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Psychonauts RPG 2 (Witty, Super-Dee-Dooper Camp Fun!!!)

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((Haha, naw, long hair would get in the way of her dissecting. She likes 'em short. I have no idea why I gave her such a French-y name.))

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((Hi, guys. Sorry, it took awhile to type this. Anyway, I didn’t mean to make Miriku the main focus. Anywho, here ya go.))

After what seemed like an eternity of running and fighting off cencors that looked like something out of Fullmetal Alchemist, Sasha Nien and Milla Vodello reached a small clearing.

“Sasha, dahling, look!” Milla exclaimed.

“What is it, Milla? I really don’t-oh dear.” Sasha backed away and signaled Milla to stay behind her. He casually attempted to light a cigarette…unsuccessfully. For the fiftieth time. Sasha made a note to self not to constantly try smoking in Miriku’s mind.

The thing that that made the PsychoNauts nervous is not what you think. In the center of the clearing, was an odd looking wolf, with a chain and peg from hell in the ground. The wolf had a brilliant silver pelt, and its tail was split in half to about halfway down. The whites of its eyes were pitch black, and its irises were golden. It was also fairly larger than your average wolf. It was sprawled out dismally on its stomach, its head resting on its forelegs, staring straight ahead into space.

“Milla…stand back…” Seeing the wolf as a threat, Sasha readied a Psi Marksman. The wolf glanced at Sasha, half absentmindedly, as just as he released his blast, the wolf gave a pathetic bark, and a large azure Psi shield materialized, the blast bouncing off like a moth against glass. Sasha looked surprised. Apparently this thing has psychic properties…but what is it?

“Sasha!” Milla stepped out from behind the German Psychonaut and slapped him before running off to go croon to the wolf. Sasha rubbed his wound.

“Milla, I really didn’t know. This thing…” He started.

“She.” Milla said without looking up.

“Pardon me?”

“The wolf is a girl, dahling.”

“Milla, I really don’t care.”

“Really?!?” Milla looked up huffily at Sasha. “Well, what if everyone went around calling you ‘she’ and ‘it’, huh?” Milla went back to pampering the lupine. Sasha thought a bit. Well…it would be bad. It had happened once before. He had made a wager with Razputin to see who could beat who in a staring contest, and…well, Sasha failed.

Moving right along, Sasha noticed that the wolf couldn’t possibly be a threat. Her pelt wasn’t as shiny as it should’ve been, and she looked starved, fatigued, miserable, and just plain bored. Milla obviously wasn’t helping. Did the wolf roll its eyes…?

Sasha pondered the lupine for a minute. Miriku often drew wolves that looked almost exactly like this when she wasn’t fighting, reading manga, or stuffing her face with dream fluff. And he did remember her saying something about being the reincarnation of a split-tailed wolf spirit….Hmm…was this it? Sasha approached the wolf and cleared his throat.

“Now, Mein kleiner Freund Wolf,” Sasha stated to the struggling lupine, “Are you or are you not the spirit from which Miriku is reincarnated from, assuming either thing exists?” Sasha bent in closer to the wolf, awaiting a response. The wolf, however, simply cocked its head to one side and made a small sound that could easily translate as confusion. Sasha stood back up.

“Of course…that’s what I thought.” Sasha had a rubber chicken moment. Not only did he ask the wolf a question, he expected a response out of it. Maybe he WAS losing it…

“Hello, what do we have here?” an obnoxiously singsong and masculine voice rang through the clearing. An odd figure clad entirely in orange, save a Meta Knight mask covering his face, appeared. The wolf struggled to her feet and began to growl and snarl at the man. The voice was so familiar…they had heard it somewhere before. The two PsychoNauts thought as hard as they could. Finally, it hit her. Milla knew what it was!

“Zach Effron?!?” She screamed in surprise. Sasha rolled his eyes. The wolf lifted a paw and covered her eyes, as if mocking a human doing a face palm. Not only had she guessed completely wrong, she had named one of the worst actors ever. ((So I don’t like High School Musical. Sue me.))

“Uh…no. My name is Eciov, at your service.” The wolf growled at Eciov. He got ticked and sent a small but visible jolt of electricity toward her, sending her sprawling.

“Pah. Stupid wolf. Always getting in the way of what I’m supposed to do. And those cencors! Gawd! Always shouting ‘iie’ ‘iie’. I tell ya, living in someone’s mind isn’t exactly a ball.”

“You are the voice that has been harassing Miriku, aren’t you?” Sasha boldly stepped forward.

“Maybe…Hey, there, sugarbob!” Eciov immediately set foot towards Milla and put his arm around her shoulder. Seeing Eciov do this made Sasha Nien grow infinitesimally angrier by the nanosecond.

“Hey, beautiful. Whaddaya say that you and I have a little ‘special time’?”

