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  1. Got the notice 10 days ago and arrived today (Switzerland)
  2. Maybe because it says in the email "Sadly, you cannot use this number to track your package."? ... Or is this only for outside US delivery?
  3. In a body (e.g. in blood vessels or stomach) In the internet (e.g. walking over webpages and jump on a link to go to the next room)
  4. Finished Machinarium and started King's Bounty: Armored Princess ... which probably will keep me busy until Diablo 3 is released. Maybe I find time to look into Botanicula while in the train ...
  5. I think my first (and until now favorite) adventure was "Day of the Tentacle". The reason I played it is simple: I saw it in a "magazined" version (those things they sold many years ago with a game and containing the walkthrough in a magazine) and liked the style of the cover artwork.
  6. Thaks for all the in depth answers to the CVS issue I'm well aware that there is no "right or wrong" solution. I was just interested to see why for you Perforce is the right one. For us, as you assumed, file size isn't much of an issue. Other than sometimes a Photoshop file (up to around 1.5GB) we have no files larger than a few MBs. ... and on decision making: we use Git now (instead of e.g. Mercury) because ... 1. we did not find any major advantages / disadvantages in any of the systems we looked at (mainly Git vs. Mercury) 2. The Open Source Wiki* all our web applications are built on uses Git. Again, thanks for the interesting insights. * name witheld - I don't want to advertise here, not even OSS ;-)
  7. Do you know why Perforce? I never used it myself, but know a bunch of people which were "not amused" (to say the least) when they had to use it. So it would be interesting to know why it was your preferred choice, so next time I can tell them why Perforce is awesome ;-) Where I work, we use Subversion (old stuff) and now since about a year Git as version control.
  8. Uuuuh! ... SCRUM wasn't my best experience ... but I thing the reason was not SCRUM, but our "SCRUM Master" not understanding that you can't use SCRUM if time is fixed, cost is fixed and features are fixed. SCRUM simply doesn't work if you have no flexibility to shift things around. In my eyes the project was waterfall disguised as SCRUM. Hehe, sounds familiar ;-) ... The hardest part in testing ist to start doing it (we managed to start about three years ago). And as you mentioned you need a continuous build or it (almost certainly) won't work.
  9. Hi Oliver Thanks a lot for your post and answers. As a (Java / Webapp) developer I was hoping to get such insights into methods and techniques used to develop a game Something that would interest me (maybe for a futur dev-post): In my opinion, one of the most difficult aspects in software development is the whole planning. Since you are constantly creating new things you have never done before it's hard to fix dates or time and effort. Things that seemed easy at first can get much more complex, solutions that seemed good while planing can turn out to be impractical, ... How do you at DF plan and how do you handle (the probably inevitable) changes and delays in certain points? ... also an interesting topic: How do you handle testing (e.g. unittests)? Thanks again for your time Bart dran, kommt gut an!
  10. While we are posting wishes for international shipping: Could you please print a reasonable price on the package to avoid customs duty. Let's say 40$ since the 60 reward has no physical reward you can argue that only the difference from 60 to 100 is the physical stuff you send. If it sais on the package it's worth 100$ I will have to pay around 20$ duty and administration. If you send it as 40$ I don't have to pay anything (the limit between paying 0$ or 20$ duty is around an import of 65$ for me).
  11. That's no problem, just use Google: measure e.g. 90 cm, go to Google and type "90cm in inch" and right on top of the page Google answers with "90 centimeters = 35.4330709 inch"
  12. Same here The last days I finally found time to play Wing Commander Saga http://wcsaga.com/ ... If you liked Wing Commander around 20 years ago you will love this (I think WC3 was my first "Tripple A" title). It's a (free) fan made game, playing parallel to the story of Wing Commander 3. So far I thing there is more variation in the missions than in WC3. Also there are many hilarious dialogues between the wingman while you fly around. Be warned though, the game is pretty hard ... or I'm just bad (and / or old) ;-) ... also I'd advice to use a joystick, using the mouse I was not able to hit anything.
  13. Yes there is: hurray for the good old (almost extinct) game demo! Back when I had time (and no money ;-)) I never bought a game without first playing a demo to see if I like it. E.g. I never would have bought the first C&C if they had no demo, since then RTS was unknown to me ... playing the demo turned out I loved it. Today, where there are hardly any demos, I just wait until the games I potentially like became cheap - which they do significantly faster than years ago. Short after release I buy only games I know I will like (e.g. Star Craft 2). ... but on topic: The game that cost me the most was World of Warcraft (5+ years) ... and no, I regret nothing ;-) ... If there is nothing to do I just let it rest for half a year untill there are 2-3 new patches
  14. I cheat when a game stops being fun. In an adventure e.g. when I am stuck and have no idea what to do after looking around for some time or e.g. in Mass Effect 1 driving around all planets searching ore was not entertaining, so I looked up the positions instead of searching them myself.
  15. What about a cheese watch, melting in a fondue whilst skiing in a bank? ... Just to round up the cliches Since I'm swiss too I'll handle the cheese. ^^ ... oh ... and if there is a strange swiss in the game, please let us synchronise him, otherwise they always sound incredibly stupid ;-) Edit: I too prefer the original language for games and movies ... if I know the language of course
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