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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, I'm playing full throttle for the first time (for some reason I missed this game when I was a kid) Anyway I'm trying to get the ramp from the cavefish hideout. First time they chased me so I had to go back and get it again, when I pushed to to the bike I forgot to hook it and I level the ramp screen without it. Now every time I try to go to the screen Ben says "I really gotta get out of here" or " I don't spelunk" when I'm off the motor cycle. I checked a walkthrough, I know what needs to be done but why can't I go back to the ramp screen? is that a bug in the game? I don't want to restart the entire game. Thanks, Amit
  2. I've been having a problem on PC (through steam), that when I start up the game everyone is basically glitched into their beds. I've tried verifying cache and it repeatedly says that a file needs to be required. If anyone can give advice on how to fix it that'd be great.
  3. Dear ..... well anyone reading this. Tonight I finally purchased one of my favorite games ever BRUTAL LEGEND! from Steam. Now after it installing, I am met with the most unwanted surprise ever. The game crashes " Brutal Legend has stopped responding" as soon as I launch it. No logos, titles, or displays at all. Simply Launch > Black Screen > Crash. Reading through FAQs, and forums ( Luckily my professional job is Software Support and I have to look for fixes for things all the time ), I found a few issues that could be the case, as listed below: -Game Crashes due to unusual USB Devices ( Namely Webcams ): Unhooked my webcam , 360 Controller, and everything else not my Keyboard and mouse. No change -Same as above even after system reboot -Verified Integrity of Steam Cache Files -Reinstalled -System Spec Requirements are met ( 16GB RAM , GTX 1080TI, Physical Memory more than adequate) -Disabled possible conflicting software ( AV, FW, Anti-Malware, CAM ( MB Monitoring and LED Controls , GOG Galaxy ) executable processes ended for good measure. Issue is reoccurring and unable to be repair. I really do not want to request a refund. but I do not want a game for $14.99 sitting on my system that I cannot play. No matter how excited I am to play or wish to support it. Any assistance with this matter would be most appreciate ~Granistar Gaming
  4. Let's use this thread to report game-breaking bugs. ONLY gamebreaking bugs please, not just minor bugs. I couldn't find any similar log anywhere and want to help Double Fine hopefully prioritize to fix the game for those of us who are stuck due to a bug and can't progress our game to completion. Note, there may be minor spoilers here because of map location and mission objective discussions. Now for my bug report: Location requires green roomba to enter. It's a powerup room. My roomba blew up as I came in the room. In every other room in the game, the appropriate robot color will come in the door to prevent you from getting stuck if every other bot of the right color gets destroyed. Unfortunately, this isn't happening in this room. I am stuck as just a head with no way out. I've tried reloading my game and all kinds of other creative solutions. But the game saved when I collected the powerup, so I'm stuck in this room until DF fixes this bug. So sad! I'm so close to 100%! Please priortize these types of bugs, DF! Thank you!
  5. I've recently completed this excellent remaster. Very impressed and amazed at the final product. I was so happy to play through again and did it without checking a walk through. Now that I've completed it, my artwork seems to have vanished. Has this happened to anyone else? I've also seem to have completed the game without washing the old carriage with Hoagie and causing a storm. I'm sure I did not do this. Ignore this Hoagie thing for now I probably forgot I did it.
  6. The game runs well on high graphics - until enemies start shooting at me, then the game's fps starts chugging and it's almost unplayable. Setting the graphics to low and the game is exactly the same: runs fine until enemies start shooting at me - and then all the particle effects on the laser bolts causes the fps to slow to a crawl. I dread to think what it's going to be like later in the game with tougher enemies. Is there a way to get more advanced graphics options that I missed? Simply being able to choose from low/medium/high/really high/etc isn't helping. I saw someone complaining about this on the Steam Forums, and a Double Fine dev said they needed more details to fix it, but the guy fixed it himself so he didn't post any further details.
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