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Psychonauts RPG 2 (Witty, Super-Dee-Dooper Camp Fun!!!)

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((zomg, I will join you guys OAO !!))

Name: Keith Andlerfall

Sex: Male

Age: 45

Apperance: A tall, thin, lanky, boney looking maan. He has short, messy, greying hair and is unaturally pale. All that governmental work must keep him inside alot, because he really has a lack of vitamin D, apparently. He has bright green eyes. His clothes tend to be suits or his medical garb. His casual clothes tend to be jeans and short sleeve shirts.

Personality/Description: He is a government psychiatrist that the government placed into the camp to help evaluate it and to see that no more events such as what happened during Raz's first stay are to happen again. He is usually quiet and to himself. he normaly seems like a coward or spineless. Although some of the kids find him to be a bit creepy, he's very nice for the most part until he gets mad. Then he usually will blow up and make a scene about it. He's always willing to help out someone if they ever need it and is open for the kids and staff coming to for advice. Although he's there trying to keep order, various things still seem to happen anyways. So far though, he seems good at doing his job. As far as anyone knows, he has no psychic powers himself or has not desplayed any. He seems to just be a normal human. Besides being a monitor for the camp, he also works as a male nurse and a psychiatrist to aid everyone. Aww, he sounds nice! :3

((I'll add my intro in a bit, 'kay? D: ))

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Sasha cringed at hearing one of the campers call out his name. That could only mean trouble.

"Oh look, they want to play with you!" Milla spoke in a chipper tone. "Why don't you go have fun with them?" Agent Nein could only rub his forehead. If there were three words that didn't work together, it would be 'Sasha' 'play' and 'fun'.

"Vodello," Sasha said sternly to his partner, "Wouldn't you rather go and be with the campers instead?"

"Oh, but this will give you a chance to get to know them better!~ Go on, Sasha! Go to their little party and make some new friends, alright?" Milla waved her hand, shooing the German psychic off to go mingle with the campers. Sasha shook his head as he levitated over to the dock, setting his feet on the boardwalk and walking up to Admiral Cruller's usual spot. Least he wouldn't get too wet here.

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Miriku had just gotten done pummeling Nils. Again. She walked out of the boathouse...

"Sasha? The heck are you doing here? This is one of the last places I'd expect to see you. Why are you here?" Miriku didn't let him answer the question, simply answering it herself. "Ah, it's Milla, isn't it? Haha. Figures. Oh, by the way, if I were you, I'd want to get a towel or two."

Without another word, she dove into the water without the slightest splash, as if to taunt Sasha.

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((If Lili dropped Nils off at the main lodge, how did Miriku beat him up, not get scarred by Nurse Cruller, and come out of the boathouse?))

Joan stared speechlessly at Miriku as she just randomly handed her a fish. A piranha, apparently. It was a nice gift, even though she didn't like dissecting fish, so to be kind, the tall girl took out some of the small teeth to keep, even though Miriku had left and was unable, at the moment, to have her feelings hurt.

The teeth were tiny, though. She was sure she'd lose them But maybe she could throw them at someone if they were bothering her. Or something. Maybe she could scratch someone with them, at least.

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((Apple Pop, why the hell is your character a mix of Stein and my OC Radcliffe... with a little bit of Dr. Clive from Hale nochi Guu?))

((PS: she only says that because she loves him already))

The children shuffled about on the shore, some playing in the water. Miriku, through the splashing, was experimenting with psychic techniques she thought might react uniquely in water. Pyrokinesis, for example... Logic says that she ought to be able to raise the temperature in the water, she thought. Convinced she was getting a feel for control of temperature underwater, she surfaced-- strangely, all the kids in the area had swam away. Mumbles of "Eww..." and "Not in the lake..." floated on the waves, but Miriku was busy turning her head on its side to get the water out of her ears.

