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My Extremely Fair and Amazing Review of Act 1! *Potential Spoilers (but hopefully nothing huge)*

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Well I just finished Act 1!

Overall it was a great experience and I really enjoyed playing through this very much. I think my favorite character was the tree that was disgusted by humans and our brutal treatment of his brethren. His voice acting and animations were fantastic and made me laugh out loud. The whole stool story line with him and Curtis was hilarious and could only be thought up by a comedic genius, and the whole animation where the stool was presented to him was brilliantly done.

All the environments themselves were very immersive and I loved the little details. I loved the shot in the spaceship where you are viewing Shay through the upper window and there is a window washing bot in the foreground.

I encountered a few bugs, but I think they have all been mentioned on this board already. The game froze on me only once during the snake and tuba scene when I tried to skip the blowing on the horn scene by hitting space. If I had one minor gripe, I don't know if I am just getting smarter or better at adventure games in my older age, but the game seemed pretty easy in terms of difficulty. I really did not get stuck or hung up at all while playing through, almost like I was playing on rails. More often than not, the item you need to solve a puzzle was just given to you, or if not, you just had to visit the one room you hadn't visited yet and it it will be given to you (whipped cream or crochet needle for example). There were also multiple mentions of peach pits, so when the Riddle at the pyramid came about, I instantly figured that out when they mentioned a pit.

I really enjoyed the story a lot. I went into this thinking "Whatever Tim Schafer, just give me a few jokes and puzzles, I don't need to be told about coming of age" but by the end I was really invested in their story, and the twist at the end of Act 1 was wonderful. I can't wait for Act 2 to continue the story and see what happens!

Here are just a few random thoughts of things that stuck out to me:

-The camera is too zoomed in and erratic when following Vella out of Curtis' cabin

-I want a Gary the Grabbing robot

-I inadvertently opened my inventory more than a few times by accidentally clicking on the bottom left corner

-Voice acting in general was top notch

-Mog Chothra is a great name

-I wish there was still a dialogue tree available even after you have exhausted all lines of dialogue with someone

Very well done Double Fine! You already have my money for the next KickStarter Adventure Game!

Hope this was helpful!

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