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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, why is Broken Age removed from Google Play store? I have purchased this game some time ago and wanted to install it now to play it but I am not able to do it because game is removed from Play store. Is there some problem with Google policy? Will it be back? Thanks for an answer.
  2. Vella Cosplay

    Finally got some decent photos of my cosplay from last September... I figured I'd actually take some now that our yard trees look sorta nice... (I also just realized that I forgot to put on the necklace, too... well whoops). And of course me staring wistfully into the distance, I guess... And a nice-looking closeup of my cloudshoes (well, mock cloudshoes, anyway. They're not very light at all and are honestly hard to walk in...) from when they still looked good:
  3. This is a Kickstarter update, copied over from here: First up, a message from Tim! Double Fine Adventure Definitive Edition Double Fine Adventure has been completely remastered for the Blu Ray release, with spoilers un-blurred, digital artifacts cleaned up, and scenes recolored. We've also compiled over 30 hours of bonus features. Backers who pledged $30 and above will find this new edition of the series, with all of the extras too, on their VHX page right now for no additional cost! Simply head on over to to start watching! (You'll need to grab your code from your Humble page, and make a VHX Account, if you haven't done that before!) If you were one of the $15 tier backers and would like to watch, you can purchase this new edition today from Steam, VHX, GoG, and Humble. Head on over to the Double Fine Adventure website to see the different options each one provides! Blu Ray Edition $100+ tiers will all be receiving the Blu Ray edition in the mail soon! If you missed out on this tier but would like to get in on the action, a small quantity of Blu Rays (but not the collector's box) are now on sale on our store, tell your friends! Blu Ray Features: 3 Blu Ray Discs Featuring All 20 Episodes & Over 30 Hours of Bonus Features! New improved audio and video presentation with Cleaned up, Recolored, Unblurred 'spoilers' Two sets of Commentaries for every episode - 2 Player Productions documentary team & Broken Age development team Deleted, uncut, and extended scenes Exclusive gatefold art by Nathan “Bagel” Stapley Trailers, presentations, and more! Data DVD featuring: Broken Age complete game for Windows, Mac, and Linux Official Soundtrack in wav and mp3 format Broken Age Digital Art Archive including concept art, Full resolution game assets, Promotional artwork Get it right now from Details on shipments Fangamer is working on shipping the boxes as we speak, and while general sales of the blu-ray set open today, backer boxes are being prioritized. It’s difficult to estimate arrival time for international shipping, but domestic orders should be arriving before the December holidays. Fangamer recently sent out surveys to everyone asking for preferences of Blu Rays and DVDs and for confirmation of addresses. If you did not see this, if you want to change your answers, or if you have any questions or problems with at all, please email Or send me a message! (Spaff) Thank you all so much!
  4. This is now my lockscreen. I love these drawings a lot. Haha, I just noticed how I named the file. It's true, I wouldn't have known y'all otherwise.