Milla resigned to playing with the children in the water. Despite Milla's never failing to respond with "That's wonderful, darling!" and "Linda maravilhosa!," it wasn't difficult to tell that she was sincere each and every time she said them.

"... Hey Sasha." Agent Nein whipped around quickly, hoping desperately that he would not have to avert another attempt to make him wet.


Well, it wasn't wet.

But it was James.

"...Hey Sasha."

He turned around, fiddling with his glasses.

"... Sasha. Hey Sasha. Do you know Hello? Do you say that where you come from? Hello. Say Hello, Sasha."

"James, I am not in the mood." He turned around to face the short boy. The recluse. The introvert. The... James.

"Are you going to be in the mood ever, because right now is a good time for me-"

"James, I am doing business right now."

"Milla says I can't go by the lake."

Sasha fiddled with his glasses again- not trying to look distracted, but genuinely trying to contain his frustration. "No, James, you cannot go near the lake. Why don't you go back to the lodge and, say, watch TV, or something."

James looked up at him wide-eyed, and yet oddly sleepy- he always seems to have that expression on his face as if he has a very, very bad hangover but has just found the most amazing animal that he's never seen before and thinks he's going to call it a Unicorn- and replied flatly: "My mom says I can't watch TV."

Sasha decided just to walk away. Just walk away and it will be alright. Unless, of course, something really very bad happens...

((Woohoo in-game reference! lol. No, nothing bad has to happen, but James + water = a lot of pain. I don't mean to do so much with other people's characters but I thought it was necessary considering the ping-pongy, yes-i-am-no-you're-not style of James' conversations. He has issues. xD As the RP progresses maybe he'll become more socially acceptable... but I love him being the annoying little bug he is for now.))

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((Bcuz I ahm awsum. Medical themed characters are amazing. :B))

A thin and frail man made his way down the path and spotted the boy James.

Wait, wasn't that the little electrtical boy?

Keith stood there with his clip board, staring at the kid. He was pretty adorable. Keither always had a soft spot for children. All this government bussiness gave him no time to have a family of his own. It was nice to be working with children for once. Suddenly he noticed the boy heading towards the water. Struck with alarm, Keith bolted down to James and grabbed him by the arm.

"Kid, you can't go into the water! You'll get electorcuted! Or um... shock everybody else..."

"Wait, how do you know about that?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh, I'm Keith Andlerfall. I persume that all you campers were informed of me coming?"

"Oh yeah, the Coach said that there was some weirdo government agent coming in to monitor and spy on the camp."

"He really said 'weirdo', did he?" Keiths lip twitched as he forced himself to smile, pretending to be amused by this. "Well, I wouldn't use the word 'spy'. I'm here to monitor your safty and to keep everything in order. Don't want anymore incidents like that one a few summers back, right?" his expression softened, takinga liking for this kid. "I'm also a medic working here, so if you ever need any medical attention, come find me, okay? Now come on, it's dangerous for you to get close to the water."

((Okay, THERE! DX))

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Miriku was trying to psi-beam the water to make a liquid mushroom cloud, but to no avail. She decided to take it easy. She heard some shouting and babbling from the shore. She swam closer to see what the commotion was, and saw James, as sparky as ever.

She slowly backed away....right into Milla.

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((sorry for not posting in a while everyone. This thing called "real life" keeps interupting my internet time :)))

Issac walked slowly back toward the lake, sucking on a Dream Fluff. Due to some event involving a hyperactive pyrokinetic, Dream Fluffs and the fact that Whispering Rock was surrounded by trees, every camper was restricted to being allowed to have two Dream Fluffs on them at a time. Arriving at the lake, Issac realised he couldn't be bothered to go back in. So he Levitated onto the giant rock overseeing the lake and pulled a copy of Rurouni Kenshin ((created and owned by Nobuhiro Watsuki. And not me.)) Volume 12, sat down and started to read.

((FYI the big rock is the one the Psi Challange Marker was on. And when in doubt, insert a disclaimer!))

