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  1. Frankly, I think you should relinquish your command. You're the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dam. Leave and let nature take its course. Maybe then the king and his court will finally wake up.
  2. While the episodes are a little shorter I do have to point out that they're a heck of a lot less buggier than their releases of old. It was a regular occurrence for me to have at least one episode in a series where the game crashed during a specific scene every time. These news releases, while the menus can be highly irresponsive at times, the actual gameplay has been pretty bug free.
  3. I thought he might have been after further contemplation. I do still wonder how long until we see more of the Telltale library brought to Android and how much of it.
  4. It's a miracle! Telltale just announced the release of TWD for Android. Oh if only this would mean we'll see Sam and Max someday. =(
  5. Quick question for anyone that can answer it. Are patch notes being posted anywhere? I've noticed a few patches come through, including that whopper of a 700mb one and was curious to see what they're up to.
  6. Maybe they pulled a Toy Story 2 and accidentally lost all their work? =P
  7. Dr. No and From Russia With Love would like to have a word with you...
  8. For a second I thought that Nikto in your avatar was wearing a bonnet.
  9. I have to say I quite enjoyed it. I also feel sorry for the people who think you'd get the same experience watching it on Youtube. Is the story still going in a predefined direction no matter what? Yes but there's still a lot of room for variation in-between. Especially this time around if the dev interviews can be trusted. They've said that your decisions are going to matter more this time around than for TWD. When I'm playing the game, I'm making decisions, I have control over what the main character is doing and it's far more absorbing than watching a video of it. Nor is it the same experience every time either. I've played it all the way through twice now and there were some pretty big differences between the two playthroughs. The biggest and most unexpected being a part where I had to examine a room for clues to try and drag the truth out of someone. The first time I played I thought I had exhausted all my options and was only left with roughing up the character. I did so and hated myself for it and everyone else hated me for it too. Second time around, it turns out there were more clues I had missed the first time and the whole thing went down a lot more amicably. Now I have to live with the fact that I scared a child needlessly on my main save. You can't get that kind of experience from watching someone else play. On a final note, if you were able to play all the way through TWD without forming any kind of connection with Clementine there's something broken inside you.
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