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Psychonauts RPG 2 (Witty, Super-Dee-Dooper Camp Fun!!!)

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Claire ran up onto the beach, somehow dry, and completely out of breath. Miriku looked back at her, shocked.

"Holy crap! Who are you?" She queried. At this, Claire quickly regained her composure.

"Claire A. Voyance's 'th name, Clarivoyance, mechanics, an' Ferrumkinesis (manipulating metal with the mind) is th' game." She announced proudly. Everyone's gaze shifted to her.

"Uh...okay...so...what is it?" Miriku slowly asked.

"Follow me. All of ya." Claire motioned to follow her, and sped off. Several people exchanged glances. Most didnt' go. So, the only ones who ended up going were Sasha, Lili, Raz, Keith, Joan, and Miriku. They delved into Sasha's lab.

"Dear girl," Sasha said to Claire, "why did you lead us here?" He was getting impatient. Claire walked over to a wall, lifted up a small panel, and inserted a series of long strings of code, and scanned her handprint. The wall slid open silently. Sasha made a mental note to check all the panels in his lab once this was over. Claire beckoned them into the room, full of all sorts of metal doodads, tools, robots, the occasional spare hard drive, and computers. It wasn't much cleaner than Sasha's lab. She sat down at a chair at a large, white desk that stretched to either end of the room, and again beackoned people to gather around. She cracked her knuckles, and began to rapidly type in strings of commands, and thus making a giant, holographic, three-part screen appear over the desk. It looked like something out of the future.

"I knew this was gonna happen," Claire commented, still rapidly typing, "but I didn't know when. 'Till today, 'o course. Actually, this kinda thing has been hapin'n all over th' world."

The screen showed a world map with hundreds of aqua dots all over it, including one over Whispering Rock.

" It's odd, really. Those things are billions 'o kilometers out in space, an' they're all of a sudden attracted t' our home planet."

The screen showed a CGI video of a similar meteorite that was in the lake hurtle twoards Earth.

"I actually have several theories. I'll show you the most plausible ones."

Claire typed for about five seconds before another image came up, a chunk of psitanium and a magnet. The psitanium was being pulled twoard the magnet.

"This demonstrated th' basic principle. Th' reason psitanium works th' way it does is 'cause the magnetic pulse it emits is not unlike that 'o brain waves. So, naturally..."

Now the screen showed a cross-section of one of the peackock-colored rocks above ground filled with psitanium.

"Opposites attract, so to speak. They're both psitanium, but th' blue is about 10 times stronger. Basically, th' psitanium that's currently in th' ground has a positive magnetic charge, so th' blue must be negative. And, frankly, th' meteorites are only appearin' where there's already psitanium in the ground."

She immediately stopped typing and the screen dissapated.

Sasha mumbled something about not knowing psitanium magnetism.

"My next theory," She stood up and grabbed a long wooden rod, "is a lill' more far-fetched. My second theory is this thing, right here."

She prodded a large mishmash of metal parts on the ceiling. It looked like someone had gotten a Katamari to about a meter or two and then decided to glue it to the ceiling as a decoration.

Keith spoke up.

"And this would attract psitanium...how?"

"Ah," Claire smiled, "an excellent question. Watch 'n learn." Claire used the pole to knock off parts of metal. Five minutes later, there was no metal parts. Just a body sticking throuch...with no head. But the clothes he wore....

"JAMES?!?" Joan jumped up in shock. "How did-"

Claire shrugged.

"My lab is actually under th' beach. Sasha's lab is a helluva lot bigger 'n it looks."

"Okay..." Raz interrupted, "what does James have to do with this?"

"I think his magnetic feild may have pulled it in." Claire calmly explained.

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((Audry II? Yesssssss! 8D))

After a few minutes, Keith reappeard, the tiny man who was made of pure anger at his side.

"What the hell is this?!" he yelled.

Keith hid his face from him and mubmled "It's a meteor, stupid..."


"Oh, um, I'm sorry. I didn't mean--"

"I can hear you clearly. And don't you dare go thinking those types of things. You're surrounded by a bunch of people who can hear your thoughts, you dumb suit."

Keith's lip twitched again. What the hell, if only he could teach this guy a lesson.

Everyone was too focused on the meteor that had fallen. Keith took this moment to pull out his PDA and send a message to someone. Unkown to him, one of the kids, who quickly fell bored with the meteor, had noticed him.

"What are you entering on there?" he loudly said. "A secret message? Are you contacting your people from space? They were the ones who sent the meteor, arn't they? Now you're telling them all about how their plan to murder us by smashing us all into the ground with a giant rock failed? Is there really a creepy man eating flower hidden somewhere on that? Are you a sadist dentist? From space? What abou--"

Keith quickly pocketed his PDA before the others got a chance to turn around and stare at him.

"I did no such thing!" He blurted. "And why do you all keep implying that I'm some kind of horrible monster? I've done nothing to you!"

Miriku started up. "How do you know that we've--?"

Keith interupted her. "I've walked by plenty of you all to know what you're saying. I'm always hearing this junk! Keith looks like the undead! Keith looks like he's a serial killer type of person! You all are--" he quickly stopped himself, realising suddenly that his temper was begining to boil over the top. He needed time to calm down. He didn't want to say anything he'd regret later. "I'll just go now. I'm so terribly sorry." suddenly his tone swung from enraged into a fake cheerfulness. His facial expresiion to match. "I need some time to myself. Stress. Ah-ha~!" with that he scampered off, up the path to leave them all to contemplate their stupid meteor.

The coach turned away from the freak show that had just left their presence and back to the giant rock. "Idiot."


Evening had now fallen upon the camp. It was dark and it was an hour after lights out. All the kids had gotten Razputin's message about meeting him in the reception area. Raz wanted to know what was wrong with this guy, especially with his little out burst today. Everytime that guy did something it always seemed to raise his suspicion even more. Time to see what people knew.

((Edit: I thought Seiya would be okay with me doing something silly with her character and making her go onacusing Keith in a comical manner, but... I guess not. I didn't know that she wouldn't be happy with that or whatever I did, so I'll just edit that))

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((Hey, just saying, but if that blue psitanium is the magnetic opposite of Psitanium, and Psitanium enhances psychic power because of it's magnetic feild, shouldn't the blue psitanium supress psychic power, rather then enhance it?))

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"Dun' see why we can' go down to my lab..." Claire mumbled gently, following behind Raz and the others.

"There's just something about being around Sasha's lab that..." Raz replied.

"You deserve a medal for that explanation," Lilli jousted.

