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Found 13 results

  1. Somehow, whenever I try to switch weapons at the mine road, it skips the Plank weapon by switching back the the previous weapon. I do see the Plank icon on the bottom left, but it still attacks with the previous weapon (the spiked skull). And this plank weapon is needed! I didn't save the game before this issue arrived... So getting back to a previous point is not an option. I hope this bug will be fixed, I don't want to spend hours again to get to that point By the way, I'm playing the game using Steam on PC.
  2. GOM.


    Hi, i never uninstalled psychonaut since ever, and i can't launch it anymore because (see picture) Raz got a too opened-mind and do not respond to controller. He stays like a stick, i can move him but without any animation. and of course i can't jump in the door to enter the game. I've uninstalled the game and redownload it but it does the same. i tried to upgrade my video driver, just in case, but nothing changed. any idea ?
  3. Has anyone else encountered this? The game freezes when I try to lower the crane chains in Year 3. This happened to me for both the scene with the coral grinders, and the scene with the railing, where Manny is supposed to retrieve the lost ship. I've tried everything – turning off sound, changing the rendering setting from Remastered to Original, approaching the scene from different prior scenes. No matter what I try, the game still freezes, although sometimes the cutscene (that's supposed to happen as I lower the chain) does play for a couple of second before it freezes. So frustrating, I spent about 45 minutes stuck with the bug before I gave up! After getting this far, I really want to finish the game ? (I am running it on iOS 9 on a recently purchased iPad Pro 12.9")
  4. The impressionable trait is suppose to cause the hero to pick up personalty traits from other heroes in combat. I find that sometimes the heroes pick up traits that other heroes do not have. I believe this error only occurs when another hero has the "rebel" personality trait.
  5. I'm playing this game on Mac OS X 10.13.4 and my characters are stuck in a permanent "dying loop" where the characters regenerate in front of the boat and automatically die before even being formed. I've attached a screenshot of the place/event. I'm using the time traveller, hillbilly, and knight. Before the looping started the timetraveller was sitting in the boat carrying beans and the hermit had just run off. I had saved the game and re-loaded it (as I didn't want to repeat everything since my last save) and when I re-loaded the game I had the timetraveller continually dying and regenerating and dying. My hillbilly was carrying the postcard and I decided to jump him into the boat/place as well hoping to force a regeneration of both characters but he just kept going through the same motions. After the hillbilly got stuck I noticed both the beans and the postcard laid just in the boat. I could jump my knight into the boat and sit him down but he couldn't pick up any objects. He was also able to jump back out of the boat. I haven't jumped my knight into the same death/regeneration spot. I know each time I exit the game normally it saves the game and wipes out the old version but there's gotta be a way I can pull both my characters out of this mess and get them regenerated in a safe place WITH the objects... surely?? I've been playing this game for days to get it to this place could you please fix this bug and/or get my characters out safely please?!? Thank you, Luke Frohling Ps. Also when loading for the first time it says the game isn't optimised for this OS but the game loads and seems to work OK (except for this bug of course) PPS. I like this game and bought it for the iPad years ago but I don't have an iPad anymore so had to buy it again on Steam. Will it ever work on iPhone 6s??
  6. I took a picture of the bug that can be found here. In the Time-Traveler's zone, the Hillbilly suddenly went into an empty area beneath the map, and upon being killed off with the auto-kill feature, dissapeared. The Hillbilly icon is no longer at the bottom with the other characters' icons, and he is nowhere to be found. After an hour of resetting and doing whatever we could, he still wasn't there. We are now at the boat section, and cannot progress without the Hillbilly. I would like to know how to fix this issue as I loved the game, and would like to finish it. Thank you.
  7. Due to gamepad issues, I am currently running MC with `-cfg GamepadEnabled=false`. The hotkeys are shown to be gamepad buttons, and the keyboard doesn't work (WASD doesn't work). Some mouse functionality doesn't work either. (Clicking to move a character in game doesn't work, but clicking on the UI does.) I'm running Fedora 24.
  8. My menu doesn't seem to work, I press F1 but nothing happens - the game goes on I bought it on Steam on a Linux machine. I thought that I just couldn't find the menu and did a bunch of progress in the game
  9. Hi, I just purchased the Android version on Humble Bundle and when launching the game I get a black screen and cannot play the game. I can hear the sounds and I can see the background bars but nothing else on the screen. I have a Google Pixel XL running Android 7.1.2. Can you please help me getting the game running? I'd love to play this game again... Thanks!
  10. I have had a look through previous posts and I can't see this reported anywhere. This is relevant to PC version of the Costume Quest I have been playing recently via steam. When in the Battle Stamp Menu in the notebook the 'Q' keys behaviour is different from all the other menu screens, normally Q key toggles the notebook on/off. Instead it acts to select the highlighted stamp and apply it to to the 3rd character, presumably the last character added up to that point the game. I noticed this as trying the close the notebook which would reset that stamp to, for example, a blank if a '?' was highlighted but it will set it to any highlighted stamp. My natural response was to hit 'ESC' which opens the pause menu and closes the notebook. This is not game breaking by any means but stuck out as probably not intended behaviour. I know this is an older game but I thought I would post this anyway as it's still a good game and I am sure there are other players out there who have yet to experience it, in case anyone at DF would be interested in having a look.
  11. I am having a weird glitch, or at least i think it is. The health upgrades are supposed to stay after collecting them, but they seem to go away. Then i collect the next one and it says 1/15 again. I havent started abnew game yet to see if it works, but I just noticed once i was getting into the game and realized i had already collected several upgrades but they werent there.
  12. Playing FT:R v1.01 on my PS4 Pro I encountered a weird bug when trying to fight some of the enemies on the mine road. Anytime I would enter combat with a Cave Fish or either of the two female bikers, I would be teleported to either the gorge or Mink Ranch (Nestor and Bolus were supposed to be there but they weren't until I exited and returned to the ranch). I recorded a video of it below and edited it to show what was happening. I got around this bug by switching to Classic mode until I was in a fight and I could switch back and fight in remastered mode. Anyone else experience this?
  13. When I try to launch Headlander from Steam, nothing happens. No 'installing' prompt, no DF logo, no nothing. If I try and launch it from the EXE in the directory, I get the error 'The program can't start because MSVCP110.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.' Reinstalling both Headlander and DirectX have not resolved the issue. Any help?
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