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Tim Schafer Movie Star?

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Ok, children, look away. This one is for the grownups.

Through the magic of Netflix i just ended up watching "Sorority House Massacre 2". It´s not even one of those it´s so bad its good movies, it´s more like a we know this is bad so we are going to make it good movies. Its not overly gory (there is a ton of blood, but it´s obviously fake, there is nothing clearly visible cuts or closeups of limbs getting detached or anything like that) but there is a fair amount of nudity and the actresses more or less spend the whole movie in their underwear (for good reason though! ;) ) so if thats not your thing run in fear now.

There is a possible Tim Schafer Clone in this movie. It´s not a 123,2% clone if you give it to much thought, but i laughed twice as hard the first time i saw him and he has a fairly important role. So if your up for this type of movie, give it a try. I found it Hilarius in quiet a few spots.

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