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Dead Eye Pyramid visual glitch

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After finishing with Shay the game jumped back to the dead eye pyramid entrance, but the girls were gone. (this was before I had even spoken to them)

Left to see if the would come back if I left the screen and came back. most of Shellmound and its characters were gone, as well as Vella's head.

Upon going back to the pyramid entrance they were still gone and I had just noticed the water layer was gone from the background.

Tried talking to where they had been and the conversation started to play with a floating tear gas gun threatening a headless Vella.

Sorry, no screenshots.

Quit the game and everything went back to the way it was supposed to be.

Have not been able to reproduce.

Other than that the only glitch that I noticed was some of the ice cream avalanche survivors not moving their mouths when they are talking while playing cards.

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