“That is quite enough!” Sasha finally snapped. He punched Eciov in the face…er…mask, thereby freeing Milla.

“Sir, do you have any decency?”

“Huh. Guess not.”

“Come, Milla, let us leave this horrid place.”

“Leave? The party’s just begun!” The wolf regained her composure and started off toward Eciov, jaws wide open. Unfortunately, the chain was still there, and therefore, she fell just short of her target. Eciov laughed.

“Poor little doggie. Is Miriku trying to escape? I don’t think so!” The cruel being he is, he proceeded to step on her skull. He looked back to Milla and Sasha.

“Sasha…did you hear? He called the poor wolfie…” Milla whispered to Sasha.

“Miriku. I know. So then it’s true…” He whispered back.

“You two aren’t going anywhere. Try, and I crush her skull.” Eciov cackled, stepping down slightly harder on the wolf’s head.

“Milla….” Sasha said dismally, “You need to contact them. I said it’s too dangerous, but now they look like our only hope…”

“‘Our only hope’? Ha! Sasha, you sound like something out of one of those war movies!” Eciov cackled again.

“Milla! Do it now!” Sasha yelled at her. She didn’t need to be told twice. Tears in her eyes, she put her index and middle fingers up to her forehead….


Meanwhile, the real world was like a living hell. Miriku had done some odd things out cold. She put a psi shield up for no reason, flinched, and even tried to lunge forward to bite something, to no avail. Now a faint trickle of blood was coming out of her mouth.

“This don’t look too good.” Claire stated, depressed. “At this rate, she’s prolly not gonna make it.” Claire and the rest looked down. Miriku lay still, but not dead.

“When she dies, do you think she’ll mind if I take her stomach?” Joan pulled out a scalpel, which was met with Claire’s fiery stare. Joan slowly pocketed her scalpel.

Raz was sitting in the corner watching the show, when, all of a sudden, out of nowhere…

-Raz? Razputin, dahling? Can you hear me?-

It was Milla. Why was she contacting him?

-Yeah. Something wrong, agent Vodello?- Razputin swiftly responded.

-Yes. It is very bad. We need your assistance immediately.-


-Sasha said it’s fine, dear. Just come on in!-

-Uh…if you say so…-

-Oh, please bring Lili, as well. We could always use a little more backup.-

-Roger that, agent Vodello. Over and out.-

Razputin sighed and went to find Lili.

“This day just keeps getting weirder and weirder….”

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—Come on, Lili. We have a mission —Raz took Lili by the hand and almost dragged her across the room.

—Hey! —she complained, frowning— I thought you were going to be a bit more subtle with your spying.

—What? No, this is not about the weirdo. Milla contacted me. They need help.

Lili's eyes opened wide in surprise.

—Make way, this is a Psychonaut emergency!

The kids stepped aside letting Raz and Lili sit next to the counselors in trance.

—Do you realize we will have to project through her shield?


—It won't be pleasant.

Raz looked sideways at Lili and grimaced. There was not time to "knock at the door", anyway. He shrugged in resignation and both got ready to project.

—What are you doing? —asked Joan with more curiosity than disapproval, and yet it sounded as if she were asking for the time— I thought we were not allowed to do that.

—Emergency —repeated Raz.

He gave a quick glance at the girl and then checked on Andlerfall, slightly squinting. He was not comfortable at all with leaving his semi-conscious body near a scalpel-happy taxidermist wannabe nor having the doctor unwatched. Still worse, he had the underlying feeling that something would happen while he wasn't looking.

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((Heh, nice post Miriku. I keep picturing Censors in State Military uniforms now :-P))

Issac (who had been thrown back by Miriku's Shield) watched as Razputin and Lili prepared themselves for a Shield Penetration Astral Projection. (S.P.A.P) Even the most powerful psychic would hesitate before performing a S.P.A.P. There were too many risks involved. Pushing your astral projection through a Shield unprotected was extremely difficult, as well as suicidal. Best case scenario: The psychic would be unsuccessful. Worst case scenario: The projecting psychic would go mad or die. Issac knew how a Psi Shield worked, and even though Psi Shield Disruption was an advanced technique, he could, in theory disrupt Miriku's. However, Issac wanted to be more involved then that.

He wanted in on the action.


"Razputin. Lili."

"Huh? Oh... Issac right? What is it?" Razputin asked.

"I wish to accompany you." Issac said.

"Forget it kid. Sasha and Milla asked for us only." Lili said impatiantly.

"Sorry man. I can't risk it. I don't want to be looking after you. No offence." Raz explained.

"I am capable of defending myself." Issac said, sounding just a bit offended. "Also, I believe neither of you have any training in Shield Penetration Astral Projection."

"Well... Yeah but so what?! We have to help her!" Lili said, her voice rising toward the end.

"If I am able to disrupt the Shield, I want both of your words that you will allow me to accompany you."

