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DF Game Club: Costume Quest: Grubbins On Ice

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DOUBLE FINE GAME CLUB: Costume Quest: Grubbins On Ice (starting 21st of December)

The Double Fine Game Club is a community run weekly event where interested gamers play through and come together to discuss what they do and don't like about a particular game (sort of like a book club, but for games). We usually aim to play one or two hours a week, and we normally have somebody streaming the current game so that those who don't have the game or don't feel like playing it again can still feel involved.

Discussion takes place here in the forums and on the Double Fine Game Club home page. Game Club is a very informal weekly chat, and everyone is welcome!

Previous game: Kentucky Route Zero: Act II

Next Game: Host Master + Host Master Deux


» » » CLICK HERE TO JOIN « « «


- 21st December, 09:00PM UTC (click for your time zone): 1st game session (Stream) and general discussion plus devchat with Tasha Harris and Gabe Miller (log)


In the dead of winter, Lucy is kidnapped and the children are whisked away to the monsters' world and become embroiled in a monster revolution.


- Tasha Harris (@tashascomic)

- Gabe Miller (@gabemiller)


- Desura (Windows, Mac, Linux, DRM Free)

- Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux)

- GOG (Windows, Mac, DRM Free)

- iTunes Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

- XBox Marketplace (XBox 360)

- Playstation Network (PS3)


- Double Fine Game Club home page (with webchat, stream and session countdown timer)

- Game Club IRC: #DFAdventure on irc.foonetic.net (use the link above if you're not sure)

- @DFGameClub on Twitter (keep track of announcements)

- Game Club planning thread

- Game Club F.A.Q.

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Sweet. I hope I'll be able to get home in time for this. Let's hope the devs will be able to take an hour or two off to join us during these busy holiday times.

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We're still touching base with people, but so far it looks like we'll get Tasha and Gabe back again :)

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Cool! The Grubbins On Ice DLC is perfect to play this time of year. I liked how the simple addition of snow really changed the look and feel of the game.

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Woo! That was a fun session! The stream archive and chat log are up in the first post. Thanks so much to Tasha and Gabe for hanging out with us :D

I had heaps of fun brainstorming possible Costume Quest DLC ideas and chatting about the game's development, story and characters (there was some fun discussion about what sort of people the kids might grow up to be). There was also this tidbit:

Cheeseness: Is there anything the community can do to make more Costume Quest more likely?

DF_Gabe: just doing things like this that bring more attention to it

tashaCQ: Keep telling Tim how much you like the game

Cheeseness: That means moar fan art, people!

DF_Gabe: the more popular it is the more likely it will see some more action

DF_Gabe: fan art is good

DF_Gabe: fan art has a big influence on tim's perception of what is beloved

The thread for next week's Host Master/Host Master Deux session will be a bit delayed, but I should still get that up today.

Edit: It's up now! :D

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