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Freeze and weirdness in options.

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I had a lock-up during the second day breakfast. I skipped a few cereals and after confirming an option the game locked up after speaking the confirmation dialog. No crash, just froze and showed as not responding in task manager.

The first breakfast I skipped at least 10-15 cereals before making a confirmation. The second time I only skipped about 4 or 5 and it froze.

There seems to be some oddness in the letterbox settings at 1920x1080 fullscreen. Horizontal settings seems to chop off part of the screen instead of showing black borders anywhere. This may not be an actual bug, but it is visually jarring.

Surface Pro 2

Windows 8.1 64-bit

CPU i5-4300U





Edit : added links to screenshots for the options appearance. Tried uploading directly but no dice. If this is expected functionality please ignore.

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