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2 hours in, 1 for Shay and 1 for Vella...

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No major bugs, and no crashes! I just wanted to say it looks and sounds great guys, congrats on getting it out there. I'm really enjoying it so far, and it just feels like icing on top of an already awesome tasting cake after watching this all develop.

The only non-gamer/wife feedback I can add is that my wife has never really played a point and click adventure, and I invited her to come check out the game from the beginning. She was a little confused and a little disappointed that there was no opening movie, cut scene, or general story sequence to pull you in before having to choose Shay or Vella. I wouldn't have even noticed had she not mentioned it, but I thought it was an interesting comment from someone who's never played this kind of game. Thinking back on it, there was almost ALWAYS a cool starting sequence to pull you into the story before you had to start making decisions. Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle in particular are permanently burned into my memory from the start. :)

Otherwise things are looking really great overall, I think if you can get one more polish pass on it before the Steam public release hits you're in for a lot of good feedback.

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