Razputin blanched. "Can you really Shield Disrupt?"

"I believe so."

Lili groaned. "You have one minute."

A basic Psi Shield simply consisted of a steady stream of psychic energy being released and moulded into a defensive bubble. If a psychic could interfere with the stream with their own psychic energy, the Shield would break down. To prevent disruption, psychics train themselves to add "false leads" and inside their Shield to distract their opponent from the main stream. More powerful psychics could create a Shield out of several smaller streams as several small streams were harder to disrupt then one big one. However, Miriku's Shield consisted of one stream, making it easy.

However, the one stream was a very strong one.

Okay, I'm going to have to disrupt it in two different ways. Issac placed his hands as close to the bubble as he could, and tapped into his psychic power. He channeled it around the Shield, directed it to where the stream powered the Shield and with it, began to push against the stream. A few seconds after he began trying to push the stream back, gaps began to appear in the Shield. Issac quickly directed some more power through a gap and made it mingle with the stream. When it was within the stream, he made his energy try and disrupt the stream from within, slowing it down and making it lose power.

Eventually, under attack from within as well as outside, the stream dissapated, destroying the Shield. Issac looked to Lili. "59 seconds exactly." She said with a slightly raised eyebrow.

"Well, I suppose you could come. But if push comes to shove, you followed us." Razputin said, trying to sound tough.

"Understood" Issac replied as he projected himself into Miriku's mind. Razputin quicky pulled his goggles on and followed. Lili then projected herself, muttering "Men." to herself.

((I feel an action scene coming soon! Sorry if anyone thinks my character should have stayed with the others. Also, sorry to everyone who didn't like my Psi Shield explanation or S.P.A.P))

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Razputin and Lili suddenly found themselves in a rather odd forest. It was winter, all the trees were completely bare, yet some of them had their limbs in flames, and the ones that were seemed to have blood dripping out of them.

“Yech. I’d hate to have syrup from these trees on my pancakes.” Raz commented, examining one of the combusting trees.

“Never mind that,” sighed Lili, “why is it winter here? I don’t think her mind is like this year-round, and especially because it’s summer.” Lili continued to ponder her surroundings.

“Maybe. In the meantime, let’s find Sasha and Milla.” Raz said passively, signaling Lili to follow him. Not too long after they came across the Fullmetal Alchemist cencors, and they crowded around the two like a bunch of middle-aged moms at a 60% off sale at a store.

“Uh, Raz, do you know what ‘iie’ means?” Lili asked him nervously, while summoning up some vines to attack the cencors with her psyche.

“I don’t know, but I’d assume that it means ‘no’ in Japanese.” Raz answered while letting loose with some Psi marksman beams. About five mental minutes and twenty Psi marksmans and Psi vines later, the two continued their search for the elder PsychoNauts. Not too long afterward, they came across the same clearing. Of course, this time, there was a pained wolf, and Sasha and Milla were collapsed on the ground. Thankfully, Raz and Lili did not make the bad decision of trying to attack the wolf.

“Sasha! Milla!” Razputin ran over to Milla. “Milla, are you okay? Say something. Say anything!” Raz shook her by the shoulders, and Milla produced some melodic mumbling.

“What did she say?” Lili inquired. Raz looked at her, in an expression that said, ‘I am not amused.’

“She’s singing ‘Sweet Caroline’.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Lili rolled her eyes and went to cradle the wolf’s head. “Poor thing. It’s hurt.”

“Really?” Razputin moseyed over to where the young girl was cradling the lupine’s head in her arms, taking off his goggles.

“Yeah. It looks like someone tried to crush her skull.”


“Uh-huh. This is a female wolf.”

“Cool.” Razputin was interested now. He was kind of into wildlife himself. “So what do you think happened? Maybe she was fighting a bear here, and it got mauled and hurt. Or maybe a hunter got her. Or, maybe…” Before Razputin could finish, Lili interrupted with some logic.

“Raz, you dope, it couldn’t possibly have been any of those things. If she got into a melee with a bear, there’d be scratches and blood all over. Same with a hunter. What’s bothering me is that there’s only a fractured skull and she’s chained up.” They both sat in silence for a minute.

“Well…maybe you could heal her. That IS one of your specialties, right?” Raz suggested, shrugging.

“Sure, I guess. Say, could you get rid of the chain? I really don’t think she likes that.” Lili requested, her hand over the wolf’s head, a flamingo aura emanating from her digits. Razputin immediately complied. He shattered the chain, and the wolf broke free from Lili, somehow fully healed, and howled to the now revealed moon…


“Woah! This ain’t s’pposed t’ happn’!” Claire shouted, alerting everyone in the room. Alex sneered. Not exactly the best vocabulary to have when you’re hyperintelligent.

