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  1. I suppose it would be kind of like a facebook feed. I was not thinking it would be as advanced as what you are saying. But it would mention birthdays. Coming of age. Levels and so forth. It is mostly just meant for you to be able to remember the character in case you had goals for him and you wont forget him. "Oh right, that is the powerful caber from the Brick family. He just came of age and I wanted to level him up a few times and have him become regent."
  2. There are some great ideas here. The Green and Battlehardened traits would be a great addition. Giving you a reason to have a hero fight some battles before putting them in the keep. Regents being able to fight in their home territory would give them a greater sense of belonging in the world and give them more personality. I like the idea of a house having its own levels that would help regulate hero power creep within the game. Maybe we could connect the relic to it somehow?
  3. Yep, it would really help them stand out from everyone else. The biggest factor of this though is that those badges have to show up where ever the character shows up. In battle it would sit above his head. In the menus it would sit by their name. If they become regent of a keep it would sit above the keep. A constant reminder of who they are and where they are so that you can track them at any stage of the game.
  4. I agree a lot with what you are saying. It seems like most people on the forum agree that the timeline is moving way too fast. Your idea for friends and rivals would add a ton to the game and if they don't do it in this one I think it will be a must add in a potential sequel. Personally I think you should be able to "research" quests that you can send specific characters of your choice on. This will give you a bit more options in the strategic layer and help add more traits to that character that wanders off. I do dislike the fact that the children come up at the same level as all your older characters. I think it might work better if the children always come out as level 1 or 2 but the parents and standards give them increased experience gain? That way they eventually surpass the ancestors but start out weaker.
  5. It does. when assigning a sagewright it shows on the right side of the screen how many days it will reduce your current research.
  6. I agree, being able to place them in categories or giving them different attachable "badges" that mark what your goals for the character are would really help in the game. These badges can be used for many different things. 1.) Prospective Regent 2.) Mighty Hero 3.) Prime for the Guild 4.) Experienced Standard Those are just some of the basics. But you can get more detailed and the more detailed you get the better I think the game will feel without changing to much about the rest of the game.
  7. So I initially had a post http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewthread/15628/ that listed a lot of detailed ideas that would help with the narrative of the game. While I still hold that many of the ideas in that topic are good I think I have found a way to solve a lot of peoples complaints in a way most people may not have expected. Give us the ability to watch specific characters. What I mean by this is there is a favorite button or essentially a subscribe button. You can then visit your subscribe list to quickly access and remember your favorite characters. Anything that happened to the children would also take priority on your screen. This way even though there are a lot of characters you still have the very specific ones you remember, you know they are good, and can have them take the lead through out their lives. So I am hoping what I said makes sense? Tell me if you have ways of refining it or if it is even a good idea.
  8. They should also play Valkyria Chronicles, especially now it's on steam. The game does so much right in not just the turn-based combat, but also caring about your individual characters. I like Valkyria Chronicles a lot, but it seems to me that narratively it's a very different beast. MC was never about in depth personal stories that would continue through the game, rather than about creating the history of a particular bloodline which would have its significant players and ups and downs but not be so individually focused. And I'm personally okay with that.I do think that there are things that coud be done to give more personal attachment to individuals in the game, but I also think it has to come from making sure the systems encourage stories that happen half in the player's head, rather than as narrative delivered to the player. It would just be too tricky to zoom in TOO much on the characters when they need enough of them to span a 300 year period (and sustain multiple play-throughs potentially) I think if we want the bloodlines to hold more importance than we need a family tree as well. A map that shows us the progression of the family and the people within it. I feel my relic idea would also bring more significant to each bloodline. Same with the idea for separating a family that has more than one keep. I think for a game that is drastically relying on game created narrative then they need more events to sustain such a thing. I.E. better indicators of births, more prominent bloodline traits, a better emphasis on the importance of a regent ect. I feel relics could hold a big key to it. It only gains xp when the character who holds it dies, and perhaps all the important traits effect how the relic levels (if a character with the bear strength trait wields it the relic will now give the ancestors a passive bonus strength.) (or a character with young at heart reduces aging) you can even have the negative traits of a character become imbued as a positive on teh weapon (feeble heroes would imbue the relic with an enfeebling strike) or maybe abilities (if a caberjack had alchemist sub class then the caber is now imbued with poison.) Then during the final battle as each generation takes up arms they pass the relic to the next ancestor with its full power.
  9. I agree, they need more indicators in combat. Line of site, vision, ect. Considering they played Xcom they probably plan on implementing those.
