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DF Game Club: Host Master and Host Master Deux

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DOUBLE FINE GAME CLUB: Host Master and Host Master Deux (starting 28th of December)

The Double Fine Game Club is a community run weekly event where interested gamers play through and come together to discuss what they do and don't like about a particular game (sort of like a book club, but for games). We usually aim to play one or two hours a week, and we normally have somebody streaming the current game so that those who don't have the game or don't feel like playing it again can still feel involved.

Discussion takes place here in the forums and on the Double Fine Game Club home page. Game Club is a very informal weekly chat, and everyone is welcome!

Previous game: Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice

Next Game: Pajama Sam 3


» » » CLICK HERE TO JOIN « « «


- 28th December, 09:00PM UTC (click for your time zone): 1st game session (Stream 1, bonus streams: The Applicant, The Conclusion & more Host Master and general discussion and dev chat with Klint Honeychurch and Marius Winter (log)


Play as Tim Schafer as he searches for material (jokes) to use in his Game Developers Choice Awards speeches in Host Master, and then again in Host Master Deux!


- Klint Honeychurch (Sugar Temple)

- Marius Winter (@MajusArts)


- Double Fine Website - Host Master (Browser, free)

- Double Fine Website - Host Master Deux (Browser, free)


- Double Fine Game Club home page (with webchat, stream and session countdown timer)

- Game Club IRC: #DFAdventure on irc.foonetic.net (use the link above if you're not sure)

- @DFGameClub on Twitter (keep track of announcements)

- Game Club planning thread

- Game Club F.A.Q.

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I just got word that we'll be joined by Marius Winter (Majus), Double Fine's former intern, who applied for the position with a point-and-click game (follow up). Marius and Benedikt Hummel (as Major Bueno) created on Host Master Deux earlier this year.

We're also being joined by Klint Honeychurch, a designer and developer who has collaborated with Double Fine on a number of projects, including the first Host Master game, which he co-wrote with Tim Schafer. Klint also worked on Tasha's Quest and My Game About Me, both of whhich can be found on Double Fine's Games page, and worked with the UI design team on Brütal Legend.


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Thanks to some incorrect details (my bad), Klint has arrived late. He's in chat answering questions about Host Master if anybody would like to join :D

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Woo! stream archive and bonus streamare up in the first post along with the chat log. Big thanks to Klint and Marius for joining us!

Next week, we'll be starting off the year with PJ Sam 3. We also have a new survey thread up. Tell us what you thought of Game Club in 2013!

The Host Master games are great homages. It's been interesting to get the insights and perspectives of the people who worked on them - I was surprised to discover that Klint hadn't actually played a LucasArts game before and had used videos of Monkey Island as a reference for the first Host Master.

Klint has shared the source files to Host Master for anybody who'd like to take a peek.

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