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Found 2 results

  1. I'm playing this game on Mac OS X 10.13.4 and my characters are stuck in a permanent "dying loop" where the characters regenerate in front of the boat and automatically die before even being formed. I've attached a screenshot of the place/event. I'm using the time traveller, hillbilly, and knight. Before the looping started the timetraveller was sitting in the boat carrying beans and the hermit had just run off. I had saved the game and re-loaded it (as I didn't want to repeat everything since my last save) and when I re-loaded the game I had the timetraveller continually dying and regenerating and dying. My hillbilly was carrying the postcard and I decided to jump him into the boat/place as well hoping to force a regeneration of both characters but he just kept going through the same motions. After the hillbilly got stuck I noticed both the beans and the postcard laid just in the boat. I could jump my knight into the boat and sit him down but he couldn't pick up any objects. He was also able to jump back out of the boat. I haven't jumped my knight into the same death/regeneration spot. I know each time I exit the game normally it saves the game and wipes out the old version but there's gotta be a way I can pull both my characters out of this mess and get them regenerated in a safe place WITH the objects... surely?? I've been playing this game for days to get it to this place could you please fix this bug and/or get my characters out safely please?!? Thank you, Luke Frohling Ps. Also when loading for the first time it says the game isn't optimised for this OS but the game loads and seems to work OK (except for this bug of course) PPS. I like this game and bought it for the iPad years ago but I don't have an iPad anymore so had to buy it again on Steam. Will it ever work on iPhone 6s??
  2. main menu not loading

    Hi everyone! I am Nicole and i am having problems with starting the cave on my mac (sierra 10.12.6, no steam). When i start the game i don't even see the main menu, I just see the background and a grey box. like this: image. But i can hear the sound working properly. What can i do? nothing seems to work and i can't even quit thank you