Some of the kids decided to sit on the benches, including Raz and Lili, while Issac hung on the edge of the bench's back. Some of the others stood, and the rest sat.

"Okay, so you know what we came here to discuss..." Raz spoke softly.

"What are you so worried about?" Maloof said, using his outside voice, completely confident that no one could say a word to him as long as Mikhael (i totally just misspelled that as my own original character's name... xD) was around-- hold on, where was Mikhail? Maloof sat down quickly, farther away from Issac than he was comfortable with.

"Look, there's just something about him that-"

"Medal," Lilli chimed. Raz glared. Lilli glared back. Lilli won.

"Anyway, as I was saying... why don't we all just share what we know about him so far? He seems like a really unsettling guy to me. Like he wants something from you. I mean, he even asked me to do some tests... and, look, maybe that's okay if you're Sasha, but we've all grown to love Sasha for who he is, right?"

The crickets in camp were too mortified to chirp.

"... Okay, but there's just something not right about a nonpsychic government official being so nosy." Raz shook his head nervously. "I mean, it's not like our tests with Sasha ever ended very well either."

JD nodded. "Seemed like a personable feller, but somethin' ain't right about the way he sits 'imself, you know?"

Chops shook his head. "No, it's totally the way he talks. It's just weird."

Kitty was busy eating ants.

Franke pouted. "Well Kitty went off cause she was angry when he came up to the beach, so I am NOT speaking to him."

Other miscellaneous cries from the other campers (including that of "He's too skinny to dissect. No meat, no muscle.") rang out, and Raz was shushing the whole congregation for quite a short while. After a few seconds, somebody else shut them up.

"He was nice." James sniffed. "He talked to me. With words. Some people don't talk with words. My mom says I should always talk with my words."

"Nice?" Raz managed to unfreeze his face from the grimace at hearing James' remark. "He doesn't strike you as creepy at a-" taking a second look at James' equally scrawny and pale physique, Raz bit his tongue.

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((Also, hmm, not necessarily. If we assume that there are positive and negative charges in the brain, perhaps the stimulation of either charge is what gives psitanium its power, ergo making positive energy equally as effective as negative energy, assuming the amounts of pos. and neg. charges in the brain are equal.

I think.))

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((...I have no idea how Joan turned into a weirdo who went off on a tangent at the slightest whim...))

Raz chewed his lip. Okay, so pretty much everybody thought there was something weird about him. Except for James. Even Lili, who would rather get something more than first impressions, had admitted it. Actually, he didn't know about Dogen, who kinda mumbled something about candy...

"You know, I bet if I just made a thin incision lengthwise, I could pull out his whole skeleton..." There was a pause, but Joan had started staring up at the sky.

"...That's nice Joan. So anyways - "

"You know, he's real thin, but usually those weak-looking people are hiding a great power. I'm sure he's good with a gun. He can probably pull out a gun from behind his back, and then scream madly, and then go all pew pew pew! 'cause he's got, you know, guns." By now, everybody chose to selectively ignore whatever Joan was saying.

"Guns?" said James. "My mom says only bad people have guns. They kill other people 'cause...uh...'cause...just 'cause."

"So anyways," continued Raz, seeing that absolutely nobody really had anything interesting to say about Mr. Creepy McCreepface.

"...and with that rig, I could make James a metal detector. Of course, he'd have to be alive. So I have to think of another plan. Unless he doesn't. Then again, he could probably just suck all those metal stuff outta the sand, schlup, if he could drag a big rock from space - " And suddenly, the whole group was abuzz with rumors and other stupid stuff about the rock. And the problem was this was the rumoring tended to get really loud. Raz tried to quickly shush everybody again, since it was evening and the counselors were actually expecting to be in, you know, the cabins, but he knew it was too late because suddenly, like an angry bear, Oleander jumped out of the bushes.

"Scatter!" yelped Raz, and everybody did so, except for Joan, ("...and then the maggots squirm into the coffin and then they start eating your skin and then your muscles and then your organs but not your bones, 'cause those turn to dust...") who figured she couldn't scatter because she wasn't in pieces, and James, who was probably safe anyways 'cause Oleander (as well as several other people) didn't like touching him.

"...You kids!" shouted Oleander, shaking his fist, as he realized that he wouldn't really get any of them. He could probably shout at them later, in the morning, in class or something. "Harumph (yes, he really did say 'harumph'). In the military, we stuck to curfew everyday, on the dot. Joan!"

"...and then it gets bigger and bigger until the baby comes...yes, Oleander?"

"Joan! And...uh, Joan! Come with me!"

"Yes, Oleander."

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(("and James, who was probably safe anyways ‘cause Oleander (as well as several other people) didn’t like touching him." xD Pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff I love you, Seiya.

Joan is so charming.

This is the most fun rp ever, lol.))

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((I'm assuming everybody was at the reception area... the scene's location wasn't very clear :D ))

Well, that had been an epic failure. Of the kind of epic failure that is written in all caps, in letters three hundred meters high which can be seen from space. It seemed that the other campers didn't realize the magnitude of the problem.... If there was any problem, that's it. Maybe Raz was just getting paranoid. But Andlerfall was so creepy...

Now, everybody had spread out all over the camp, maybe they were already at the kids' cabins. Raz somehow had ended up in the woods, and was still there in the middle of the night. He sighed and turned back, with his eyes fixed on the ground.


—WHOA! —Razputin stumbled back and almost lost his balance —. Gee, Lili, what are you doing here?! —he whispered loudly.

—You said "scatter", remember? —she said with her hands on her hips.

Raz rolled his eyes.

—Well, yes, but... —he snorted—. There's no point on being up anymore.

He shuffled along the path without looking at Lili. He was a bit upset. She crossed her arms, staring at Raz as he walked next to her in total silence. She rolled her eyes and followed him without uttering a word.

Suddenly, Lili stopped with her eyes wide open, grabbing Raz's arm.

—Shhhh! Did you hear that?

Razputin looked around nervously.

—Hear what?

—Maybe it was a cougar —replied Lili quietly, lowering her voice to a whisper as she continued—. Or Ranger Cruller, hunting down anyone who is out of bed and in the woods. Or maybe it was nothing —she said as she resumed walking as if nothing had happened.

Raz scowled at Lili, still standing behind.

—Hey, did you hear something or not?

—Ah, you may never know —she said, without turning back.

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Miriku suddenly appeared upside down hanging by her legs from the branch of a tree, enjoying their horrified expressions. She nearly fell out with laughter. Lili and Raz simply rolled their eyes and moved on. Miriku grumbled something angrily.