“What? What? What happened? Did Miriku die? Can we dissect her? I call dibs on her heart!” Joan excitedly brought out her scalpel, which was met by another one of Claire’s fiery stares.

“No, ya moron. She’s somehow made a full r’covery.” Claire stated, staring at her calculations in disbelief. Miriku stirred and all was silent.

“Ugh…jeez…did anyone get the number of the truck that hit me last night?” Miriku sat up and rubbed her head.

“Miriku! You’re okay!” Zee ran up and hugged her.

“Uh, thanks Zee…now, please stop hugging me before I rip your face off.” Zee backed away slowly. Miriku looked around.

“So, what’s everybody doing here, anyway?” She asked. Claire pointed to her forehead. Miriku gave a quizzical look, before Claire held up a mirror, and Miriku looked at the Psychoportal on her forehead in terror.

“Oh, crap.” She mumbled, absolutely terrified. And being scared was rare for her.

(( Eew, blood syrup. xD))

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((...An excited Joan kinda scares me, as that usually means she's about to dissect something big.))

Joan sighed, now that it seemed that boring stuff was happening. It was too bad she couldn't go in too. People would probably not disapprove of Censor dissections. "Looks like you're awake," she drawled, with that limp fish expression again. "That didn't take very long, actually. You know, you were rolling around on the floor, and you scratched Raz. And I figured that, since you have really good nails, and a really strong hand, if you died, I could chop it off and sell it. I bet someone would love to have a really strong hand..."

Miriku wasn't listening, though. Not that she would want to. Of course, she didn't go totally crazy again and try to pull off the Psychoportal, but she did shout loudly (in real life and in her mind) for everybody to GET OUT OF HER MIND RIGHT NOW.

There was no response, maybe because suddenly they were occupied by the source of the Evil Perverted Voice in her head.

"Hey, Miriku, what would happen if that door fell off right now? Would all five of them die?" James asked, staring at the various bodies just sitting there, mentally combating some kind of foe.

"Mmmm," Joan said, for no apparent reason. It was best not to think about it.

"Don't bother me for a bit," Miriku hissed, then started concentrating hard.

Joan didn't seem to have listened. She was busy telling James about how many people were in need of a kidney and how delicate the process was of preserving one and so on and so forth. "You know what else I just realized might be in the air?"


"Cremated people."

((Aargh, Joan is brainwashing me. There is no other explanation.))

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The reason Issac wasn't with Razputin and Lili when they entered Miriku's mind was that he had landed on the opposite end of the forest. The fact that Razputin and Lili wasn't with him caused a bit of worry. When a group of psychics enter a person's mind, they always ended up in the same area. The only reason we could have been split up is that something disrupted my projection, causing me to land in a different area. The fact that there was something in Miriku's mind powerful enough to disrupt his astral projection worried Issac slightly. He resolved to find Razputin, Lili and the two Psychonaut agents ASAP.

Walking through the forest (quirking an eyebrow at the flaming, bleeding trees.) Issac met a group of Censors. They all pointed at Issac, screaming "Iie!" Once again, Issac quirked his eyebrow. Censors take different appearances based on the personality of their host. These look like they came from Fullmetal Alchemist. The side of Issac's mouth quirked slightly. That's kinda cool.

Of course, that didn't stop Issac from Psi-Blasting them into oblivion.

After absorbing the psychic energy left over from the Censors, Issac continued on his way. Soon he saw a clearing with a large split-tailed female wolf in it. He also saw Razputin and Lili reviving Agents Nein and Vodello. Good. I was worried that whatever disrupted my projection would finde me first.

"Hello boy." said a singsong voice behind Issac which reminded him greatly of the annoying male lead from High School Musical.

Issac seemingly did not react to the voice. His arms started glowing with a green aura though.

"You know, you greatly remind me of Zach Effron." Issac said calmly.

"That woman said the same thing." Eciov (for of course it was he.) chuckled.

"Well guess what."


The aura around Issac's arms suddenly expanded, forming two green psychic hands with sploches of darker green at random points. Issac reached behind him using the hands to grab at Eciov's waist and neck. When he had Eciov in his hands, he threw Eciov into the clearing as hard as he could, where he landed with a satisfying faceplant.

"I hate High School Musical." Issac siad as he ran into the clearing.

((The views expressed by Issac ARE shared with that of his creator. High School Musical is awful.))

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((AWRIGHT BLAZERKIN! 8D *high five*))

Miriku sat in silence for a few minutes. Of course, everyone was staring at her, and that didn't help in the least. Suddenly she had a rather odd urge...

"Uh...Joan?" Miriku asked, straining to controll herself, "Do you know what time it is?"

"Uh...I think it's..." Joan looked at an odd watch with a way-too-big wristband perched precariously on her wrist. Huh. That wasn't there before. "Yeah, it's 9:30." Joan glanced back up.

