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  1. True true, I guess it's the movie world that makes me sequel tired, most sequels seem to disappoint and elaborate on a world in a way that might not always be the world you as a viewer imagined. I recently watched all the highlander movies (I shouldn't have done that). "In the end there can be only one" Not to say that Tim would not be able to make a great sequel I would be more into novel games. Just an opinion.
  2. Why does everyone always want sequels of stuff. I'd rather see new amazing games that I could not imagine coming up with myself! Come one guys this is double fine not EAsports. But we've had pirates, tentacles, time-travel, bikers, metal, psychedelic mind travelling, doll stacking, halloween, coming of age, mexican day of the dead. What would be a logical follow up on that... I'd say Opera Cowboys during an ice age struggling with inner inuit spritual mayhem
  3. It was all a dream and shay is actually still stuck in the ship and vella is going to be picked, they both die shay of boredom vella of lethal mog chothra
  4. Of course there are the type of 'puzzles' that can't be easily answered in a walkthroug, say logical puzzles where the logic can change, inventory puzzles where the inventory is randomly placed in the environment, a more AI based way of making the game harder as the player 'gets' solutions quicker. However that would require a lot of work on game mechanics and would have been far beyond the scope of broken age, and also might get in the way of the story, which is I guess always a hard balance. For me broken age feels really balanced the puzzles are there for the sake of the story instead of the other way around (thathappend a lot in the 7 guest type games in the 90s). The story is interesting and compelling, and it feels like we are now on the boundary of the game where the atmosphere changed (a thing that happens in a lot of double fine games). Im sure Tim will throw some more curve balls at us in Act II, and Im already looking forward to the ride.
  5. Whats the fun in speed running an adventure game? (serious question)
  6. Oh damn... mind blown again :bug: I had that feeling that it looked like the mog when standing in the room with marek, it just emediatly looked like a mog from inside out with all those eye like windows.
  7. Actually this thread shows how good the game actually is story wise I have full confidence Act II will kick ass.
  8. I loved the double adventure reference stuff in there, say being in a dialog with a tree by making use of a dialog tree .
  9. If I recall correctly the game being easy was one of Tim own concerns, he said something like I hope people don't find it too easy and i will definitely make act 2 harder. After all our feedback I am sure act 2 will be pretty tough. I really like the game and think we can't say it's to easy or to short untill we've played the whole game!
  10. I just wonder why marek told shay he should know which maidens to pick... and what would shay do with the picked maidens after he picked them... if it's the obvious thing you do with a maiden this game isn't really monogamous or is it the intention that "the one" resists. Also how can MOM be oblivious to marek, I think she can't, I think mom is in on it!
  11. Hello Doule Fine Backing Folk, I'm Bosb'tle and I'd like to add some feathery forum Area to all this difficulty-weight! Who will join me, and remember keep it light!
  12. It feels like they were trying to avoid the "got stuck" "google the solution" rationale. The turn it off, go to sleep, try again mentality isn't around that much any more Btw I think it's to soon to complain about difficulty we're only halfway.
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