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  1. Don't suppose there's any news on this yet? Would love some LPBB merch!
  2. If you could only choose one, what prototype would you want as a full game and why? Personally, as much as I would love to see a game by Tim Schafer and Pendleton Ward, I feel that Steed has the most potential. There have already been complaints that it sticks to an already beaten path and, yes, it does have a more familiar approach than the rest of the prototypes, but it also has the biggest opportunity to contain a lot more variety which would allow it to continue to feel fresh and new as the game developed. This isn't to say that I didn't enjoy the other Amnesia Fortnight games, each have their own wonderful charms that made them all fun to play and something that I would like to see developed further, I just feel as though Steed would result in the best full product.
  3. Ever since the Kickstarter closed and the episodes have been coming out I've been kicking myself for not pledging $70 more to get me from the $30 tier to the $100 tier. Admittedly this is more for the rewards (the DVD/blu-ray and game disk really, rather than anything else) than the act of giving money to Double Fine, so if there were to be a 2nd fundraiser I would personally want it to be a build on the foundation of the money that was already given and to be able to achieve the rewards available from the Kickstater at the same levels. I completely understand that this is most likely unfeasible and not in-line with what Double Fine or the community want to see happen, but I thought I would just put my two cents in. Thanks.
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