"Oh, god." Miriku grabbed Joan by the shoulders and shook her with all her might. And that would mean that it was surprising that Joan's head didn't fly off. "Is it A.M or P.M? Please be P.M. PLEASE be P.M."

"Yeesh, relax, wolf girl. It's P.M. Happy?"

"Are you sure?" Miriku looked her square in the eye. Which doesn't make sense because eyes are round. Moving on...

"Do you trust me?" Joan folded her arms.


"Do you trust ANYONE?" Joan yelled, spreading her arms out. Miriku shook her head.

"Okay..." Joan sighed. "Why don't you go outside? That'll prove that I'm not fibbing." Joan had a smug look on her face.

"Fine. Maybe I will." Miriku sounded more confident than she felt. She opened the door...

There was a full moon. Perfect.

"Uh..." Miriku turned back twoards the inside of the mess hall. "I'll be right back." She ran off, hopefully somewhere she couldn't be easily heard. She looked at the spot. The moon was in veiw, but the other campers might still hear her. She didn't have much time, though. She could feel the split tail and wolf ears penatrating her skin. Aw, I can do it here. After all, I think I'm the only one in the camp with hypersensitive hearing. Miri thought to herself. She turned her face twoard the sky, moved one of her feet back, and let rip.


It was a very odd sight. An adolescent dressed oddly, with a wolf feature or two, howling at the moon, with a big old honking psychoportal stuck on her forehead. Miriku slowly let the howl drift off. She sighed and fell backward onto the grass, her wolf features recceding.

The reason she didn't want the other campers to see this? Simple, really.

1. She didn't want them to think that she was crazier than she already was.

2. She didn't want people to go around calling her a werewolf or the host of some sort of demon. Trust me, it's happened a LOT.

3. She didn't want people to think that she was some sort of cross-breed or something, like those guys from Tokyo Mew Mew. She hated that show.

I'm sure I could think of many other reasons, but now we have to get back to the story...


Eciov sat there with his face in the ground.

What the hell is High School Musical? Eh, whatever. That didn't matter right now. He had other matters to attend to. He raised himself out of the ground where he was met by...

"Ah, good. You're here." Eciov felt like he was saved.

"Iie." Said one of the cencors.

"Right! Whatever the hell that means! Mush!" He cried, jumping on a larger one's back.

"Guys! Guys!" Issac cried, running into the clearing.

"Oh. Thank god." Razputin sighed, dropping a charging Confusion Grenade. "Don't EVER do that again."

"Sorry. I didn't mean to." Issac said, half meaning what he said.

"Ah, that's fine." Lili shrugged, standing up. The wolf walked up to Issac, and stared up at him. Issac stood still. He didn't know how to respond. Should he pet it? Should he run away? Should he feed it? What?

He took out a random, unsolved rubik's cube and dropped it at the wolf's feet, her eyes following the odd object.

"Uh....what was that?" Raz asked Issac, utterly confused.

"Duh. A Rubik's cube. Uh...." He looked over to the Elder Psychonauts. "Shouldn't they be...?"

"Oh, yeah." Lili slapped her forehead. "I was about to do that actually..." she was interrupted by a bark from the wolf, who was still in the same position. Something was different though. She was wagging her tail, had a happy expression on her face...and the rubik's cube was solved?

"That's impossible!" Issac screamed.

"You shouldn't underestimate Miriku's mind. She has all sorts of..." Raz was interrupted.

"No, no. I mean, it's physically impossible! She doesn't even have opposable thumbs, much less the mental capacity!" Issac ranted. The wolf dropped it's tail and the happy expression turned into that of a pissed-off one.

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Issac had very little experience inside people's minds and usually had trouble grasping that things impossible in the real world happened a lot in mental worlds.

Like a wolf solving a Rubiks Cube.

He had said the first thing that came to mind, and now the wolf was glaring at him. A glare that was unsettlingly similar to that of a certain swordsman from Rurouni Kenshin. A glare that made lesser mortals void their bowels and flee. Hw knew the wolf was one second away from eating his face unless he made an apology.

"Miss Split-Tailed Wolf, please accept my apologies. I have only been inside the minds of the camp staff and based my idea of you on what I know of wolves in the real world. I did not mean to offend." Issac was congratulating himself on not stammering, but would the wolf accept his apology, or would it eat him anyway?

Suddenly, the wolf's paw shot out toward Issac so fast, that he didn't get a chance to compose his prayer to whatever god would listen. He shut his eyes, wondering if he was going to a good place or a bad place.

A weak groan of "I...ie." was heard. Issac opened his eyes and turned around, to see that the wolf wasn't aiming at Issac, but rather the Censor that was sneaking up on him. He risked a glance at the wolf, whose face seemed set in grim determination.

"Ummm... Is my apology accepted, or should I start composing my epitath?"

