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Bugs:Crash,Dialogue,Object Sorting. +Feedback

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I loved the art, the settings, the characters, the dialogue. Man, that was all amazing.

Now here's a few negative things:


2 or 3 random crashes happened on double-click fast travel. when and where seemed random



After Marek gives you the mission to go to Prima Doom, the conversation option regarding your tether being too short is available, before you've attempted to space walk


Starts talking to the tree about making it puke tree sap. Had no idea why puking or tree sap would matter. But since my character asked about it, I knew I needed to make it happen



after placing the ladder on jessie's cloud, the ladder is placed in front of Vella while climbing

propeller holding up a cloud. half way through its rotation the back propellers overlap the front ones

when blowing horn after snake wrap up, her nose disappears


I think some close ups are too close, revealing low resolution textures. In some cases, pulling the camera back would be fine. In others an out of focus effect would work. And in some spots (cloud world hub) there just needed to be more resolution in the backdrops


I always get stuck in adventure games. Always. But I still love them. In Broken Age only got stuck twice, and figured both puzzles out after a few minutes. The skill level here would be for absolute beginners.

Too often the dialogue just said the exact solution to a puzzle. Especially irritating when I was about to solve it on my own and someone blurts out the answer. Just kinda takes the wind outta your sail, ya know?

There weren't any conversation tree puzzles. A few times I had to pick a correct response, but never did I need to pick a series of correct branches of responses.

More item combining would've been cool. I loved when I figured out the shoes go on the ladder (I love the extending ladder), but that was one of the few item combining puzzles. It would have been nice if there were some unusual, unexpected, and complex combinations needed

That's all my negative feedback.

Thank you guys so much for making this game. I can't wait to see what happens in part 2.

My System:

iMac Late 2012

3.1 GHz Intel Core i7


nVidia GeForce GT 650M 512 MB

OS X 10.8.5

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