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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I was hoping to either change my username or delete my account and start fresh. I want to scrub this username from the face of the Earth. I searched the forum and support issues but I could not find an answer. Any help is appreciated and I'm sorry if I missed the obvious answer.
  2. This is a room pretty early in the game; when you enter, the left and right-side doorways get locked off with laser-grids, and it seems like the only way to deactivate them is to get the omega gem scan to succeed? I assumed that meant I had to pull a robot head off of someone and put it under the scanner.. but I've tried it with the two Shepherds there and it just keeps giving the same "Omega gem not detected" response. There are some civilian robots in the background, but I can't interact with them in any way, whether in head mode or on a shepherd body. Nothing else in the room can be interacted with either, and the only other exit is a hatch to a short passageway blocked off by a continuous laser-beam, which is impassable to me because I haven't gotten the requisite upgrade yet.. Did I completely overlook something here, or is the game bugged out and not triggering the puzzle solution I'm trying? (carrying shepherd heads under the scanner) (Also, hey everyone, it's been a while ) Edit: Oh, d'oh, I totally missed the blue light I could dock onto at the top of the room. nvm, this thread can be deleted.
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