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Just finished it, spoilers for the entirety of Act 1 inside.

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Overall I really enjoyed it. No noticeable bugs other than the animation error with Levina's head turning sideways for a split second in a dialogue choice, didn't experience any crashes at any point. I do notice the loading error when you first load into your save and the game is kind of sluggish and stuff like speech being delivered by characters is delayed but I imagine that's the engine itself and has to do with how it loads stuff in, I'm sure if I wait before doing anything it wouldn't have that problem.

Story is excellent, did NOT see that ending coming at all, I was thinking the Dead-Eye-God would turn out to be Marek as it would explain why he knew so much about the ship since if the Dead-Eye-God was Marek he'd have participated in the original Operation Dandelion. Now of course we need to figure out if Marek was good or not.

Dialogue is great too and had me bursting into laughter multiple times. Subtitles are off at times (words are there that aren't said, etc.) but I'm sure that's like anything where the subtitles are based off the script but the voice-acting is never following the script 100% exact because of slight improvisations, etc. The puzzles were pretty intuitive compared to most adventure games I've played and I never felt like I was beating my head against a wall, of course, I'm sure Act 2 will be harder as Tim said in the documentary the players will understand the logic of the puzzles better at that point so you can up the difficulty to account for their experience.

Bring on Act 2 and more of Harm'ny Lightbeard!

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