The wolf glaced at him, and made a sound that sounded like an amused chuckle. It then waved it's paw toward Eciov and his censor hoard. Raz was already in the thick of battle, throwing Psi Punches, shooting Psi Blasts and throwing Confusion Grenades. Lili was reviving the two Psychonauts. The wolf gave Issac a look that seemed to say, "You up for this?"

Issac smiled slightly, and his whole body became ablaze with a green psychic aura. "Born ready."

((Yes! Action scene are go!))

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Eciov smiled. This should be fun. The elder Psychonauts were fully healed now and ready to go. Soon, everyone was in the middle of an odd and intense melee. The wolf, which Sasha told the youths that it's name was Miriku, had her paws elementally charged, slashing at cencors and Eciov left and right. The rest were just doing what they did best. Eciov looked at Issac, pumped with adrenaline. Maybe he could get him to surrender...he was glad that he decided to study a bit on HSM before coming to the small battle.

"Hey, Issac!" Eciov shouted, getting his attention. "I see you're all in this together!" Issac gritted his teeth and pumped up his aura usage. "Come on, don't stick to the status quo! Come on, it's now or never! We can work this out! Get'cha Head in the Game, man! You're What I've Been Looking For! Don't walk away, young warrior! You're fabulous!" The result was not what Eciov expected.

"KYAAAAA!" Issac lunged twoard the orange masked man and knocked him to the ground, where he landed a few Palm Bombs. Before he landed the final blow, however, he was interrupted.

"Please!" pleaded Eciov, "Please! I'll be good! I just wanted a little fun is all! I didn't mean any harm!"

"Pah. 'no harm' my foot." Issac threw the conveniently placed Rubik's cube at him.

"Ow! Look, I know how to restore Miriku's sanity! Honest!"

Issac was about to belive him when...

Issac, no! It's a trap! If you belive him, you'll die! Great. Now HE had a voice.

"What do you want?" Issac asked angrily.

Nothing. Just warning you...and by the way, I have a name.

"Oh, really? And that would be...?"

My name is Zane Luckro. I'm new at camp.

((Whoopee ANOTHER new character.

Name: Zane Luckro

Age: 7

Gender: Male

Family: Mom, cosmologist Dad, annoying teenage sister, two dogs (Sahib the border collie and Sir Poopsalot the golden lab), and three ferrets (K.K. Slider, Bobette, and Cat).

Abilites: Levitation, telekinesis, confusion grenade. Telepathy is a big one. He uses it because he can't talk.

Appearance: Your average black-haired 7-year-old boy. He tends to wear lots of t-shirts with pictures of ailens, Godzilla, or 2HB on them.

Other crap: He spends his spare time at night looking for ailens with the telescope that his dad gave him. He also seems to mention some 'Tim Schafer' guy a lot. xD ))

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((...How would that Zane guy know...? And Miriku? Please don't make Joan actually shout and look anything else besides passive...))

Miriku ran outside. Joan sighed again. She didn't really understand much about Psychoportals. She always thought that nobody would be able to move much. And it would've been nice to experiment with taking the door off.

Now that the body was far away, did that mean all the astral projections were now pretty far from their bodies? Wouldn't it be interesting if they all got lost or something? Then they'd be like ghosts. And maybe Joan could cut their bodies open. She could sew them back up easily anyways.

Thinking about this, Joan didn't seem to realize when the lights came back on. Cook Cruller, from his usual station, said, "Oh good, the janitor took care of it. Now I can get back to making those burgers..."

That Keith guy gave back her scalpel a while before, for some reason. Maybe he thought that she couldn't do anything with all the other kids around. Maybe he thought that the other kids presumably cared enough to stop her. She wasn't sure if that was true. Joan slipped out the scalpel, felt the comfortable weight in her hand...but slipped it back in. No, she couldn't do it. That'd be killing. And her hands always shook at the thought of killing. There were just certain things you should never ever do. Joan had her standards.

So instead, she employed the help of many campers to try building a fort made out of chairs and couch cushions around the psychics currently preoccupied with whatever was in Miriku's mind. Making forts was fun, they all agreed, and it would be funny if it collapsed on the psychics as they got out of the trance. Joan once again used her odd tall attribute to make the roof.

((I noticed nobody seemed to fix the lights from a bit before, when James shorted it out, so I fixed it. And this is just a little silly post. I have nothing whatsoever to contribute to the story.))

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Issac pinched the bridge of his nose. Now he had a voice in his head. One calling itself Zane. It claimed to be a new camper, so there were two solutions

A.) Issac was going insane, and the voice proved it.

B.) It was telling the truth and was a new kid.

Issac knew he could argue with the voice if it was real or not until the bovines came home. But that would get then nowhere. So Issac decided to give Zane the benefit of the doubt.

Okay Zane. I belive you're real, so I won't believe Eciov.

You believe me? Great.

I'll just kill him.

NO! You can't do that!