Feh. Ignore them. They're idiots.

The voice that suddenly appeared in Miriku's head actually made her fall out of the tree. She drew her sword.

"Okay..." Miriku's voice wavered slightly. "I'll give you one minute. Tell me who you are, or I'll kill you."

Well, if you killed me, you'd just be committing suicide, wouldn't you?

Miriku reluctantly put away her sword. The voice may not be real, but it had some pretty good ideas.

"Fine. Whaddaya want?" Miriku grumpily asked it.

If nonexistant voices could evilly grin, the one Miriku had was doing it.

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((Holy crap, there are like 5,000 ways to introduce my other character who actually isn't Natasha this time, except he's not evil. xD So, sense I have no good ideas for Miriku's mysteriously evil voice, I'm going to do a MEANWHILE segment! 8D But first, let's go ahead and introduce.

Name: Vandtam Murdock

Gender: Male

Age: 12 years

Appearance: Dark, navy-blue hair that's relatively long for a guy. Generally wears clean and simple clothes, but he really likes white over black. He thinks they're tacky, but he still loves and wears khaki pants.

Bio: A wannabe occult scientist with an icy personality. It's not that he's unkind- he's quite becoming, actually, depending on how you act toward him. But he's a pseudo-loner. He'll hang out where the action is if he feels like it, but he'll almost always be there with a book or a memopad. He holds knowledge to be equal to worth as a human being and, while he won't go out of his way to make the slower children feel bad, he's constantly pursuing something new to learn. He's not just a bookworm- he spends a lot of time watching people and animals and collecting data and conducting experiments (not in the sense that Joan does, though xD). He'll hang out with the other campers, but he finds toys and games to be childish. He's extremely mature for his age. But on the inside, he has a dark secret that is probably actually less dark than even the things James dreams about at night.

Powahz: He's just an average psychic. He's only recently discovered his powers, but he's good at picking up absent thoughts that people throw around, and is studying psychoscience and the relationships between the psychic mind, physical brain, dreams, and waking tendencies.

Also, it's JT, not JD, dderrrrgh.))

Most of the boys had made it back to their cabin, hoping that at least some of them could make the "I have no idea what you're talking about" plea. After all, Oleander does have problems focusing, and probably didn't even notice those of them with less juicy brains. Quentin's head hung out from over the side of his bunk. "What's Claire doing here?" The girl in question was hanging out in a corner, removing James' hat and doing some thinking. James had horrible hat hair. James always wore his hat. James' mom says he can't wear the hat too long because he will get lice but now he is at camp and she can't tell him what to do.

"Just doin' a little hypothesizin', that's all." She seemed to be thinking pretty deeply despite her close proximity to the James.

"About that meteor thing? That was awesome." Quentin rolled back against the wall on top of his bunk, commenting in addition that he should write a song about it.

"Oh?" A pen dropped at Claire's feet. "You drop this, James?" She offered him the writing utensil, and James was about to grab it and see if it ran on batteries (presumably by stuffing it down his throat) when a hand reached down from the higher bunk in the corner and took the pen gingerly, voicing a blunt "Thank you" before lifting it up and out of view. Claire stood on her toes and saw a camper she hadn't seen before at the pseudo-gathering. He was writing busily, paying no attention to her staring. Without shifting his gaze from his pad and pen, he spoke again: "If I might ask, what exactly is this hypothesis you're trying to form?"

Claire blinked. "Ermm, about the meteorite that crashed in the lake earlier today. We don't know quite what it is, or why it's been coming down to Earth in such large numbers..."

He spoke again. "Meteorite? And the only example you've seen of it today was at the lake. Hm. I haven't been there yet-"

"Excuse me just one moment, sir," Claire said, pouting slightly, "But where did you come from? I haven't seen you in camp at all!"

His fingers stopped moving the pen across the page, the scribbling sound stopping. A few impatient moments later he climbed down to the floor of the cabin and resigned himself to Elton's first-floor bunk. Elton didn't even bother to express annoyance because, honestly, he hadn't seen this kid either.

"My parents dropped me off just this afternoon. The camp counselors should have an idea of exactly when. I've been in here reading. Best not to intrude on everyone's midday activities, I thought." He looked at Claire expectantly, then to James. James smiled. "Claire says I'm interesting." The boy smirked. He hopped off the bunk, one hand in a pocket, the other held out to Claire. "Vandtam Murdock. So I see you're a scientist. It's impressive." Claire accepted the handshake, becoming less apprehensive now that the stranger seemed to have warmed up to her enough to tell her his name. "Claire A. Voyance. Yes, I am. This is James. He's my little science project for now." She ruffled his hair. Vandtam saw how it stood up on end. "See, he has a natural electric charge of sorts."

"I see..." Vandtam looked interested, although he was really quite fascinated. "And this is related to the meteorite, you think?"

Claire nodded. "Well, it's just one theory. You see, it seems to be related in some way to psitanium. It seems doubtful that we would be orbitting through a belt of the stuff all of the sudden when I haven' heard of anythin' like it havin' been discovered before, and psitanium is the only other thing I can think that would attract it. Still, don't ya think it's a bit far-fetched?"

"Not at all," Vandtam said, approaching James for further examination. "Assuming that this material is affected by a psychoelectric charge, which I have to assume from what you're telling me, it's possible that it may react to psychic or psychoelectric energy. Now, since James does radiate psychoelectric energy, and we're assuming that the mineral in question is psychoelectromagnetically active, it's likely that it would react strongly to him. Take into account the enormous amount of psitanium under the site of the camp and you have a pretty large magnetic center here on the Earth's surface. This is especially considering the fact that it may be possible for psitanium to absorb electric charges, and, given the wide range of James' radiation, the then-possibility of the psitanium gathering a stronger and stronger charge each day he spends at camp, we end up with a huge strength of psychoelectromagnetic pull. But that's just a theory."

That was his problem. He was, on occasion, a know-it-all.

This reminds me of that time... is... 14... gent... prot...

"Ha?" Claire stared him straight in the face.


"What?" the boy asked.

"Oh." Claire shook her head. "Nothing, I... thought I heard something."

((Please note that Van has trouble with "loose thoughts" himself, mostly pertaining to his secret that he allows to run rampant only in the unmanaged parts of his mind. But the other campers don't know that. : P Maybe we'll find out his secret later, but not for now! And I don't want to make Van a science kiddo like Claire, he's just pretty serious about intellectuals. XP He's not antisocial, but... he's hard to explain. lol. He'll take shape eventually! lol. And by the way- don't make the mistake of having a character call him Van unless you want him to get really pissed. And if you want that to happen, go ahead! xD He sees himself as a highly serious person.))

