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  1. I can't wait for the next episode! Tim is awesome! I had no idea he could dance like that!
  2. My native language is english and I still got stuck on this for a long time! I ended up using everything with everything until I got to the top of the waterfall and used every item with that stupid valve but the payoff made me laugh so perhaps it was worth it. The worst types in my opinion are minigame style puzzles, which are usually awful rip offs of classic puzzles like the often mentioned Tower of Hanoi and slider puzzles which is just lazy design. It make them even worse when they add timers. I also have noticed with the newer adventure games they have added minigames which are just an old style super easy side scrollers with no purpose other than to waste the players time. Basically if a puzzle ruins your immersion in the game world then it really shouldn't be in there, Machinarium seems to be full of these kind of puzzles but had enough good puzzles to make it a pretty awesome game anyway. All pixel hunting and closed minded item mixing puzzles are also terrible as well.
  3. Sounds like an awesome idea, hilarity and fun times a plenty! I shall be joining up! *Cough* Monkey Island 1 Next! *Cough*
  4. I have given it a lot of thought and I would only want input on the non creative side of things, like if they wanted to make it a 3D game or something that would completely change what it is going to be, because No....Nobody wants that! As far as the actual creative side of the game is concerned, creating games is what Double Fine are here for and are supreme at doing especially when you have Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer working together on an 'Ye Olde Style' adventure game, I fear if we prod and poke too much we may lose the opportunity to see another masterpiece like Monkey Island and end up with a really badly made half-cooked lump of pork meat and nobody wants that with their breakfast! Plus if we do get an amazingly perfect game such as that I don't think anybody would want the Puzzles or the story to be known before it got in your hands that would just ruin your opportunity to fully enjoy it. That is my thinkings
  5. Ron's Monkey Island games are still my favourite games ever so even if it would be impossible I still would love to see what he had envisioned for the third game regardless how it came about!
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