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  1. Huh? That reads more like gross stereotyping on their part. Or they didn't bother talking to Rocky, M'ggie, or Car'l? What about the Dead Eye Monks?
  2. I think Tim mentioned Ghost Trick in one of the Amnesia Fortnight interviews? Does this mean he played it? The idea really warms the cockles of my heart for some reason.
  3. You've often lamented that adventure fans would rather play a game than stare at a story that plays itself? Christ, your post is the most infuriating one I've read on this entire forum. People wanted a traditional P&C with puzzles and an inventory; that's why the fucking backed the game. Nobody wanted some bullshit cartoon that you click through. Look, I agree with your opinion, but calm the ยง*#@ down.
  4. To contrast, I finished Full Throttle for the first time last night and man, after that, I really feel like praising Broken Age's puzzle design. Some of the puzzles in that game were just obscure and unfair. BA's puzzles compared to those look like a paragon of logic and clarity. (That's why I still feel the game could do with less hints. )
  5. Didn't they say it would be covered in the coming documentaries?
  6. I liked Ghost Trick and 999 much better than any other western adventure game that came out in the last 10 years : ( They had a very good mix of gameplay and story. Maybe the reason they are so good is that they didn't set out saying "let's make a point and click game", but they came out with a creative gameplay idea (although it's kind of meta in the case of 999, since the nature of its gameplay factors heavily into the ending twist) and built the game and story around that. The puzzles were clever too and I never felt like there was any handholding. 999 has mostly logic puzzles, while Ghost Trick has the kind of zany item combination you'd expect from a LucasArts title : ) I hated every Telltale game I've played (but I haven't played TWD). Botanicula was cute. I also liked the Ben&Dan; adventures, which surprised me with how carefully crafted they were (unique responses for everything?!), but I found the puzzles easy and the writing kinda juvenile, although the second one was funnier. I haven't finished TLJ, but this far I find the dialogues boring and overwritten and the puzzles frustratingly illogical (sorry). I will probably finish it because the overall story is quite interesting and, well, there's Crow. But for me it's hardly a contender.
  7. A most magnificent one.
  8. I knew Yahtzee and I were never going to agree when he blasted The World Ends With You. I think he just hates fun.
  9. Man, garamond sure has the ugliest "o"'s :-/ Only in italics! Ahhhhh.
  10. thank you kind sir or madam i need a solutuoin for my home computorr but i am not from the UK,, : ((( what do ?
  11. Oh god. That marketing document made my blood curdle. D: At least neither Schafer now Wolpaw were intimidated enough to stop making witty games.
  12. Anna explained a bit more about the contents of the new patch in this post.
  13. Figs don't have stones or pits, so it should be fine. I wanted to make that joke. I speak English as a second language (and most of the time have no clue whether I'm using US or UK terms), but I've only ever referred to them as pits. I never had a doubt what the puzzle was about.
  14. I really enjoyed your analysis, you put it all into words much better than I could've! : D I agree with your thoughts on story and characters. I was surprised that people think the characters were flat and the story was "for kids" or "not dark enough"... I was wondering if it's them "not getting it" or me reading too much into this game.
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