  10. Hello, I have been keeping an eye on Massive Chalice for a while. Watching team streams, lurking around the forum, ect. After playing my first 4 hours of the game and getting over 100 years into the game I decided to bring up my ideas for what I think the game may need improving on. Keeps and Bloodlines: 1.) When adding the same bloodline to a different keep change them slightly. In ancient times families that deviated like that would alter the name .Think KarStarks in GOT who were originally part of the Starks or McDonalds from the Donald family. 2.) Give yourself the ability to remove a bloodline from a keep. When you do so the entire family within that keep maybe gets a penalty personality such as depression or disloyal. But this at least gives players a safe button if they need to start a new bloodline right away. 3.) Reduce Birthrate. Right now the game feels exactly how you didn't want it to feel. Like a baby factory breeding simulator. Reduce the Birthrate will increase the importance of each character. This will need to be balanced with combat and the timeline and I will mention that in a later section. 4.) Give a big giant warning when you are creating in infertile keep. I have many times accidentally married a couple that is infertile either due to being the same sex or because of age. Not being able to dismantle a marriage makes this a big mistake that can last decades in game. 5.) Change the age to become Regent. Right now me and a ton of other people are adding a regent when they turn 16. This means that the final battle is less interesting and the character is nothing but a baby factory. If you make the age to become a regent 30 or something they will have to fight in battles. Get levels. And hopefully become more integral to you as a player. 6.) Make it so each Bloodline has 1 Relic and only 1 Relic. I think this was in your original plan. When a Keep is created and the first member of that family dies their item becomes a relic that is passed down through the family. This item has its own levels and every time a family member that holds it dies their experience is put into the weapon allowing it to level up over the centuries. This way you are not overwhelmed with relics, and you have a sense of progression through this relic. Combat Ideas 1.) Wrinklers attack really faster. This is just an idea I think would be cool. Wrinklers get a random amount of times they hit with each attack but the damage and aging is reduced. So they can attack anywhere from 1 to 5 attacks (think fury swipe in pokemon?) and each attack ages you 1 year. This creates a cool tense feeling every time they get close. 2.) Allow the Hunter to attack twice every time. Not literally every time. But if you do not move you get two attacks, if you move then it reverts back to the having to wait a few turns for it to reset. Just another layer of strategy. 3.) Reduce random 1 hit kills. I don't know what this was about but the guys that lob the pawns around have a cannon that in the early game could 1 hit kill my guys. I think they would be more interesting if they flung more guys but did a little less damage. Though the lobbing guys is exploitable for xp. 4.) Hard to see edge of map. There has many a times I have accidently run my guys to the end of a map because I thought it was going to continue. I think there needs to be a better indicator of the edge of a map and just regular fog of war. The timeline and quests: 1.) The timeline goes a bit fast. People are dying so fast that an entire generation can go by and I didn't even realize it. This makes it seem like any other game instead of an epic timeline. Slow down the timeline, make combat and quests more common. When a generation dies I want to feel it. Not just a bunch of minions fell to the wayside. 2.) When you are rewarded with a new character give them a back story as to how they came upon you. "Fredrick the Lvl 4 Caber never realized his connection to the great bloodlines of the chalice. He survived with his family in the cave beside his farmhouse when teh cadence came and spent many years down their surviving off the marsh fungus that grew on the moist walls. One day the cadence wandered in how ever and killed his family, he managed to kill the cadence as revenge. The last dying words from his father was that Fredrick was adopted and his bloodline is what saved him. Wandering outside for what seemed like years he finally stumbled upon the keeps" 3.) Detailed history of your characters. Every quest, battle, and event they are part of is recorded for you to view at any time. This will allow you to deepen you connection with the character. If you forget who someone is you can look at their history, see all they have been a part of and thus strengthen your bond with them. These are my idea fixes for a big flaw I see in the game. The lack of importance of the characters. They may not work, but I figured it was better to get these ideas out here just incase they could improve the game.
  11. I think the biggest problem is just that people are not understanding the game when they first get in. They don't understand how keeps and starting families work so they end up losing their hunters in combat, or building keeps with only cabers or something like that. The random generation of heroes will be easier once they make a better tutorial I think.
  12. I started with no Alchemists. I managed to get 1 later down the road as a combat victory reward. I quickly put him in a keep and made sure he had lots of babies. Next time try and do the same
  13. I am also doing the 16 year old regent tactic that many other people seem to be doing. Perhaps up the age of marriage so that you can't become regent until you are 30+ so that they have to fight in some battles? You can use the excuse that the population wont accept a regent who is not battle worn? I would also drastically lower the fertility rate so that each character feels more important. And regents feel less like baby factories. Right now I can't remember who is who and they level so fast that I don't really mind when someone dies in combat. I would lower the fertility and xp gain but make each level drastically more powerful. If possible making a history for each character that you can access in combat would be pretty neat. It states the missions they have been on, the enemies they have killed. Quests they may have done and partners and connections they may have or had. For the final battles. I think the idea of the ancestors holding off the enemies while the new generation does something else would be really neat. Then you can ramp up the power of each wave of enemy with the newer and higher level generations. But i think those things could make the last battle more epic. Maybe? Lol,
  14. My favorite from the batch of prototypes. Looked gorgeous and had some amazing design. Great job Black Lake crew! PS, would not complain if this was the next double fine game.
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