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  1. There are quite a few people who feel the "Halloween Blues" right after the great holiday has passed. For those people, I think the release date of October 31st will help to wing people off the Holiday high and help them to return to their normal lives. It's very hard to go cold turkey after your favorite Holiday ends.
  2. Hahah I like how he has to physically point it out, as if the photograph of an Asian woman doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.
  3. I'm flattered that they copied my post from the IGN thread.
  4. Cool beans, I like Peter's stuff. I also wouldn't have mind something from Kristen Lawrence:
  5. Whoa, I never knew these ones existed. Where have you been hiding my pretties. I love the subtly of choosing your main character haha.
  6. Does that mean that The Secret of Monkey Island focused more on the pirate demographic? If that's the case, I think we need to start throwing everyone who played GTA in jail. I'm truly terrified now know that there are that many homicidal maniacs running around. Wait a minute....*looks at gaming shelf and sees GTA4* Noooooo! I love that they're passing around Halloween Candy, bring a tear of joy to my eye. The more I see that badass unicorn, the more I want to have it in my party. Damn, leave it Double Fine to make me want to battle with a rainbow unicorn.
  7. Wow, I saw a giant flaming scarecrow with a pumpkin head that looks very similar to the Pumpkin King scarecrow from Nightmare Before Christmas. I'm in love. <3
  8. You can trust me, I'm not a spam bot. But if anyone needed any Viagra, just you know...let me know.
  9. I think the beauty of the design is it's simplicity. Especially when you look at the contrast of the children walking around in their dorky little hand made costumes and the transformation they undergo when they morph into their gigantic battle forms.
  10. Hahah a MMO set on an everlasting Halloween night would be fun. It doesn't sound like this is a co-op affair though. However, we just barely found out about this game, so there may be more details coming down the pipe.
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