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Oleander was shouting at her, but all she could hear was 'blah blah blah.' Joan wasn't worried, since he wouldn't be allowed to actually hit her or something, and she could do push-ups fairly well.

"Blah blah blah," shouted Oleander, only not really. He was probably shouting something important, but Joan wasn't listening. In fact, she started talking while he was talking, and so both were talking at the same time, kind of like a weird, harmony of voices, only not really.

"I used to wonder how..."

"Disobeying orders has CONSEQUENCES!"

"...and then I got afraid if my stomach got a hole in it and I would get eaten inside out by acid..."

"There are Rules, and as a cadet, you follow them!"

"I can't really see if stomach acid can really do that..."

"If I catch you lazy, no good, tall delinquent wandering around at night, YOU WON'T GET OFF SO EASY!" Apparently, Oleander had worked off his anger at how Joan was so much taller than he was, (or he saw how nothing was getting to her) for he punished her with the usual labor for a week or so and dismissed her. Joan was pushed out of the treehouse, still talking about stomachs. She blabbed her way down to the cabins and into the wrong one.

"...And then they shoot really rancid stuff. Out of their eyes. It's crazy. Hello, Claire-person. You're in the wrong cabin, you know that?"

"Yeah," replied the young scientist hotly. "I'm jus' testin' something. What're you doin' here?"

"Oh, I just wanted to know if James would let me bury him again tomorrow. I did it just before the rock fell, and I wanna see if it'll happen again if I do the same thing. But that means I'll have to get more sheet metal and chocolate. And sporks. Or maybe I could get some balloons and stick them to him. If a bear gets him, it'd be funny if it popped one of the balloons and got scared and ran away and stuff. By the way, how do you make asbestos?"

Claire stared at Joan, then stared at James, who didn't seem to care the slightest what Joan was thinking of doing. "...I know how, but I don' think I want you to know. Let's go to the girl's cabins."

As they walked to the proper cabin, Joan piped up, "When you die, I'll make sure to preserve your brain. And then maybe make a Frankenstein's Monster kind of thing."

"Aaaah....you can't. My brain's going to someone else. It's in my will," Claire lied quickly.

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((zilla, you are awesome for turning my logic against me.))

Issac sat on his bunk in the cabin he shared with Raz, Dogen, Maloof and Nils. Dogen was already asleep, sucking on his thumb. Raz hadn't come back yet and Nils was doing push-ups on his bed. Issac was on the bunk above Maloof's who had thankfully stopped crying since forming his mob. Issac was reading Fullmetal Alchemist ((created and owned by Hiromu Arakawa, not me)) when Nils said, "So, what do you think of that creepy guy?" Issac (who hadn't said anything at the meeting) quirked an eyebrow before answering. "Haven't meet him so I can't say." "He's a creep." Nils said, matter-of-factly. "One thing concerns me though." said Issac. "What?" "Well, have you read the giant log in the car park?" "Yeah." replied Nils I also made my own addition to it. he thought with a grin. "Well, remember how it said the miners who lived in the boomtown that was here before the camp went mad because of the Psitanium?" "Yeah. So what?" replied Nils. "Well, this guy isn't a psychic, so won't the same thing happen to him eventually?" And with that, Issac rolled over and went to sleep.

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Elton woke up. Although, recalling the nature of underpants in the subconcious, he quickly realized he was dreaming. He was still in bed, though. A waking dream! Maybe this way he won't be so tired when the coach comes and yells at everybody in the morning. Anyway, back to bed! he thought, rolling over in-dream, totally satisfied that he was in his own comfy bed. But it felt kind of weird. Or is that...? A teddy bear? He hadn't slept with one of those in years! Well, except for that one time last summer, and he was NOT doing that again! Well, it's a dream, so he might as well, especially since it seems like a good enough dream...

-- Ow! What was that? Well this bear must have a loose staple or sum'in-OW. He should get rid of this thing, it was falling apart!

Elton woke up.

"AWWWLRIGHT YOU MISERABLE EXCUSES FOR SOLDIERS, LET'S SEE YOUR KEESTERS GETTIN' THE MOVE ON! Agent Vodello's got a special lesson prepared for you all today, so you'd better get down there before I can aim my foot at your behind!"

The kids in Elton's cabin shuffled out, the usual morning prancin'-and-dancin' routine. Quentin moved slowly along pace with Oleander. "C'mon, Coach, didn't we decide to stop having lessons at the lake?"

"That's why it's at the lodge today! Did I ferget to tell you that? I'm sorry. Go on, go on!"

The Coach might have been cured of his psychopathic tendencies, but he was still a crusty old man/dwarf.

((Oh, please, the rest of you only set me up and give me little tidbits to glue together and combine into my total awesomeness. ;P lol, this is the most fun... I have to go to bed, otherwise I'd post more, but it's kinda open-ended, right?

xD We've still left Miriku hanging, haven't we... SOMEBODY SURPRISE US! 8D))

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((SURPRISE! ...Or not.))

All the campers stumbled out of the cabins, tired as usual. Bobby didn't give morning wedgies anymore, since Chloe told him not to, so that was pretty good.

Miriku seemed more tired, though. She dragged her feet and stared blearily straight ahead of her. The night hadn't been peaceful at all. Voices in your head were the noisiest of all, and she had stayed up listening to a rather sinister one.

"Hello, Miriku." Joan loomed over the tired girl, who blinked a few times before looking up, seeing who it was, and walking off. Joan followed. "Hey. Hey. You look kinda tired. I'm pretty tired, I guess, but not as tired as you. You know, my dad once told me you'd die without seven days of sleep. Reminds me of that movie, you know, The Ring. How it's all ssseeeevveeeen daaayyyys and stuff, you know? How do people talk like that? That would hurt my throat after a while."

"Go bother someone else, Joan," mumbled Miriku, stumbling to the lodge. "'M not in the mood."

"Okay. Hey, James," Joan called, lumbering over to the electric boy. She talked at him (yes, 'at'.) until they reached the lodge.

"Hello, children!" cried Milla, cheery as ever.

"Milla, when I have a sore throat thing, I take this herbal mix. But it's called 999. So when I look at it upside-down, it looks like 666, which really worries me sometimes. It's like...ingesting the devil, or something."

"Darling, I'm sure this is very interesting, but I need to start class now..."

So Joan went to Claire again. "Hey, Claire. I was thinking last night. Is there any way to change your will?"


