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Found 1 result

  1. Costume Quest - Cartoon

    It was announced a while back (Feb 6 2015) that Frederator was creating a 11-minute cartoon based on Costume Quest. What has be excited is that Zac Gorman (Over the Garden Wall) is writing the script while Pat McHale (Adventure Time, Over the Garden Wall) will be directing. I enjoy Over the Garden Wall as my favorite Halloween animated series, just as much as I enjoy Costume Quest as my favorite Halloween game. Plus, who doesn't love Adventure Time? The last news posted on Frederator's Facebook page (7 months ago) stated that they had finished calling retakes. There's even a short clip, which has the early glimmers of "interesting" to it. So my question is, when will we be shown the cartoon? And what, if anything, would be needed to convince Frederator to turn this animated short into a full series?