Why not?! Do you know what he's done?!

Hurt a fellow camper, I know.

Yes that. But he also quoted High School Musical at me!

Zane decided that now would not be a good time to mention that he sort of liked High School Musical, though it wasn't one of his favourite movies.

Ummmm... I'm not saying he shouldn't die. It's just that only Miriku can be the one to kill him. You see, if you were to just kill him, he would eventually reform. He's a being of psychic energy, like Censors. Even though something made him malicious, he still works on the same principal. Fortunately, there's only one of him.

So I just absorb his psychic energy when I kill him.

That won't work either. Eciov's psychic energy is corrupt. However Miriku and Eciov's psychic energy are more "in sync" you could say. If you absorbed it, your mind would reject it, and you would die or go insane. Miriku is used to his energy and is the only one who can absorb it safely. But be careful. His psychic energy will try and escape so she has to be quick.

Fine. Issac looked up and saw Eciov crawling away. So Issac stomped on his back, knocking him onto the ground, where he lay wimpering.

"Well Eciov, it seems I'm not going to kill you." Issac said.

"Oh thank you so much, you kind boy!" Eciov groveled, already formulating a plan to kill him.

"Yeah. She's going to kill you." Issac said with relish, pointing to Miriku.

A look of complete horror suddenly plastered itself onto Eciov's face. "No! NO! Please, have mercy!" But by that point, Issac had already calles Miriku over and explained that she had to kill him and absorb his psychic energy. She was looking at Eciov, wondering how she could both make him suffer for all the crap he put her through and keep his energy from getting away. Suddenly, a feral grin appeared on the wolf's face, and she clamped her mouth around Eciov's midsection, launched him into the air, and managed to swallow him whole on the way down.

A look of complete shock was on everyone in the clearing with two legs. (including the remaining censors.) Zane was asking What? What happened? but Issac was too stunned to reply. They all stared at Miriku who looked slightly sheepish. Then a wicked idea came to her mind, and she licked her lips with a look of enjoyment on her face. Suddenly, the silence was broken.

"Oh God, ew!"

"That was disturbing."


"Oh Miriku, dahling, was that really necessary?"


"Huh. That was kinda cool."

What happened? Tell me Issac!

Then the wolf grimiced as she felt her body absorbing Eciov's psychic energy. Some of it tried to escape up her oesophagus, but it too was absorbed, leaving Miriku with a sensation similar to heartburn. When it was all gone, the nearby trees stopped bleeding and burning, and the overcast sky cleared, revealing the full moon. Miriku felt like she had just stepped into an air conditioned building from a humid street as a heavy feeling in the air she hadn't noticed before dissappeared. Feeling better then ever, she unleashed a thunderous howl at the moon. The howl was a bit to thunderous though, as it it Raz, Lili, Issac and the two elder Psychonauts with the force of a battering ram, launching them clear out of Miriku's mind.

(Sorry if I offended any one with Eciov's end. It just came to me and I had to act on it.))

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That had been quite easy. Just some beating here and there, and they could call it a day. Usually, fixing someone's mind involved going all round their psyche, sorting all kinds of mental stuff and going through creepy traumatic memories. But the minds Raz had visited so far were either that of a counselor (and thus under adequate supervision... mostly), or people with a wide ranging of mental disorders which he had been pretty much forced to fix, so he couldn't actually compare. Thus, apparently, their job was done in Miriku's mind and the psychics were expelled back to the real...

... Collective Unconscious.

—Well, this was unexpected —said Sasha.

—Oh, dear... —muttered Milla worriedly— Something must have happened...

—Why are we at the Collective Unconscious? —asked Razputin looking around— Shouldn't we be back into our bodies?

—It seems that someone moved either Miriku's or our own bodies while we were inside her mind.


Sasha cleared his throat.

—You see, Razputin, when a psychic projects their mind out, the body enters in a trance-like state since their main consciousness is away. But the psychic's mind does not fully abandon the body. There's always a link connecting them back to their core psyche, sort of a thread called "silver cord". Since Miriku expelled us from her mind when her body had been separated from ours, our projections were sent to the closest place of the astral plane which could sustain them.

—And what should we do now?

—Raz, you silly. We get back to our own minds.

—Well, that should be easy.

—Theoretically, yes —replied Sasha—. Unless the bodies are miles away from their original position.

—Would it be bad? —asked Raz.

—Very bad. Because we wouldn't be able to locate them. The silver cord is relatively elastic and can stretch out to a certain point, but if the psychic's or the host's bodies are moved too far apart, the link may become too thin and eventually get severed. Then, the psychic would be unable to get back. And the body would wither and die.

Raz saw Lili out of the corner of his eye. She was gesturing as if she were holding a rope around her neck, sticking her tongue out.

—Sasha, don't be that extreme —reprehended Milla—. Our situation is not that bad.

