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Meriloft Dialogue and tree trouble

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A few things I noticed.

1. How does Gus know Vera's name? I never met him. He said my name when I fell on him but I never interacted with him until then. Where did he go? I wanted to meet him.

2. The younger sister who's name I forgot starts talking to me when my back is to her. Not in a Dialogue moment but it still seems a bit off.

3. At the fruit tree Vera says something about looking for a low hanging branch so she can climb the tree, once she fall down to the roots she easily climbs through the stump to get up the tree. This seems like a big leap in logic especially since she was talking about the fruit. I would at least expect her to grab some fruit. I know this is very picky but it did not seem congruent to me. The line about looking for a branch to climb the tree should be taken out.

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