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Found 9 results

  1. Just saw the Art Test video and was excited to invest, so I went to https://www.fig.co/campaigns/psychonauts-2/invest But, when you click on the link to "Get Started" under Become an Investor, it gives a 404 Is anyone else getting this?
  2. Hello!! I’m a late slacker backer for the Fig Psychonauts Kickstarter campaign (just this Jan) and I was wondering if there has been any survey or information requests regarding the figure reward to backers? I’ve seen the campaign update that the final design has been confirmed in late December but wasn’t sure if I’ve missed anything (aside from the shirts/posters of course) and need to send an email or take any actions. Love your guys’ games and can’t wait for Psychonauts 2!!
  3. I just pledged for Psychonauts 2, and selected the WR t-shirt as an extra. There was no query about size at the time. Will I be asked which size I prefer before the rewards are shipped? (I hope so!) I would like Men's Large, just in case, for the record.
  4. When this game gets popular again ,it would be great to see a DLC story arc or dlc items What I think would be great in psychonauts 2 Obvious:: - Enchanced psychic powers which develop on the previous powers in the first one (probably could show that Tax has gotten Stronger/better equipped with his powers ) - if it is possible to customize Raz Even if we could just dye his clothes or even his bag -i was thinking maybe you could scatter pins/buttons which when the player collected they could pin onto Razs bag Main idea : If you could develop a sort of sand box room for the player to sculpt their own level (dreamscape) and they could post it online -by making the dreamscape it could relate to the brain as it suggests imagination A space mission(space is cool) would be great or atleast where gravity has no effect on the player (could suggest how unstable some characters in the game
  5. Hey everyone, At the time when the Psychonauts 2 campaign was up on Fig, I didn't have a PS4, so I opted to get the PC version. I was wondering if it's possible to change my preferred platform at this point, or if I'm currently locked in. Thanks,
  6. There's a new Psychonauts 2 project update over here: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/psychonauts-2?update=502#updates Feel free to skip straight to the video, there's some extra info in the text though
  7. All that interests me on this forum is the continuation of Brutal Legends, Psychonauts 2 and the presence of the Russian jazak in them. The first parts are passed several times
  8. Both in Camp Whispering Rock and in the latest making-of video, we see the names of probably the founders of the Psychonauts: Lucrecia Mux, Otto Mentallis, Helmut Fullbear, Bob Zanotto, Cassie O'Pia (nice!), Compton Boole and a Cruller that looks a lot like Ford himself, but could be an ancestor. In 2:52 of the most recent video, you see the Double Fine team have a folder/ discussion topic called "Brain_Helmut", so it's a likely guess that that's one of the brain levels we'll be entering. Are these founders still alive? Or will we be entering a brain that's stored in the Hall of Brains mentioned during the campaign? And/Or is this where necromancy comes into play?
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