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  1. I heavily agree with the notion that the game goes by too quickly. I get don't get enough missions with my heroes to get attached to them. And if I'm not attached to them, why should I care about their children. Plus with the game going so quickly, it's way too hard to put a veteran in as a regent. I've only had two or three missions with them by the time their almost out of the child bearing years. So the next regent choice is always just the youngest child that has the best genes. Making the game go by so quickly really reinforces the idea that everyone is a baby farm and characters are judged by their genes. I don't like that. I want storylines. I want history with my guys. I want to remember how much of a bad ass Rogar was when his grandson is taking his first steps into battle.
  2. So there are a few UI bug bears I've got from playing the game. They aren't exactly bugs so I'm dropping them here, although I can move it to the bug section if requested. 1: Please disable movement on left click. I use that to select heroes so a miss click leads to needing to dismiss the "Are you sure?" (or worse, a wasted turn). Right click is action, left click is selection. 2: Changing you action (example: going from regular attack to knockback attack) requires me to unselect my target enemy, select my the ability I want to use and then reselect the enemy. This is gets slow when you want to look at the stats of several attacks against various enemies to choose how you want to play out the turn. 3: The squad selection UI doesn't give enough information upfront. If I want to check my equipment, then I need to select each character, then select their loadout...rinse and repeat X5. It's very slow. Also, on the topic of squad gear. When you research potions, everyone in the active squad is automatically equipped. But new active members are not. And since the UI doesn't tell you this upfront, I went into a mission with only two potions and lost two guys (and another guy died of a random heart attack bug from full health for no reason). 4: I can't check my family lines very easily once an attack has commenced because I cannot go into the keeps. Therefore, I had to go through each character and check their siblings to find out who was actually related to the regents. This probably eases as the game progresses and you remember your regents, but It's very hard in the early game to setup the right squad.
  3. I was watching the latest teamstream and you guys showed off a revamped version of the massive timeline. It's really cool that you'll be able to jump into any hero from the timeline but you also didn't seem to have any implementation for dead heroes. I'm thinking that a cool idea when viewing the dead would to replacing where their character would stand with a stone statue of them as they looked when they died. This would really help seal in the hall of heroes idea where no hero is forgotten.
  4. Yeah I'm a little bummed by it. Everything from the adviser to the QA is gone. I didn't catch it live so it's possible nothing got missed but the jump is quite harsh so I'm assuming there's something missing. Hopefully it'll get sorted out.
  5. That was a great episode. It's a shame so many people ran hog wild with so much misinformation but whatever. Loving the sound direction so far and can't wait for more.
  6. DFA also has a professionally edited documentary going along with it. The 2PP guys obviously don't want to give it away for free and the backers already paid for it. Massive Chalice will have videos with it but it seems like they'll be mostly unedited raw streams.
  7. Yes, a major problem that Shadowrun Returns suffers from is UI. The game doesn't communicate many things to you very well, such as your teams current health. This is very cumbersome as you have no idea how much damage you can take and how much a healing item will heal (in proportion to your total health pool). The mouse can also be difficult to manage, as you mentioned. They did include a double click feature where you need to double click everything to commit an action which removes the chances for accidents but makes all tedious. I feel there's plenty of lessons to be learned from SR, both do's and don'ts.
  8. So Shadowrun Returns just came out. It's another turn based Kickstarter starter game in the Shadowrun universe. It's cyberpunk meets magic set in the future. I've been enjoying it this week and while it's notably different than what Massive Chalice appeals to be, there are a few things which can be gleaned from it's movement and combat. I was watching the Team Stream 3 and noticed how Brad's ideas matched up quite well with how Shadowrun Returns worked it's movement/combat. First, everything is AP based but each movement AP gives you a range of movement instead of a single tile (like new XCOM). This allows for a lot of freedom of movement (using several AP to cross vast distances) as well as giving better risk/reward for skills (skills can vary from 1-3 AP cost and have a cooldown from one to many turns). Also, they did away road blocks by just allowing your characters to move through each other. You can't have them stand on the same block, but you can have them move through each other. Since the camera is far enough away and the movement is quick, it doesn't look weird. They also have melee combat in the game which is also great. The game is square grid based but attacks can go diagonally as well. Melee weapons also have a range they can reach which allows for some AOE melee attacks. What's really nice though is the ability to "run and gun" with melee weapons. You can use a melee attack in the same AP as a movement which removes the disadvantage of giving chase to enemies. There are some really great concepts that I feel can be studied from Shadowrun Returns and used in Massive Chalice. I think it would great if the team (and fellow forum goers) could give it a look.
  9. This could also really work into their system of corrupted bloodlines quirks and perks. Like Conan the Frog for those of webbed feet or Sir Robin the Coward for those that get a morale quirk.
  10. If that Lumberjack isn't an easter egg in the game somewhere than I think we are going to have a problem.
  11. You're really making me regret my $15 dollar donation. Now I'm wishing I had done more. Great job.
  12. You're really making me regret my $15 dollar donation. Now I'm wishing I had done more. Great job.
  13. Inside a cell or an atom. Point of view from a crab living off the hot vents at the bottom of the ocean Inside of a computer's circuitry Matrix style where we see the lines of code and have to explore the software Point of view of a parrot sitting in a cage
  14. You know what the worst part about this is? I can't play it yet. Looks great guys.
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