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Well, she was doing a whole bunch of nothing...

Joan wandered around, still holding the dead piranha recently given to her. Then there was that electrical boy talking to some adult she had never seen before. Intrigued, the tall girl lumbered closer.

"Oh, hey, are you the weirdo Oleander said was gonna come?" asked Joan. She thought she saw him twitch, but maybe it was just her.

"...Not exactly. I'm more like a monitor." But Joan had already turned to James.

The electric guy was interesting. If he went into the water, then lots of stuff would float to the top, and she could possibly open them up. "Here's a dead fish. Someone gave it to me, but I don't want it. You could fry it and eat it. Or keep it as a pet, I guess..."

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James stared at the fish and accepted it. "My mom says I can't have fish. Or go in water."

Keith gave an amused smile. "Does she let you take baths?" James only turned toward him and stared into his face. Keith wasn't sure if he was confused, ashamed, or mocking him. Keith wasn't sure he wanted to know.

"You have medical experience?" Joan asked, interested in a very small way, and in a much larger way eager to distract Keith from his newest interest.

"Ah, yes. The Coach may be pretty enthusiastic about the dangers of the mind, but we all live in a real world here!" Keith smiled warmly. Awkwardly. This camp was full of strange children.

"Hm. That's good." Joan nodded. She was seriously disappointed that she could still see James out of the corner of her eye. He wasn't doing anything. Genuinely unexciting. Oh, wait- there was something- oh. That's no more exciting.

"Ah! Don't do that!" Keith rushed over to James, pulling his finger out of the fish's mouth. "That's dangerous! That fish has teeth, you know. Hm? I thought that was a piranha... oh well. Just... don't go messing with the marine wildlife, alright?" He patted the kid on the shoulder.

Now I'll have to figure out where to put these teeth, Joan thought to herself...

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The lanky girl quietly slipped the teeth into her ridiculously large pockets. It didn't seem like the weirdo doctor noticed. He seemed more interested in the electric kid, like she was. Except more in the medical sense. Or sympathy or something. Anyways, at least now she wouldn't be caught with suspicious teeth in her hands. Getting caught with suspicious teeth in her pocket wasn't any better, but people were more likely to overlook them.

"...Mm, my mom doesn't like what I do to our dead pets. That's why she won't let me get pets anymore. I asked for a cow once, and she said no, since the floor would be all messy when it died, even though I said I would cover it with newspapers first. Also, it would be too big for the house." Then she tilted her head to James, as if trying to elicit some kind of 'My mom doesn't...' war.

Sure enough, James started again. "My mom says putting my fingers into sockets is wrong. Sometimes the lightbulbs explode when I do that."

Keith felt very awkward now. Why were these kids talking about these kinds of things?! "That's...nice."

"Not really," replied Joan airily. "You know, a lot of nursery rhymes have stuff to do with death. Like...the old man who bumped his head and never got up." A pause. "You know, all over you, and all over the air, and all over the earth, there are dead bug stuff and bacteria and stuff? Like, on your skin, there could be these fly eyes? Or legs? And you're breathing all that stuff in? Through your nose? Or mouth?" Joan's eyes widened, as if to drive the point further. "All. Around. You." Another pause.

"My mom probably wouldn't like it if I was swallowing bug stuff," said James.

"Also, flower sperm."

"She probably wouldn't like that either. She would probably think that's dirty."

"...Okay then. If you don't have any other...interesting facts to share, then you two can play in the sand. Away from the water." He should really...probably...look at them some time.

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((Dude, that was hilarious xD ))

Razputin trudged along the main campgrounds, really bored. He had been looking for Lili for a while, and he had the feeling they may have been walking in opposite directions. He was just hoping she didn't go to the beach, like probably every other camper had done. Mainly because he had already been almost pushed, kicked or dragged into the lake seven times that week. And it was only Tuesday.

