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ok reza

[ANIMATION BUG] End of walk animation isn't implemented correctly

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hello hello backers and double fine dudes. i am all about animation being implemented perfectly in video games because that's a huge factor in making games feel more immersive, feel right, and just look super good. one thing i noticed is that if you walk to a given point, you will reach your destination and THEN another animation plays where the walk slowly comes to a stop. the thing is, this ending animation occurs once you've already reached the point you chose to reach, so basically the ending walk animation starts a step behind where you already ended up. if this is unclear, basically when you walk from point A to point B, once you reach point B, the ending walk animation starts playing but backtracks a step or two, so the user sees the player reach the destination twice.

personally, i LOVE the slowing down animation, it looks super good even though it's not implemented perfectly. one thing i totally expect being the reasoning behind this is that programming this correctly may cause some bugs because you have to anticipate when the last step is before the slowing down animation begins (and it has to be implemented for every direction). it could get messy, especially as it seems there's only one slowing down walk animation per angle (where it would probably need two, depending on which foot is last to step before reaching the destination).

this is a super small thing but IT IS SO GOD DAMN IMPORTANT...LIKE SUPER IMPORTANT. remember when everyone talked about the the dude closing the cop door while walking along the cop car in the "the division" gameplay footage? that's because so many games don't focus on small details with animation, things that really ground the scene together, but when they are there, viewer notice them....feel them. it makes people happy i swear, so i hope other players noticed this and really hope it gets fixed !

ps. vella's mom is probably the best animated character in the game, and is also just a super appealing designed character, +1 on those responsible.

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