"Oh, okay. I was also thinking about falling rocks. I was wondering, if all of these huge rocks are falling out from space, then maybe a really big one'll come down. Like back with dinosaurs. And then it'll kill us all. Do you think that'll happen?"

"...No. Of course not. That wouldn't happen." Joan didn't notice how nervous Claire suddenly sounded.

No, really, what were the chances of there being such a huge one? And most of it would be burned away once it hit the atmosphere, right? Haha, right. Nothing to worry about. Ha.

"Alright, children, class is starting. Please, settle down!"

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((Ah, thank you. It's nice to know that I'm apparently great.

Oooh, Van. Looks cute...and the lines look so smoooooth...and his eyes are so pretty...but why did you think I'd appreciate him?))

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((Oops, I meant DFAF in general by "you," since I already have a picture of James up and such. Anyway, glad you like him.

You are apparently great. It's apparently been said by some apparently important people who apparently talk to apparent magazines that are apparently reliable! : D))

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Having Milla's lessons take place so far from the lake was quite a relief. This way Raz wouldn't worry about his body being accidentally pushed into the water while his astral projection was blissfully scampering around Milla's mind. He reached for the nearest table and sat in front of Dogen.

—Hey Dogen, what's up? —he waved a hand.

—James feels like when you pet a kitten too hard.


Raz looked left and gave a start. James was sitting there, staring at him with that pathetic look of his.

—Ah, hey! Hello, James... I didn't see... —How could have he overlooked him? The fuzzy static field surrounding the kid was mostly invisible to the naked eye, but it surely made one's hair stand on end—. Um... I like your hat —he said, smiling nervously.

James looked down, rather uncomfortable. Raz could feel slight electric sparks coming from the boy, but now it would be really awkward to leave, consequently trapping him in the same table as the two most potentially dangerous kids in the whole camp. Maybe he was a jinx.

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Miriku was half-asleep. This was unlike her. She usually woke up at the crack of dawn, fully energized. And even if THAT didn't happen she was ALWAYS wide-awake for Milla's lessons. She was the most interesting, in Miriku's opinion.

Heh. You having a little trouble staying awake, sweetie?

Miriku frowned and hit herself in the head for the umpteenth time. The voice reminded her of Issun. ((...you know...from Okami.)) It was annoying, demanding, and always hitting on any girl it came in contact with, including Miriku herself. Now that she thought about it, maybe suicide wasn't such a bad idea after all...then again, spending the rest of eternity floating around in a null void didn't exactly strike her as 'fun'.

Aw, killing yourself isn't exactly the best idea, sugar. Why don't you stay with me?

Miriku was seriously pissed.

"SHUT THE HELL UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU GOOD-FOR-NOTHING, PERVERTED, IDIOTIC VOICE!" Only about an instant later did she realize that everybody was staring at her. Nobody said a word. Not even Joan. Miriku blushed and turned invisible.

Don't bother, honbaby. Those guys can smell fear, babehoney.((Kudos to anyone who can find the referance. xD))

Miriku sneered. Jeez. If only there was someone else with her same problem...

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((YAYAYAYAYAY. 8D *Explodes* Sorry I'm late, guys, I've just been a little preoccupied.))

Name: Alexander Tobias Levireaux the third. Hates being called 'Al', and 'Ally' is punishable by death (hint: do this as much as possible, kiddies!), but will tolerate 'Alex' because he doesn't believe the other children can memorize his whole name. NOT THEIR FAULT THEY'RE STUPID, ALLY.

Gender: Male as a Mothim!

Age: Ten. Tries far too hard to act like he's fifty, though.

Personality: Brat, yo. Hates everyone because he considers them below him. He finds consolace only in small gold pocketwatch he carries around everywhere for reasons unknown, and in his bound determination to earn all of his merit badges. Unlike Raz, though, he only wants them because he's not allowed to return home until they're in his possession.

Bio: Alex is a pompous, spoiled child with a constant superiority complex. His parents were usually too busy at meetings and business ventures to pay attention to their little dictator, so he took to bossing his servants around and growing selfish and aloof. The only person he would even consider being kind to was a girl named Amy, who he harbored a secret crush for. Unfortunately, Amy was hit by a car one day and died, leaving Alex to retreat into himself and consider *everyone* below him, to the point where even his parents took notice. The final straw came when they discovered that he had taken up trying to come up with ways to use his psychic powers for less than good intentions (the many blueprints of the insides of bank safes and the principle's office in his private school were a hint), in which they sent him to Whispering Rock in the hopes that getting along with other psychic kids would reform him. Essentially, he's a pint-sized evil genius. FUN.

The doors in the main lodge burst open with a dynamic flourish, startling the kids and forcing them to look up in surprise. There, standing in the doorway and gasping heavily, was the second or third strangest thing they'd seen in the past ten minutes. He was a boy a little younger than Raz and Lili and whoever else was ten last year, dressed in what was once surely a well kept and nice sweatervest/slacks combo. Now, however, it was wrinkled and even torn in spots, with dirt around the knees and a large tree branch jabbing out from the shoulder. The boy in the suit scowled bitterly at the others, lifting a hand to brush leaves and twigs from his hair without releasing eye contact.

"Bears," he gasped, his voice winded, yet accusing. "Are you aware... that there are psychic grizzlies... in this camp's... parking lot?"

"Actually, there's only one bear in the parking lot," Vernon corrected monotoneously. "His name is Paul and his favorite food is honey-coated grahm crackers. He always comes around at night and in the early morning because that's when the cougars come out and chase him from his normal spot in the caveabove the boathouse. How he gets up there is every day is actually a funny story..." The new kid waved his hand impatiently.

"Okay, I don't care anymore. Nevermind that it's totally insane that you nicnamed a bear what." He turned to face Milla, who had cautiously plucked out the branch while he was talking. She sighed and tossed the stick outside, from which eminated the sound of some poor camper screaming "MY EYE."

"Oh, baby, I'm so sorry. I completely forgot about Paul. Come on, let's go get you some antiseptic for those cuts." She took his hand, but he shook her off quickly.

"Forget it. I just want to get my badges and go home," he stated, "so I can sue this place blind once there," he added under his breath. He stomped off into the lodge, plopping himself self-righteously to the right of a staring Dogen. A few seconds passed, before the new kid noticed ol' blue skin watching him curiously.

"...What?" He asked grumpily. Dogen just smiled.

"I like your vest." The new kid sighed, still fighting to clean himself of leaves and other debris. He refused to meet Dogen's eye.