On hot days like that one, he was occasionally tempted to steal someone's trunks, go to the lake, and walk along the shore pretending he was having fun. But that would be utterly pathetic so he resigned to dry-land activities. Anyway, scampering about alone did get old soon, and Raz had give up trying to explain Mikhail there was no such thing as a giant hairless bear.

He headed to the main lodge. Just as he reached for the door handle, he felt a cold shiver down his spine and some sort of "spider-sense" warned him to Not. Enter. Under. Any. Circumstance. Slowly, he backed up, staring at the door with the feeling that he had avoided life-lasting mental scarring.

On a second thought, the perspective of taking a look around the lake didn't seem that bad.

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((Time to bring Maloof into it!))

Maloof walked along the beach, deep in thought. He didn't go swimming, mostly due to the fact that Mikhail could't effectively protect him in the water, and neither of them had effectively mastered Water Levitation to the point that Maloof could escape, and Mikhail could float on top of the lake to fight. To many memories of dunkings and stolen trunks kept Maloof out of the water until then. Another thing that was worrying Maloof was that a lot of people were coming to him for his protection, and Mikhail was doing all the protecting and it was taking a toll on him. He said he was fine, but he would occasionally nod off and his mind would wander in the middle of discussions, "I need some more muscle." Maloof decided. "Someone who can fight." He mentally went over the campers who might be good in a fight. "J.T? A good shot, but seems to be a pacifist. Lili? Would probably say no. Dogen. Very powerful, but too unstable and simple. Milka? Probably wouldn't fight, but I'll make a note to ask her to be a spy. Raz? Too busy with being a Psychonaut and Lili." Maloof didn't know the newer campers well enough to consider them. "Who else is there who's good in a fight? God, give me a sign!" Looking up, Maloof saw a boy sitting on the big rock overlooking the lake. He was deeply engrossed in some book. Maloof realised that he was one of the new campers. He also realised he was the new camper who had aced Coach Oleander's mental training course faster then all the other new arrivals. He also ALSO realised that he had come up with a new form of Levitation that involved using two smaller Levitation balls under each foot rather then one. He had said it used more psychic power then standard Levitation, but granted greater maneuverability. He had said maneuverability was importent in a fight. "A fight he said! This kid's a fighter! Maybe there is power in prayer." With that, Maloof yelled at the boy, "Hey! Come down! I need to talk to you!"

((If anyone doesn't remember, Levitation is supposed to protect the user from deep water, but it didn't work for Raz. Also, that Two-Levitation-Balls-One-Under-Each-Foot (remember, my character can't come up with decent move names) fuctions like psychic rollerskates, not like two balls under each foot, otherwise Issac would be falling all over the place!))

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((Good god. I have to have my character do something.))

Trogdor came out of the lodge disgusted. "That was worse than seeing one of those female body-builders." He gave a quick shudder as he walked briskly out the door, containg the horror that was "Nurse Cruller." Just as he went out, Vernon popped out of nowhere.


"Hey Trog, are you going to the lake?"

"I don't know, why what's going on?"

"Their having a party down there."

"Oh okay, I'll go get my trunks."

"This reminds me of a story..." Vernon began his usual speel (Upon which, Trog thought "OH S@#&"

"One time, when I was 7, for my birthday, I had a pool party....."

"A-huhhhhhhh." Trog nodded, slight horror in his eyes at the prospect of having to listen to another story. He had already suffered through one about his dog, which according to Bobby Zilch was "to die for." Oh, how he would cherish the day he exacted revenge on Bobby.

"And when everyone got in the pool, I got nervous, and I pee'd. And then, everyone screamed. And then, I started crying. And then, I cried some more. And after that, everyone started to leave. And then, I pee'd some more because I was sad. And then, my nose randomly started bleeding. And th--"

"Hey Trog!" yelled out Chops and JT. Trog mouthed a silent "Thank you!" and quickly rushed over to them.

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((WHOO! I'm back! Sorry for the unannounced hiatus, everyone!))

