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  1. Same problem here... switching sets me back completely
  2. I think a huge error is in this assumption. DFA was the exception and not the rule. Monkey Island would never make as much money and most likely in the next 10 years no other Adventure KS will male that much. DFA came with an amazing offer that seemed fresh at this time but not anymore: A game plus documentary for only 15 bucks and even 30 bucks is a wonderful deal. Many supporters are interested in how the developing process works and not so much in point-and-click adventures. And for many others it was a nostalgic one time thing. Longest Journey did show what's realistic for one of the most popular adventure series.
  3. I'd be interested in a new Monkey Island but not so much in a new MI3. I think the prices for licenses will be a lot more realistic right now, then they used to be, since the rules have changed. Disney wants to make money so they will make prices the market can afford. But of course that doesn't mean it's going to be cheap. If Ron Gilbert or Double Fine give it a shot, I'll support the KS. And if Telltale developes a new ToMI, I'm actually looking forward to it. It's not amazing but I liked the first one. I just don't think Bill Tiller would be a wise choice. Anyhow for a new MI3 I doubt we'd get enough money to make the original vision come true. Let's be optimistic and say that a KS sums up to 1.5mio (that is very optimistic, since that would be as much as Dreamfall and there already is a MI3 and remakes usually have a tough time! Most likely more than half of the money would be gone for rewards and licensing - and I'm optimistic here. So that would leave us with more than 700k and that's actually a small budget. So again we would have many compromises, things left out and I wouldn't be surprised if the endresult were not as cool as the original MI3 (it's really not that easy to be better...). But I'm on board with a new MI.
  4. It's not the first 3D Adventure Game. There were a few others but it's a great game and it still looks nice . A true classic !!!
  5. Disney couldn't care less. They are interested in Indiana Jones and Star Wars but the rest... no - which is why I hope they'll be willing to sell it for a doable price. But we'll see.
  6. He launched a hate-filled personal attack against Brenda Brathwaite on the kickstarter comments while promoting his own game. The guy's a lunatic really. Weird guy...
  7. Yes, it's an extremely large fanbase. Just google Homestuck. There's a lot going on here. I've never heard of it before but it seems to be extremely popular in the USA:
  8. During the rest of the KS Devil’s Cove will never make it. So they will need a different approach. Grimoire isn't really my cup of tea. I don't mind oldschool but I never liked the ego-look of old rpg's (I only like ego-perspective when it looks like Skyrim or even better). But what did the Grimoire guy do at the Shaker KS?
  9. Here's a pretty global film project: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/69779335/the-passersby-short-film It plays in an alternative reality where skills can be transferred. I know the people behind this project and I'm pretty sure they manage to do something cool and interesting here. I already know the story and I think it is pretty good. Besides the goal isn't that high (2000bucks). Would be amazing to make that happen!
  10. LucasArts owns the IP and Ron can't do anything about that. If the situation were different, DFA would probably a sequel to Grim Fandango or something like it and for example Jane Jensen would have Gabriel Knight 4 kickstarted and not Moebius.
  11. I'll add RESONANCE and MEMENTO MORI 2 to my personal Top 10 list .
  12. Completed the Demo two days ago and ordered it right away. Now I'm looking forward to the full version!!! The short-term/long-term thing is definitely something I wanna see more often in Adventure games !!!! I'd love to see it in DFA! It leaves interesting new options and it would make sense to develop this approach further more.
  13. I love the demo and I'm looking forward to this one. It's pretty similar to Amanita's approach... so yes, you can argue about the genre. I guess I'd call the whole genre AMANITA *lol* No but there are real puzzles in this game (for example the bubble thingy), there is exploration and we'll see if they manage to really implement a story...
  14. I'm backing. I think the game looks pretty good, even though it would make a lot sense to make it seem less sexualized.
  15. Okay, now I read previews but it doesn't change the impression I had from the trailer! Jump and Run with Adventure elements and it seems heavily inspired by Limbo. Again... for me it's an Adventurous Jump n' Run and not much more. Doesn't change the fact that I'm looking forward to trying this game.
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