"Yeah, and I hate everything about you." He turned away, watching boredly as Milla clapped her hands and forced a smile.

"Alright, children, this is Alex Levireaux. He'll be taking classes with us this year on his parent's request, so let's all give him a warm welcome, hmm?" Ininterested grunts were her only reply, and Milla quickly dropped the subject to go back to her lesson on levitation.

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Joan, intrigued by the new kid, quickly sped to the other table, which was suddenly and startlingly growing popular despite some of the occupants. She made sure to sit right next to him. He did his very best to give off 'I hate you' signals. She seemed unfazed.

Raz, feeling the presence of two new people, sat up again. It hurt to bang his head against the table anyways. Okay, so now he was with two very unstable boys, a new guy who had sounded like a huge jerk, and the girl who, unlike Vernon, could tell interesting stories, but interesting in the bad way.

"Hey. You're Alex Levireaux." The new guy glared at the taller girl.

"Yes. I know."

"Sometimes people like to be called by their first name. Do you?"

"No. If you absolutely have to talk to me, refer to me as Mr. Levireaux."


"Wait," Raz interrupted, glaring at Alex. "Why should she do that?" He really hated this guy. Alex just gave off this aura of snobby-rich-spoiled-kid.

"Because," Alex replied, sounding as if the reason was very obvious. "Just listen to how she sounds. A daft lady. I'm smarter than her, so she should show that she knows this. Showing proper respect."

Okay, Raz really hated this kid now.

"I know how long a gorilla's - "

"Don't finish that sentence, Joan."

"Okay. So, Mr. Levireaux..."

"Joan, you don't have to call him that."

"But he asked me to."

Oddly enough, Milla didn't seem to notice all this talking going on in her class.

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Miriku kept her invisibility in utter silence. She saw the new kid...weird. He reminded her of Artemis Fowl. Intriguing...she was interested.

Now, now, my dearest, why get interested in that kind of wacko when you could spend eternity with ME?

Miriku couldn't take it anymore. She wished the voice would just leave her alone. That's when it happened.

"OH DEAR GOD! SWEET LUGIA! ああ、偉大な母アマテラスは、すべてが良好であり、神聖に母親!"((Kudos to anyone who wants to translate this.))

Miriku had lost her concentration on the invisibility and was now rolling around on the floor screaming, hands covering her eyes. Great. Not only was the voice trying to seduce her, it was now raping her mind.

Joan looked past the new kid at Miriku, who looked as if she was in intense pain.

"Hey, Alex, what do you think is up with Miriku over there? Maybe she went insane. OOH! Or better yet, maybe she contracted the T-virus! Oh my god, she's turning into a zombie! If we don't hurry and cut her head off, we-"

"Oh, that?" Alex nonchalantly looked over his shoulder at Miriku, before looking back and shrugging. "It's nothing. She probably just has ESV syndrome."

"ESV syndrome? What's that, echidna super vocabulary syndrome?" Joan queried,” That’s weird, because echidnas can't talk anyway. Unless you're talking about Knuckles, that is. Man, Sonic the Hedgehog is freaking awesome! Shadow is my favorite character. Did you know that there's some stupid KnucklesxShadow crap on the internet? I have a friend who has this friend that threw up at least seven times after he read that yaoi fanfic. Do you know what yaoi is? It's this Japanese term for gay or something. There are three forms in Japanese writing. Did you know that? I sure didn't. Did you also know that it's impossible for squirrels to carry or have rabies? It's a common misconception really..." Joan continued to ramble. Alex sighed. Would this girl EVER shut up?

"No." Alex simply replied, "It's evil seductive voice syndrome. It's odd, really. A voice penetrates your mind, and drives you to do all sorts of odd things, once it has you under control, really. It seems that she hasn't fallen in love with the voice yet." Alex mused, "Hmm...Usually its effects are instantaneous. I wonder..." Alex looked at Claire, who just so happened to be nearby, staring into space and making odd, complex motions with her hands. He tapped her shoulder. Claire failed to respond, so he shook her with all of his being. She responded this time.

"What th' hell was that for?!?" Claire raged at him, "I almost had th' high score!"

"Well, I'm sorry, but", Alex sighed, and somehow appalled that she didn't realize that he was VERY new, "I think one of our fellow campers has developed a certain...disorder..." he pointed to Miri, who had by now retreated into the fetal position.

Claire sighed.

"'k, whaddaya need from me?"

"I need only info on that girl over there."

"Who, Miriku? I dunno much 'bout her, but I cn' always look it up."

"Guess I'll just have to wait..." Alex replied, somewhat ticked.

"Wait? Feh. I cn' access th' internet with m' glasses. Lesse here now..." Claire made some movements with her fingers while Alex cringed with a twang of envy. “Hookay,” Claire continued, “Her profile here says that blah blah blah…what kinda ‘development’ do ya mean, anyway?”

“Uh…ESV…” Alex mumbled unenthusiastically.

“I see…Kay…” Claire made some more gestures with her fingers. “Aha! ‘Ere we go! ‘Says that her dad was always tryin’ to murder her, so she killed ‘em. Ever since, she hasn’t felt love, an’ she’s had problems with trust.” She turned back around to her companion. “That answer yer question?”

“Perhaps…” Alex looked back at Miriku, still curled up, like she was going to eat him.

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Alex quirked an eyebrow as the spaztic cosplayer (for that was what she must have been; real life ninjas were as ludicris as ghosts), arms crossed. He'd read about ESV syndrome in a fairly large book he'd borrowed from his father while still trying to learn about his psychic abilities, but the idea of experiencing it in real life made his inner scientist slightly jumpy. He watched the cosplayer spaz about on the ground a bit more, absentmindedly trying to come up with a mathmatical formula to determine what direction she was most likely to spaz for next (she currently had a 66.872% chance of hanging left, which was interesting, as the left side of the mind was the creativity processor). For a second he humored the thought of just screwing it all and kicking her in the face to try and wake her up (43% chance of success), but before he could act on that, Milla had already burst past him, PSIportal in hand.

"Interesting," he remarked. "Is that a model 48B P.sychic O.nly R.ational T.hought A.ssessment L.ink door? I've never seen one in action!" He paused, getting a grip on himself before he got too eager and started acting childish. "I mean, how pleasant." Milla looked back at him, eyes wide and nervous.

"Not now, darling, okay?" she asked, approaching Miriku's side as she did. She crouched down (Raz, Alex, and some other students closing behind her curiously) and prepared to delve inside Miriku's mind.

