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Strange alarm type sound played, cut all other sound until game was closed

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I clicked on the fake control panel seen above when entering this room and all sound from the game cut out and a harsh looping alarm sound started. Talking to the character in the scene played a sequence but the sound remained the same (i.e. only playing the alarm sound); likewise when I tried switching character and then quitting to menu. Quitting to desktop stopped the sound and reloading the game and clicking on this object resulted in the expected speech, music, etc.

EDIT: Additional info - I had played up to this point from the beginning of the game with no issues (other than Vella clipping behind the ladder at Jessie's nest which has been reported elsewhere). Vella up to being blocked by the snake, and having entered the pyramid and Shay had been through the middle teleport in the Nexus, back out, and then to the area pictured.

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