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Found 4 results

  1. Is there any possibility of a Rhombus of Ruin port/export to Linux? I recently received my Valve Index and it's craving native Psychonauts. Thanks for supporting Linux all these years.
  2. Hi I have problems with the Water Shader under linux. The problem is that the water flicker/reflection are not working with my GPU/driver combination. ubuntu 18.04 64bit Nvidia GTX 1060 nvidea driver version 390.77 steam version
  3. Linux release?

    When i bought this game on GOG presale, i was sure in Linux version release, cause is DoubleFine. But after release i'm find only Wondows version. It's realy sad. And i'm whant to know about plans on Linux platform.
  4. Hello, I just bought this game, but the graphics don't seem to work. I suppose it is not supposed to look like in the attached screenshot. Also the main menu and the intro video didn't seem right. My Linux distribution is Slackware (most recent one, Kernel 4.4.14, mesa-11.2.2, xf86-video-nouveau-1.0.12). Thanks in advance for helping me out. EDIT: The solution was to use the non-free Nvidia drivers (Legacy-340 in my case).