Miriku turned around and found herself face-to-face with Milla Vodello, who was half-underwater, and somehow not wet.

"Uh, sorry about that." Miriku blushed and rushed away, faster than imaginable in water, only to see Mikhail, on land itching for a fight.

"Hey, bear-boy!" She waited patiently before retreating. She decided to swim a few backstroke laps. She groaned. She was addicted to dream fluff. Everyone knew that. Now they could only have two at a time...so she had to depend on other sources of sugar. She groaned again. The only thing that could possibly make this worse is if another psitanium meteor shower came down...like it had in the past few weeks. Something in the vast expanse of periwinkle that was the sky suddenly caught her eye...

((...yes...I love the color blue...sorry...

...periwinkle is fun to spell. xD))

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((YOU CAN TOTALLY JOIN US, LAWLZ. I SHOULD REALLY ADD SOMETHING :U Holy cow, guys can I be Lili too? o3o))

Keith just stood on the shore watching the kids. He was begining to feel tired and wanted to go up towards the lodge. He casually strolled up the path. When he got there he noticed a small boy with goggles leaving and walking down the path towards him. A small smirk crawled onto Keiths face as he watched the kid trudge towards him. The boy didn't seem to notice the tall creepy man until he had passed him. Keith called out to him.

"You are Razputin, yes?"

Raz turned around and saw the weird man standing there.

"Um.. Yes! yes, I am."

"I suppose you've heard of me? I'm one of the new couslers around here. Mr. Andlerfall." He crouched down to Razputins level and extended a hand, but Raz didn't accept it.

"Why do we need a new counsler? Are you even psychic?"

"Well, no. You see, the government has positioned me here as to make sure no more.. eh... negative incidents occur. This camp is to be secur, yes?"

"Well, yeah, but why not send an actual Psychonaut? Like Sasha or Milla or Ford?"


"Um, nevermid." Raz noticed that the man still had his hand extended and reached out slowly to take it. He shook his hand and the man smirked. Raz still didn't feel very good about this guy. It was probably just in his own mind though. Yeah, this guy looked like the type of person who would jump out at you from behind some buildings and drag you away to possibly mug you and suck your blood, but you couldn't judge a book by its cover, right? He then noticed that the man suddenly looked irritated and was staring right at him as if he had done Something. No, Raz thought. He's not psychic. It must be something eating at him.

"Anyways..." Keith said. "I know about how you were such a big hero and what not when attending this camp before. We've been curious about how such a young boy could stand up to so many demanding tasks. It's highly unusal you know."

"And what do you want? Tests? You could just go and ask agent Ni--"

"That will not be necissary. I only need to ask you some questions as of later. Now if you would be so kind as to go and enjoy yourself for now. I can always catch up with you later."

Raz marched down the path looking back and the man. He quickly came to the beach and to his plesant suprise saw Lili.

"Lili!" he rushed over to her. "I just met up with some weirdo government guy! Saying things like--"

"Hi to you too, Raz."

"Oh, sorry." raz quickly gave her a peck on the cheek. " Anyways, you've seen that creepy anorexic looking guy that's pretty much looming around camp right?"

Lili's face turned into a look of slight suprise. "Oh jeez, I have. What's up with that guy anyways?"

"I dunno, he just stopped me and wanted to ask me questions about my powers later. He's some government suit."

"You don't think he's up to anything do you?"

"He said he was put here as part of his job, but something unerves me about him. I'm not sure what though..."

"WELL, you know how you can sometimes misjudge people, right? Plus, I've heard he's actually fairly nice and he's just here for our safety."

"Yeah.. but.. I'm not sure... I want to ask everyone else about this later tonight after hours when we can all meet in private. I need to see what everyone else thinks of him."

"Raz, EVERYONE thinks he's a weirdo, not just you. Plus, none of us really know much about him."

