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  1. I love how this embraces the different art styles, gameplay styles and different ideas that will undoubtedly happen with so many people from around the world working from pure excitement. Weaving them together in any sane way is going to be interesting, but with just a few hooks, I'm sure players/developers can figure how it all makes sense. : D
  2. After the idea is picked after the 7th, we'll have some threads and chats to organize, set up collaboration systems and start working at the same time as Double Fine (or maaaaybe we'll take a short headstart if we get too excited : D). Based on last time, it IS gonna be amazingly fun and everyone is welcome to help! Watch these spaces!
  3. AF Community Development

    Yesssssss, last one was an amazing and strange 2 weeks. Let's do this!
  4. Funded!

    Aaand now it already passed DFA in funding! Wooooo!
  5. Yeah, release it. I've had a couple of times setting the record straight abiut DFA and Double Fine where it would've been great to be able link straight to the documentary.
  6. Excellent video. Being a programmer myself, this really gave me a lot to think about.
  7. A massive thank you for everyone that has contributed to the project, talked about it or looked at it. When thís thread went up, I thought that during AF we'd get some drivable gray blocks in a gray box world and maybe a few gray balls. I also hoped that some DF people would check it out. Instead we got an amazing prototype game with beautiful models, network multiplayer and all the important mechanics working in a fun way. So many Double Fine people have cheered us on that I've lost count. We generated a truly mind-blowing amount of articles in the gaming media (I ran out of characters in the first post!). During that week, I could say "Our game project was covered by Rock, Paper, Shotgun". Also, Tim played a game I helped make. That is crazy. So thank you again everyone. This really has been one the greatest things I've been a part of. And it will keep getting better.
  8. We got 8 players causing chaos on a test server today. Somehow the game showing its seams is really fun to see. For example the minimap icons literally being red cylinders that float above the carts: Carts ramming each other can't be made justice through screenshots, so instead I took a shot of Brad having time of his life golfing:
  9. We have a bug: Yes, that is the ball few hundred meters below the course. Apparently if you leave your ball unattended and drive off into the sunset, the ball drops through the ground. If you stay next to it and watch it, it stays there forever. The minute you start driving away, the ball starts moving, first sliding all over the course, then dropping off. It seems like it has a mind of its own.
  10. Day 9 (wow, time moves fast) in-game screenshots: Ball's eye view of the course (it's in the air, not huge): First round of golf played from start to finish (I started way over the other end of the course):
  11. I missed day 4, so here's day 5 screenshots. For contrast with the UI mockups: here's an in-game shot: Day 5 Bonus: Fun fact, you can see through Brad Golf's head.
  12. I'm Lassi. I'm from Finland and almost have my BSc in Computer Science. I'm massively interested in Game Progamming and Game Design. I can code things and I've messed around with Unity for a few months, the biggest project being a second-person stealth game we made in a small team in 2 months last year. With all the experienced programmers already in the project, I'm slightly intimidated, but I try to do some scripting here and there and give feedback and ideas. I also try to document the process to the thread through screenshots every day.
  13. Day 3 Screenshot! New(er) cart model drivable in game. The lights are a bit buggy, but it's so much nicer to have a proper cart. EDIT: Newest model was just added. Day 3 Bonus: Super placeholder menu (it works though, mostly):
  14. Day 2 Screenshot! Lil' Patrick not quite living up to his name. He's about 10 times larger than the "cart". Day 2 Bonus: Testing Ball Physics