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Part 1 review

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Warning -- spoilers below --


Art was great (polished in some places, low resolution in others)

Music fantastic -- sound effects blended in smoothly.

Loved Elijah's voice acting and jack blacks -- and most other voice actors. Vella's was ok. Not as grabbing as Elijah. Some hilarious lines -- the knife and spoon were awesome. Some funny parts for sure. I chuckled all the way through.

Some intense scenes that got the heart pumping -- staring down the monster and floating in space.


Audio click before characters spoke.

The grabbing arm minigame -- little hokey.

Lack of complex puzzles and amount of puzzles.

Some puzzles didn't feel connected

getting puzzle pieces given to you with no effort, or with one line of dialogue.

If a hard version is released with more puzzles I will be a very happy camper. But im still happy with act 1 as is (besides the dozen crashes, but im sure those will be fixed).


It felt like the game rushed through so many beautiful areas. All that effort and only a few minutes of screen time for some areas. i say, spend more resources on puzzles and less on animation.

More items! The inventory was a bit barren at times.

I think the "intro" puzzles were great for both characters. Complexity should have increased during cloud colony and after breaking out of routine.

But this is only act 1. Take the kid gloves off for part 2!

For example, this would have been great:

In cloud colony, instead of collecting 3 heavy eggs to increase weight (dull).... have vella figure out how to get all villagers angry and all demand to see jack blacks character (who shuts them out) -- the ensuing throng causes ladder to fall.

On the ship -- reprogram cleaner bots. Hire card playing dolls. Sneak onto closed train. Get ship weaver inebriated. Reconfigure a teleporter to make a man-sized stuffed toy.

Lets act like teenagers and stir Sht up! Fun and funny puzzles.

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