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Intermediate Feedback

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I'm quite busy lately and so I'm still not through Act 1! I'm currently stuck at Vella (damn you Yorn...) and just switched over to Shay. And because Shay is disproving many of my concerns I wanted to share them!

As I said, I started with Vella. And until now I always felt myself constricted in "close space". Like there is nothing to explore and you just have to look at 2 or 3 things and solve riddles! Yeah, I'm stuck, so now I have to think more ... but it's also evolving a little bit now to the "end"! But I'm still a big fan of "open worlds", where you basically have to go on the other end of the world to find something you need now and here! And I never got this feeling here. Maybe it is connected that there are not "thousands" of things you can look at and explore. It feels "empty".

As I said, Shay looks more promising in those regards! I was worried, because hell, he is on a space ship! How much can there be to explore? But here it feels "big" and there are many rooms to visit. And even somehow more things that you can just look at! It is more what I expected/wanted to have!

So I will play on and hopefully it still gets better! But for Act 2:

- more open space to explore

- more things to look at

and I'm basically good :)

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