"Yeah, but I'm wondering if others know much about him, then that would be intresting to find out. I just don't think going around and asking people during daylight hours would be such a cool idea." Raz spied Sasha and Milla. "Anyways, I'm going to go give those two a quick hello and probably go for a walk in the woods later. You know... the whole water thing."

"Oh yes" Lili replied. "Anyways, I guess I'll catch up with you later."

"Bye, Lili!" and Raz darted off.

((lul, Keith looms :B))

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"So, you want me to join your little mob?" Maloof had just finished his proposition to Issac. "What's in it for me?" Maloof had expected this. Not everyone would fight for the love of it like Mikhail. "I'll give you five arrowheads a day when you're protecting someone." "I want a retainer as well. A Dream Fluff a day." Maloof hmmmed. He hadn't expected that Issac would be a skilled haggler. "Five arrowheads a day for a retainer, a Dream Fluff a day when protecting someone, since they cost more then five arrowheads, but when you're protecting me, you do it for free." Issac rubbed his chin. "Do you have any Dream Fluffs right now?" "Yeah." Maloof replied. "Give me a Dream Fluff right now, and you've got a deal." Maloof pulled a Dream Fluff from his pocket and held the hand that was holding it out for Issac to shake. Issac took the hand. "You drive a hard bargain Mr. Lyons." "I try." replied Issac.

((So now Issac has allied himself with Maloof! Will he be drawn into conflict?! Only if someone comes to Maloof with a problem and can pay for protection!))

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((Haha, I can't really think of anything to do.))

Boring. Boringboringboringboring. Boring.

So far, Joan had collected about thirty shells, drew a map of the camp in the sand, watched it get washed away, formulated a hypothetical plot to take over the world, searched for a dead dog or seagull or something, and built a sand castle with James almost as tall as she was. It was easier making sand castles with psychic powers. Now she was just waiting for that to wash away as well. But it sure was taking its sweet time. So she left to see if there was anybody to talk to.

"Hey, tall girl, Joan," said Kitty, who was lying down on the sand with Franke. "Your huge shadow is in the way."

"Oh, sorry." Joan quickly stepped aside to let them tan.

"You know, Kitty, your name reminds me of my cat. One of my cats. He was cute. He ate a lot of squirrels and mice and stuff. He'd play with it for a while, toss it around, and then bring it to the steps. Then he'd rip off the head. And crunch the skull. A lot of crunching. And then he'd suck out all the good stuff from the neck. All the blood and organs. Except the gallbladder. He'd always leave that behind. 'Cause it tastes bitter, you know. And then he'd eat his way around it..."



"Go away."

So it was back to boringboringboringboringboring.

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What the hell was it? Miriku tried to get a little higher, but that was impossible in water. It was growing bigger. She could see the color now. It was dark blue. Huh. It grew to the size of a stereo above her head when...


Miriku quickly breast stroked back to shore and shouted at everybody to get away. FAST. The reactions were mixed.

Sasha waved her away and told her to 'go watch some TV or something.' She groaned. Why did adults always assume that kids had nothing better to do?

Most people ignored her.

Kitty told her to 'move it before I do it for you'. Miriku buired her in upright in the sand, her head sticking out. She produced a jar of honey from nowhere and poured it on her head. Now she just had to wait for the ants...moving on...

The only reaction she got was from one of the only people at the camp she could actually relate to. Joan. She looked weird, she dressed weird, her life was wierd, she was just wierd in general. Just like Miriku. She looked up with excitement...which quickly turned to dread as the car-sized blue meteorite impacted into the lake.

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As the large peacock-colored meteorite collided with the lake, a thick spread of water erupted, covering the entire camp. The people who were at the beach just stared in awe at the giant rock in the middle of the lake. Joan smiled.


Meanwhile, about halfway across camp, Keith was hit with a spray of water...and the sky was clear. Uh, oh. This could only mean one thing...he sprinted to Lake Oblongota, where most of the campers were still staring gaping-mouthed at the giant meteorite. He looked around and saw Miriku, the only person who actually moved. Was she mumbling to herself...? No matter. He walked up to her and started screaming.