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Raz was staring at Miriku with a mix of curiosity and discomfort. She looked like she was having an epileptic seizure or tetanus spasms, and he couldn't avoid the thought that if she had been an animal, she should have had to be shot. That made him feel really bad, especially because he was so upset last night that he had ignored Miriku and her talking alone.

—Children, please, stay back! —Milla's voice was slightly faltering.

—Can I help...? —asked Raz.

—No, darling, you... —she seemed indecisive—. No. Yes! —she quickly added—. Get Sasha here.

—... Alright...

For a moment, Raz thought on actually going to fetch Sasha, but he realized he would do it quicker by doing it mentally. And it would be less lame. He moved a couple steps back and placed his fingers on his temples, concentrating. He was so nervous that it took him a while to locate Sasha's psyche.

"Okay... Agent Nein? We need your help at the main lodge as soon as possible. This is an alpha-priority psychic emergency." He waited a few seconds. No response. "Damn, Sasha, I mean it for real! No kidding. Stop whatever you're doing and come here because there may be some really messed up stuff going on here."

A small pause.


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((Ew, Sonic. xD Miriku makes Joan show a lot more emotion than I do...she was actually a little spaztic there.))

Sasha strode quickly through the doors only a few minutes later. "What's going on?"

"Oh, Sasha, good! It's Miriku!" The German gazed calmly at the girl rolling around on the floor.

"She has ESV," Alex called out from his seat, having decided to stay away for a bit. It looked like the girl was either going to start clawing her eyes out or claw someone else's eyes out, and he didn't want it to be his.

Sasha muttered something, holding a hand over his face. "We'll have to hurry then. Let's go."

"Hang on, wait," Milla said, as Miriku suddenly flipped out (even more). The Brazilian woman now was trying to shield herself from flailing arms and legs and waiting for a clear shot to set the small door on the girl. "I...I need help! We need to hold her down!" Raz scrabbled over and securely held an arm. Joan, while frail-looking, grabbed the other, and they both prevented her from rolling around. James tried to help, but accidentally shocked Miriku's leg and temporarily stunned the three. Milla finally put the PORTAL on, and the two adults readied themselves for what might be in the disturbed child's mind.

"Can I come?" asked Joan, shaking off the aftermath of the small shock.

"No," replied Sasha firmly.

"Well, I was just wondering, ya know, since I haven't really seen many minds. It would be interesting. Also, what if you go in, and I just follow? There's nothing stopping me from doing so, right? And you two can't just kick me out, right?" Joan looked up at Sasha in a way that showed no defiance whatsoever. In fact, it was her usual look of utter passivity. It could possibly be described as limp, like her posture.

"No, there's nothing preventing you, but there will be a severe punishment if you do so." And with that statement, Sasha and Milla finally went in already. Miriku calmed down and stared blankly at the ceiling, leaving Raz and Joan free to let go. Milla and Sasha had the expression of extreme concentration. (Not X-treme, though.)

After a pause, as the two stared, Joan took out her scalpel. "Do you think she has a good liver?"

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((A lot of stuff went down when I was away huh?))

Issac had remained quiet for all the procedings. However, it was only up until Miriku screamed that his silence was of his own choice. When she started screaming, Issac froze up and broke out in a cold sweat. Several images started flashing in his head:

A military base, a smiling man with a crew cut, a group photo of the man, his wife and three children, two young boys and an older girl, soldiers with sneers on their faces, the man and the older girl walking out the door, the sneering soldiers barging in with guns, shooting one of the boys. The wife and mother screaming, before getting shot also.


Hands stained with blood.

Issac gasped as he snapped out of his trance. He saw Sasha Nein and Milla Vodello projecting themselves into Miriku's mind, as Razputin and Joan struggled to keep her still. Issac quckly grabbed her legs which were flailing around, threatning to hurt someone. 'Someong get some pillows from the T.V room." Issac said, barely raising his voice, yet somehow making himself heard. He glanced at Sasha and Milla's still bodies I hope they'll be okay. This thing may be stronger then they anticipate. He shook his head. They are skilled Psychonauts. They'll be fine.

((If anyone is worrying if Issac is gonna be an angst king, don't worry. He's gonna have a dark past, but not gonna be all emo. Just not as light hearted as most others.))

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((It's alright, Van's past is mildly emo too, although nobody died. :o Still, he's had an... interesting life.))

Van carried out the order regarding the pillows, motioning for another child to come with him. Vernon came. Unfortunately, Vernon found whatever was on to be interesting and stood there, starting an interesting story it reminded him of. Trudging back to the main room of the lodge, Van dropped the pillows he managed to grab on the floor. "You know, I doubt this will do us much good. I've been researching mental sedatives, and..."

"Shhh, I'm trying to think." Joan was staring busily at Miriku's writhing body, although it was stunning how she managed to focus on one spot.

"I don't have skills in Clairvoyance," Van continued, successfully weirded out, "but if someone were able to project their senses into just an outer layer of her conciousness it may nullify the stress... of course, that's just a theory." He stood back, leaning on a table. Despite the coolness of his voice, you could see in his face that he was definitely freaked out and going through a lot of thoughts trying to help.

Alex took a step in front of him, making him jump up and stand straight. "What do you think you're saying?" He asked, with a bitter look on his face. "You don't have any idea what you're talking about, do you."

"I'm only trying to help." Van took a step forward defensively. "What are you doing, sitting here, looking proud, king-of-the-hill?"

Alex bent over laughing sarcastically. "Oh, oh, that's great," he crooned, shaking his head with a smirk on his face. "You just jump in and decide you can take the reins of a seriously dangerous psychomedical emergency. Tell me that one again, it'll be great at parties."

Van looked away, flipping over a new page in his memopad. Focusing on his writing, he coldly replied: "Well, maybe you would like to take a step inside the young lady's mind, then."

"What are you writing there?" Alex grabbed invasively as Van's paper, as he did not like being insulted with words or ink. "I suppose your little shopping list is full of insight, isn't it! This is just chicken scratch! Who are you trying to fool?" Alex was enjoying himself. He was showing this older kid who was the alpha around here, the intellectual far superior. His grin turned to a grimace. The fool was smiling. Van laughed- "I write backwards in my own notess. It's something Da Vinci did, as well, if you would note. Now, I'm going to make myself useful and stop socializing with you." He turned around. Alex was steaming- but it's alright. He'll speed through the lessons, get his merit badges, and put this chump's name on the list of his first to keep in mind when he's carrying out his devious plans one day.

