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Animation nit pics and some bugs

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For starters a lot of the animation durring game play shows to much where the joints are so you see the squares of their legs and arms pocking out a lot, specially for the start where the two chracters trun and lye down.

And as you can see you have some eye troubles. The mom doesn't look at you when you first talk to her and the other girl just looks like she has a lazy eye or something.


When flying on the bird there are some parts where both hands are over/under the rope.

Sometimes it will not do the sinking animation while on the clouds.

When using the ladder to get up the next your character climes up behind the ladder and not on top of it.

A number of other clipping or improper posisons I can't remember but I would really take a second look over everything to make sure it's all leveled right.

Also A LOT A LOT of close ups make the back ground all pixelated like you are just zooming in on a pic you loaded up on MS paint. It's really breaking the whole game when every close up is just squares.

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