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  1. Is there a way to buy the games on steam? Because of the delay in the documentary series I lost track of the actual AF timeframe, and forgot to buy the games on Humble...
  2. Thanks for another great documentary episode. It's commendable that you show all the parts of the sausage making, and it's a great lesson for every company. It's strange how attached you get to the people working at Double Fine. Although I never met anyone working at DF I feel I got to know a little bit of them, and am curious of how they are doing. So the news of the layoffs kept me more occupied then I thought. I loved seeing JP, Brian and all talking about their passions and hope the best for them. Also, I wonder where Brandon went off to and what he is doing. Anyhow, you're all doing a great job and I hope all of you get everything you deserve and more. Thank you DF for taking us on this wild journey; I learned a lot, and can't wait to play the game!
  3. Ha, Greg is here again! Nice to hear something from you. Can't wait for the new doc and good to hear everything's going well!
  4. Greg, thanks for the nice update! So good to hear from the team and nice to hear that the spirits are so well! Keep up the great work, and can't wait to see what you guys come up with!
  5. Great new sidequest, and what a good story. Love your dedication Camden, for Double Fine and for your goals. Keep up the good work!
  6. I haven't been able to contribute anything, but this is starting to look really great! I'll start studying Unity, so for the next AF I'll be ready! Keep up the good work!
  7. I haven't been able to contribute anything, but this is starting to look really great! I'll start studying Unity, so for the next AF I'll be ready! Keep up the good work!
  8. Bit confused in what day I'm actually watching. I think DF finished day 3, but the doc is still on day 1? Or is it Day 1 of the AF doc, and it actuallly is Day 2 of the actual AF? I don't have time to watch all the streams (and I'm in a different timezone, Netherlands). I remember from the last AF that the docs were basically made shortly after the day ended at DF?
  9. Wow, you guys are going fast. I checked Github, and you mostly seem to be using Blender. I have booted it up twice, but it's a bit daunting now to invest time in new software, so I'll watch from the sidelines for now. You seem to have everything well under way. But I'll check the Github, and if there's some need for 3D modelling I'll jump in and see if I can help with my corporate 3D Max monstrosity.
  10. This is a great idea! I've got some experience in 3d Modelling (http://www.siebedeboer.nl/ArchViz.html), but not really for games (so no low poly stuff..). But if you want, I could try to make a 3d model based on the sketch in the post above of the cart. I could also texture it, but not sure about the requirements for the game engine. Is there a max polycount? --- I do have to say, I'm quite busy in the coming weeks, so not sure If I can really commit. But I could at least try to make a base model for the cart. Others could add, change, whatever...
  11. I agree, it's a great sidequest and deserves it's own thread! That being said, thanks for keeping us in the loop and really looking forward to AF!
  12. DF! Thank you again for the great game! I don't think anyone who has played Broken Age should be suprised to see how much effort you all put in the game (because it shows), but it's so nice to see how much heart you put into it! Great episode, and I can't wait to continue on this magnificent journey with you guys. I'll sacrifice a block of tofu to the gods, for good fortune for all of you!
  13. I've just finished a small project; rendering a few of my favourite movie sets. You can see them here: www.siebedeboer.nl
  14. Just hopping on the bandwagon, the music was absolutely great! Loved it, loved it!
  15. I've been playing it a little bit, since I'm not supposed to have time to play it, but I'm so happy! Thank you, and the team, for this great experience. I've never felt so involved with the making of game/work of art, and it's been a totally inspiring time. I hope there's a lot of positive feedback for the game Double Fine will get the great commercial (it's already an artistic) hit it so greatly deserves. It was the best of times!
  16. Small question.. I was rewatching Episode 11, and there was a discussion between Brian Min and Peter McConnell about the music (stretching/filling) the score and how they should work together, but it wasn't discussed how they solved it in the later episodes. Can anyone comment on how you solved that? I'm now really regretting not getting the score and the blu-ray documentary...
  17. Motorpsycho: Deus: Susanne Sundfør: And some shameless self-promotion (I made the video for this):
  18. Another great episode. I really hope the game lives up to the giant expectations ,based on this documentary, I have now. But I have faith it will be awesome! Thanks for doing this 2pp. This is the stuff I would have loved to have seen in the old Lucas-days, but seeing it now may be even better. I'm almost dreading the release of the game now, even as I'm really looking forward to it as well. Like the analogy of the christmas tree... Dreading the needles, but loving the lights . Anyway, great job Double Fine. You're all amazing!
  19. It doesn't say exactly that they're releasing Broken Age on Xbox one. Maybe there's a different title in the works? I also thought Broken Age was Ouya exclusive, on consoles that is..
  20. Yes, I think that's a no I'm sorry to say. I think your graphics card may be too slow as well. Here you can see a chart of how your videocard compares to some recent common models: http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=Intel+82945G+Express I'm soery, but U think your hardware is too slow to handle this game. I don't know if it's worth it to upgrade your hardware. But the game will probably be fully developed and extended quite a bit if you ever choose to buy one in the future. Something to look forward too!
  21. It looks like you have a pentium 4 processor, and you'll need at least a core 2 duo according to the specs. And I'm not sure about your graphics card. Is it an early integrated graphics card? It reports a direct3d problem as well if I saw it correctly.
  22. Fun! The snippets sound nice, and I loved the small history of sound in games. Can't wait for episode 12!
  23. Wow, this is a really nice suprise. I have to watch it again to ask an insightful question, but I love how the tech and the art meet in this video. Very interesting. Thanks!
  24. Loving the flood of updates, and this one is no exception! So nice to hear! I was already working with my headphones on, and they make you really appreciate the detail in the sounds. Good work, can't wait to hear it all in context! It must be a fun job making all the sounds.
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