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After manually saving in another slot, the game stops auto saving to Slot 1.

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I know that, upon first using a new slot to save manually, the game asks you if you wish to use that slot to auto save. I thought "nah, I want to keep manual saves here so I can come back to certain parts of the game if I feel like it". I just assumed the game would keep autosaving into Slot 1 anyway, but it didn't happen. The game simply stopped using Slot 1. Now when I leave the game it warns me with the following message:

"This is a Manual Save slot. All progress will be lost."

In other words, if I choose to play on a Manual Save slot it will stop auto saving altogether. Now, to be fair, whenever I load a Manual Save the game asks me "Auto Save to this slot from now on?", but I wish I could keep manual saves and automatic saves in separate slots.

What's the reasoning behind the save system being that way?

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