Van shook his head, irritated. He was studying Miriku as thoroughly as he could, trying to keep an eye out for signs of further emergency while making his own observations to conclude things about later. He did feel sorry for her. Having an unwanted voice in one's head was extremely irritating. Van was glad he didn't have to deal with that sort of thing. He sighed, suggesting the other kids, most of whom were glaring at one of the other campers or looking by hopelessly, try and access Miriku's conciousness and busy her while the counselors were at work.

You should... o away, you kn... She's not... good time. If you're not goin... ay games she likes... you shoul... pla... yourself.

C'mon, speak clearly sweetheart, or I'll never know the perfect thing to say back.

"That wasn't me, you revolting excuse for an imaginary entity!"

Th... rmm... k...

With a static-like burst, the second voice began to clear up.

Miriku, are you okay? I hope you are. Look! It's Sasha and Milla. Finally. I hope we can do something fun. What about during the lesson? Do they have anything fun planned for the lesson? Can we hurry up with it, too, because this is taking forever and-

"Miri, darling... Sasha, what do you see?"

And with that the voice faded.

((xD There's an influx of intellectuals in the camp lately. Van isn't a huge genius, and he's not unkind, he just wants everyone to take things more seriously and doesn't care for taking part in amusing activities with other children. I could probably translate that Miriku but I am too dang tired tonight. xD Blah blah mother amaterasu blah blah entirely blah blah...))

And with that it faded.

((EDIT: apparently my voice is haunting Miriku as well. xD))

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Suddenly there was a loud crackle and the power shorted out. Everyone (who wasn't currently deep within a persons psyche) looked around alarmed. What had happened?! It was a nice day and there wasn't anything that came to mind that could of shorted out the power! Oh, wait... There was... And then that source entered the room.

"Um.. I'm... I'm sorry..." mumbled James. "I kind of stuck my finger into an electric socket and blew a fuse."

Another cold and familiar voice came from behind him. "You blew every fuse in the camp." Keith walked in and looked rather upset. Well, the power was out. Th whole camp. Of course he was annoyed. "It'll take a while for it to be fixed. I'll have Ford get on that."

Everyone had turned away and went back to focusing on what they had been doing before the power shorted out. Raz however kept his eye on the man who didn't notice him staring. Suddenly, Raz noticed something fall out of Keith's pocket. Andlerfall didn't seem to notice however. He just stared at Miri and started looking sympathetic to her. While he was looking away, Raz snuck over and picked up the item and scuttled back to hisposition before the man noticed. What?! Psitanium?! Was this guy really trying to sneak it out?? This proved to Raz that the guy was up to something.

((Oh God, I post this and look at that creepy avatar of mine. It seems to ruin EVERYTHING.))

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I haven't really thought about Joan's past. I think she's just disturbed for no good reason. She'll probably flip out sometime 'cause she wants to look inside a human body so much...

By the way, I tried drawing her, since I didn't really think much about her appearance and realized I should. I then realized I didn't know how to draw scalpels. Or hands holding scalpels. So yeah.))

"What's that?" asked Lili, suddenly appearing behind her boyfriend. "Stealing from him now?"

Raz jumped because you don't just expect your girlfriends to start appearing randomly behind you. "Ah, yeah..."

"Well, put it away before he notices you gawking at his stuff."

"Right..." And Raz put the piece of rock in his pocket. "Wait, listen, Lili, it's psitanium. He had psitanium in his pocket!"

Lili didn't seem very impressed with this revelation. "I once tried to sneak out psitanium. He isn't psychic, right? Maybe he's trying to get psychic powers or something. How would he get it out from under the glass?"

"No, it's the meteor psitanium. Thing."

"So then maybe he's a closet scientist and, like Sasha, wants to experiment with it. See how safe it is. For our, you know, health?"


"Hey, I'm just listing possibilities. If you're gonna jump the gun all the time, then I'll have to be the un-paranoid part of the couple." And so Lili drifted back to the other kids, who either decided this weird crap had nothing to do with them or decided that they could build a fort around Miriku. Joan, with her odd tall attribute, was trying to build the ceiling with couch cushions from the TV room, chatting away nervously. Keith took away her scalpel (which is understandable) and she was hoping she wouldn't start flipping out too. That scalpel was like a sibling to her. Or a son. Named Paulson.

Inside Miriku's mind, where, you know, all the action should be happening, the two adults examined their surroundings a bit. It seemed that it used to be a flourishing forest, but now it was winter and all the trees were dead. Some were on fire, for some reason. And now that they were in her head, they could hear the voice too.

"Ha! That tickles! Heeey, stop runnin', girlie..."

Sasha decided not to voice a thought out loud ('No wonder she went crazy') and tried to kill that thought before Milla noticed it. "The obvious choice here is to follow the voice, it seems..." And they walked cautiously, through groaning, animal-like Censors (who had anime eyes for some reason), ducking under short branches, and jumping over sudden pitfalls. And finally, they reached a clearing, where all important things happen.

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((Oh, I always imagined Joan way more "girly". With long hair and all that (yeah, despite the description you gave)... maybe because when I read "lanky girl with baggy clothes" I immediately thought of a character of mine which fits that description. Or maybe because her name makes me think of French nobility :D

And Apple, your avatar is an offense against Everything Pure and Beautiful™ D8 ))

A flailing arm waved dangerously near Raz's face while he was distracted after talking to Lili. Fortunately his good reflexes avoided some messy tragedy and he came out with just a little scratch across his nose.

—Hey! —Raz secured the arm and looked at Miriku's hand. Her fingernails were rather sharp. He wouldn't be able to keep an eye on Andlerfall if he was busy trying to not get them plucked out by erratic clawing.

—Hrmmm... J.T., pal, could you replace me? Miriku is a bit too strong for... —no, that wouldn't work. Joan was holding her without problem—. I mean... I'd like to take a look at this scratch...

—Sure, buddy.

J.T. took over Raz's place, and he stepped away. Surreptitiously, he moved next to Lili, determined to continue their little chat.

—I'm telling you that Andlerfall guy is very dodgy...

She sighed.

—Look Raz, maybe your first summer here was really exciting and that. It always happens —she added, drifting her gaze with a shade of longing in her eyes. She blushed abruptly—. Uh... I mean... don't think there will be always something thrilling going on here —as if Miriku's situation wasn't memorable enough—. What do you think he's gonna do? Steal everybody's brains? Because that would be really original.

—Oh, but you missed your chance last time —replied Raz. Lili gave him a death glare—. Well, anyway, I'm going to keep watch over him. If you want to help...

Lili just shrugged. And that could mean anything.

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