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  1. Thanks for your answer buckysrevenge ! I already tried downloading Lunar IPS and using it to apply the patch but I get the error message : "This is not an IPS file!" If I'm not mistaken, the content of the file should be the same as the one in the Youtube description of the video : IPS file from Brandon: UEFUQ0gAQG4AGZgRCgwUJRclHBUKHBEpJAsOJAsb­Ch8OLCUAbQwAAXIAqWoAJRgY FCQiGB4kFRgXECQkJCSkZA4XGB4QESgkFBINLCws­JCQkJOQAqxcAMxgRJBEOIiQk JBIkDxgeFw0kCiQMGBgVJB0bEgoXEBUOJB0YGCkk­FRgfDiQiGB4oJBwSHAGlCgAY IhgeGyQcEhwdDhskIw4VDQokIAoXHRwkAaU2AAAA­CSQBpVAAGB0YJBkVCiIkERIN DiQXJBwODhQkEhckJAGllgALHREOJA8YGw4cHSwB­paEAAAANJAGl3AAYEh0qHCQN ChcQDhsYHhwsJAobDiQiGB4kAaYiABgLGwofDiQO­FxgeEBEkHRgkEBgkDxIXDSQB pmgABBEOGy4Bpm0AAAATJAGmkgAAAAQkAaauAAAA­GCQBptkAAAAJJAGm9AAAABgk Aac6AAAAESQBp2oAAAAEJAGnggAUEQ4bJBESDRIX­ECQcGRgdJBIcJCQBp6UAAAAH JAGnygASGRsOHR0iJBAYGA0sLCwkJCQkRU9G I tried pasting the content into a new file with a .ips extension (without the header text), but Lunar IPS refuses to use it. I tried moding my own ROM and creating an IPS file with Lunar IPS and the format of the file seemed different... This is why I was asking if the content was encoded in some way ? Did you manage to apply the patch to the ROM ? Thanks again for your answer
  2. This episode was really interesting ! Thanks a lot Brandon for taking the time to demo reverse-engineering The Legend of Zelda Did anyone manage to apply the IPS file to the ROM ? I tried to apply it using Lunar IPS and IPS.exe, no luck... I know the challenge has already been solved, but I'd like to do it for the fun of it. Is the IPS encoded in some way ? Did you manage to decode it ?
  3. Yes, branches of the same depth are both active or both passive. However I don't think it's the same for every class, for exemple I think Caberjack level 8 skills are both passive, while Alchemists level 8 skills are both active.
  4. There is no way to tell when choosing a skill for the first time in the skills tree wether it is an active or a passive effect. I particularly noticed this when levelling a lvl 8 Caberjack for the first time; hard to tell wether Stand Ground and Fortify will be active skills with a cooldown or passive skills. Now that I made my choice, I know they are both passives, but a little note in the description would be welcome
  5. Hi everyone ! I'm a private beta backer and have been playing the game on the evenings. I just wanted to post a quick message to congratulate the team for this awesome game, I'm having a lot of fun ! I'm currently ~170 years in on my first playthrough, not lost any land for the time being. Hope I will make it to the end ! I get a really strong 'one more turn' feeling while playing, it's pretty awesome ! Thanks to Brad and the whole team !
  6. Hi Oliver, Thanks for the post, it was really interesting! I too am a developper (mostly Java, GWT and webapps) and am really interested in the technical details. I saw some posts regarding planning, automated testing, SCRUM and find it really interesting too. Please don't be shy about sharing both technical details and all the tools you use to make repetitive tasks automatic or faster ! Looking forward to your next post
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