having the tree puke in the first place. END SPOILER
  10. There were a couple of things that I had to think a while for but overall I never had to go and look at a walkthrough If I were stuck it was maximum 2-3 minutes and then it was solved either by skill, chance or the game actually almost saying it out loud for me.
  11. Awesome job. Will turn this mode on immediately for the rest of my playthrough.
  12. I also do agree with most of your comments, the controls don't bother me however and I am enjoying it. I'm currently 2 hours into the game. I do feel that the worlds that the stories take place in is not fully realized. As have been said earlier there are not many things to do in the game, except the linear solution to it. For a person like me who loves adventure games but always use hints, and walkthroughs i think it's great since it's just on the correct level of difficulty. I haven't needed to use cheting yet;) But it would do some good to actually be stuck for atleast a short while. What really takes me out from the experience, and this I have not seen mentioned before is how when zooming in on some scenes the background illustrations are also zoomed in and becomes grainy. This really destroys, for me, a great experience where the art had true potential. I also do feel that the worlds feel less alive, and more static and "picture on the wall" like instead of me walking around in the world. Machinarium has the same concept, but atleast the main characters blend in more in that world. It's hard to put words on it, but perhaps you understand.
  13. I have to add that when I've been watching the latest documentaries I've been noticing a defensive tone, and there is always an undertone on what's going on with the money issues. I do understand that it's important to talk about these things since we've all here backed it and do have questions about it... But now it's time to just focus on everything which is awesome about the game, since it truly rocks!
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