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Found 12 results

  1. Hello I just made an account on here so have a drewing of sheegor
  2. Work in progress. Seemingly mostly complete. Physical Copies: Psychonauts, PS2, NTSC: Psychonauts, PS2, PAL: Psychonauts, XBOX, NTSC: Psychonauts, XBOX, PAL: Psychonauts, PC, NTSC: Psychonauts, PC, PAL (Two Versions?): Psychonauts, PC, Russian: Books: Official Strategy Guide: Clothing: Gamestop Exclusive Preorder Tee: Lili shirt: Whispering Rock shirt, Yellow/Pink: Raz shirt: Goggalor shirt, Green/Red: Hot Topic Psychonauts Tee: Audio: Cinematic Score CD: Soundtrack vinyl, Pink/Brain-Splatter: Other: Figurines (10): Merit Badge Pins/Magnets: Merit Badge Patches: Raz Pinny Arcade Pin: Raz Goggles (LootCrate): EB Games Exclusive Preorder Bonus Playing Cards: Poster (Two Versions): Raz Plush: Selected Scenes from Psychonauts DVD: Potentially licensed stuff: Green Whispering Rock Tee: http://psychonautsstuff.tumblr.com/post/42740396647/green-whispering-rock-shirt-from-double-fine Unlicensed stuff: Psychonauts Summer Camp Tee: https://www.lookhuman.com/design/55282-psychonauts-summer-camp/6710-heathered_black-md?shoppingcom Psycho Swirls Tee: Basic Braining Pendant: OMG Tee: Boyd's Milk Tee:
  3. Hello, recently I have purchased Psychonauts on steam and for some reason I am unable to use the mouse for moving the camera. I have searched online and have tried all the solutions I have found, but none have worked so far: unplugging any usb devies (only usb devices I have connected are my mouse + keyboard) changing from fullscreen to window mode deactivating smart camera I can run around, use the left mouse button to attack and anything but the mouse-camera. (I really don't want to use the num block) Is there any way to fix this or maybe a workaround I have missed? I have only seen so far that this problem happens to several people and some of them could solve it by unplugging any usb devices. (which is not working unfortunately) I am by far no controller player (that's why I have bought it on steam) and it would be great to be able to play the game.
  4. I bought the physical CD copy of Psychonauts long ago. I just learned that Psychonauts 2 was being produced, which I'm glad to hear. I thought I would install my old copy of Psychonauts and replay it in anticipation of purchasing the new sequel. Unfortunately one of the CDs did not work right. No problem, I had seen it on Steam, so I thought I would just register my game on Steam and download it. I then discovered that my copy of Psychonauts does not have a registration key. Did it come with a key and I've lost it, or did it never have a key? It has been a long time since I played it and I don't remember. If no key then I presume there is no way for me to register it on Steam, right?
  5. Will DF ever bring back the Psychonauts and THB yo-yos? I lost mine in tragic circumstance and would like to have them again. At least I was able to get a new set of Psychonauts figures. I also lost my t-shirts and signed copies of games and CDs but, I guess, some things can't ever be recovered. Such as my Elf Life coffee cup and Sluggy Freelance Game Called On Account of Naked Chick t-shirt. On that cheerful note... Thanks.
  6. When this game gets popular again ,it would be great to see a DLC story arc or dlc items What I think would be great in psychonauts 2 Obvious:: - Enchanced psychic powers which develop on the previous powers in the first one (probably could show that Tax has gotten Stronger/better equipped with his powers ) - if it is possible to customize Raz Even if we could just dye his clothes or even his bag -i was thinking maybe you could scatter pins/buttons which when the player collected they could pin onto Razs bag Main idea : If you could develop a sort of sand box room for the player to sculpt their own level (dreamscape) and they could post it online -by making the dreamscape it could relate to the brain as it suggests imagination A space mission(space is cool) would be great or atleast where gravity has no effect on the player (could suggest how unstable some characters in the game
  7. hi guys i am a youtuber playing psychonauts for the first time ever and i am loving it. just wanted to know if there was any tips hint of help you can give to to better my videos or my experence of the game. my youtube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAD2ckJcQLSNMigdTueL_UQ?view_as=subscriber if you want to see were i am thanks for reading a look foward to talking to you all.
  8. Hey all! This is my first time posting here in your little forum community. Hooray! I'm a 3D artist and long time Double Fine fan(atic) like many of you fellow forum dwellers. I have enjoyed playing Double Fine's games for years now but my favorite game is by far Psychonauts. I always admired the art direction in the game, especially in the milkman conspiracy level. I loved the architecture of the level and the warped 50's-60's suburban environment. Being a fairly proficient modeler and texture artist I decided to create some fan art around what a "remastered" version of Boyd's/The Milkman's house may look like in anticipation for Psychonauts 2. I decided to use unreal engine 4 and tools such as Maya for the modeling and Quixel Suite, Substance Designer and good old Photoshop for nailing down some of the textures. I hope to tweak and expand on this scene in my down time, perhaps filling out more of the neighborhood or just creating more Psychonauts inspired models and textures. I hope you guys think this is neat, but feel free to yell things at me here such as comments and critiques or requests for anything you might want to see in a more expanded scene!
  9. I'm new to making forums on this site, so I am not sure if you are allowed to share fanfics on here? Well anyway, here it is: WARNING: FANFIC CONTAINS MAJOR RHOMBUS OF RUIN SPOILERS! https://m.fanfiction.net/s/12428202/1/Clouded-Beliefs It is my own take on the Loboto being Bobby's father, and I would love to hear fan's thoughts. Keep in mind that it IS my first fanfiction involving this amazing game, and that the author's notes are very important. That is all.
  10. Wouldn't it be awesome to have brain-enabled control for Psychonauts?? I hear a really cool company by the name of Neurable has the Beta to do just that!
  11. Image taken from your December Bulletin. I would love to see if this could be made into wallpapers of popular resolutions. Would def be my Christmas wallpaper for years to come.
  12. A bit different in terms of fan art but I want to show off my love for Psychonauts so I designed and 3D printed some merit badges. If you have a 3D printer you can download the models from Thingiverse.
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