"What is that?"

Miriku shrugged.

"A meteorite. I've examined it from this distance, and so far, it reacts like psitanium...only 10 times stronger..." Miriku went back to mumbling to herself.

"Okay, so what the hell happened here?"

"Look," Miriku spun to face him, obviously quite aggrivated. "it should be kinda obvious at this point."

"No. I mean what happened? Why did this fall?"

"Well," Miriku sighed, "If I knew, I'd tell you."

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(I really want to say that James' magnetic strength made it crash into the planet, and that would be freaking hilarious, but make no sense.

xD I love the colors you use to describe things, Miriku.))

And then something really very bad happened.

"Ugh, my head..." Miriku became even more irritated. "Oh no... Joan, where's James?!" she shouted, panicking not because she was actually worried about James' powers, but because she really, really didn't want to be annoyed any more today.

"I buried him." Joan was licking her fingers. Miriku almost wanted to know why. Almost.

"You buried him?"


Keith stared.

Miriku gave Joan the thumbs-up, and urged her to carry on.

Keith almost panicked. But if these kids are as weird as they seem, well... they should be fine.

Turning around, he tried to convince himself he was doing his job. "Err, hmm, shouldn't somebody call the Coach?"

Miriku glared. "I thought that was your job."


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Miriku put her head in her palm. With her hypersensitive hearing she could hear swarming ants in the distance. She almost smiled.

"For crying out loud! Just call the frikkin coach!" Miriku was screaming at Keith now. She was getting ready to bury HIM and smother his head in honey, when someone, nobody knew who (at the time), rushed onto the beach.


Name: Claire A. Voyance

Age: Twelve and 89/365.

Special skills: She is hyperintelegent, and, as her name suggests, she is extremely practiced with claravoyance. She has a mini-lab set up behind a secret compartment in Sasha Nein's lab, where she has all sorts of scientific stuff.

Picture: Ding. Ding again. She's the one on the far right.))

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((I find it hard to believe a car-sized rock can displace enough water to cover the entire camp.))

Man, she was soaked. The large rock thing was...well, large. It was more interesting than burying James. In sheet metal and chocolate. And watching ants go up and shock themselves upon touching the metal. Joan wanted to get close to the rock, to touch it. It was a pretty color, and she wanted to break off a piece and keep it. It would be a better souvenir than the fish teeth in her pockets.

But she couldn't, since for some reason, her head started buzzing oddly when she came too close. So instead she skulked back towards Miriku, not even bothering to check on James. He could probably live on ants if he was in real trouble. Apparently, she had overheard the earlier conversation, because she piped up. "It fell because it got dragged in by the Earth's gravity. It's probably from space. You know what's from space? Audrey II. It was the first movie I watched that had an axe murderer scene. It was cool. If it's from space, parts of it probably burned up in the atmosphere or something. So maybe we're breathing in space rock dust now. That'd be cool."

The two stared at her for a while, as if expecting her to continue. But most likely because they were trying to figure out what she was replying to. Finally, Keith said, "Ah, I don't think that's what I meant," before resuming hurrying off to the Coach.

"So, what'll we do with it?" asked Joan. This was really exciting!

"Well, we can't really move it..." Lili muttered, apparently also joining the conversation.

"Cripes, what is that?!" Raz, having been mysteriously soaked with water from the sky, had wandered back to the lake in curiosity.

"Yeah, that seems to be the million dollar question," Lili replied, rolling her eyes.

"Well," said Ford Cruller, still in his admiral costume. Hey, it was Psitanium-like, and so he was pretty much normal now. "I'm sure Sasha would like to perform some tests, first of all. And it would probably be a good idea t' get the rest of the kids out of the water..."

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((Oooookay, I should probably edit my post. Somehow. Haha.))

((Ah, there we go, it's better. Ish. Didn't really change much.))

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