—The possibility still exists —he excused himself. Milla glanced at him disapprovingly—. I don't like to tone down the potential risks. But you know, just in case. For future reference.

—We could just check the mind doors and... —began Raz.

—Raz —Lili snorted—, do you know how big is the Collective Unconscious?

—I guess it's...

—About as big as to hold the minds of everyone. In the. Whole. World —she poked him with every word—. That's why irresponsible psychics get lost in the astral plane.

—Fortunately we're still near our original position —remarked Sasha with a hand gesture—. Look around.

There was not much to see but doors and intricate pathways, but that was just what they needed. Many doors were closed, at the end of twisty escher-like footbridges and catwalks, or just plain out of reach. At this moment, Razputin didn't seem able to tell apart the doors (probably an after-effect from that whole situation), although they had a distinctive feel. The closest ones felt just like the kids and staff from the camp. But the fact that Raz couldn't easily locate his own door made him a bit uneasy.

—So... let's go? —asked Isaac, startling everyone. That kid was definitely quiet.

Razputin learned three things about the "silver cord". First, it was not necessarily silver colored (he remembered Cruller talking about how psychic powers didn't have color back in the days and blah blah). Second, it was not that easy to see his own thread even if he was consciously looking for it (no wonder why he hadn't noticed before), and the other psychic's links were mostly impossible to see. And third, it didn't sprout from any specific point on their bodies. It just came out from them. And yet he couldn't help but to think of it as an umbilical cord. Creepy.

The psychics walked in different directions following their respective threads until they reached their own mind doors.

—See you in the real world! —Raz waved his hand at the others and prepared to step back into his mind.

Suddenly an idea popped into his head. This could be his only chance to sneak into Andlerfall's mind. But it was very, very risky. And probably very, very stupid. Not to mention he would need a very, very good excuse later. He hesitated, weighing up the pros and cons...

((And thus it ends their little adventure in the Collective Unconscious xD ))

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Okay, so on one hand, he could possibly figure out what was going on in that weird guy's head. On the other, a lot of people would be pretty angry with him, though if he had proof of some kind of weird diabolical scheme, they would be marginally less angry. Maybe.

And he also didn't know where the "doctor" was. Maybe he waltzed out of the lodge. Maybe he was far away. And maybe if Raz tried to snoop around, the mental umbilical cord thing would snap, which would be very very bad. Then again...

But Raz decided against it. Besides, the others were now probably very suspicious about how he hadn't regained consciousness yet. It would make for an interesting plot, but it was better not to...maybe. Gah, these kind of things were always hard.

Raz popped through his door and immediately woke up to find himself, oddly, in an enclosed space. Made out of couch cushions. He could barely see light peeking through the cracks.

Disoriented, as he always was when going in or out of a mind, the boy toppled backwards, and since cushions weren't the most stable of building materials, the whole fort collapsed onto him. A lot of kids laughed. Joan stood, radiating something akin to curious apathy, if there ever was such a thing. Pushing a cushion off of him, Raz saw that the others apparently had the same fate as there were other bits of collapsed forts scattered on the lodge's floor. Milla probably went out to find Miriku and the Psychoportal. Cook Cruller seemed to be quite amused.

Joan seemed about to ask him something, but Lili came up first with a suspicious look on her face. Joan slunk away, avoiding confrontation. "Raz, that was a suspicious delay," she said. "What took you?"

Raz stopped himself from saying 'Nothing' in time. That was the most suspicious answer he could give. And he was already quite suspicious. "Well, I was distracted by some stray thoughts," he shrugged as casually as he could, snuffing out all thoughts of Keith. Lili only stared.

"Ah, ah," Joan stuttered, unsure whether she was interrupting something or not. "I was wondering, since Miriku kinda went away, what happened when you tried going back? Anything unusual?"

"Ah, well, we went to the Collective Unconscious instead." Raz answered. Hopefully, Lili wouldn't pry more. At least not 'til later.

Joan nodded, as if that affirmed something. "Ah. Hm. And if you were lost in there, you'd've died..." Raz really didn't like the way she said it in that thoughtful way. Or how she was staring blankly ahead of her, as if imagining an ideal scenario. Or how her hand was twitching near her pocket, where he could easily see the bulge of her scalpel.

"Uh, yeah. That would've happened." Raz continued staring at the scalpel. He wondered if the girl slept with it. "If you don't mind, I'll, uh, just...go now..."

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When Issac woke up, he was in a dark enclosed space. He wasn't particulary claustrophobic, but like anyone who wakes up in an unfamiliar place, he instinctively panicked and lashed out, hitting a soft wall, which immediately collapsed on him. Soon he was buried under a pile of cushions, deviously set up by the other campers. Sitting up, he saw Lili and the two agents coming to, but there was still a fort of cushions around Raz's body. Suddenly, that fort collapsed too. Lili walked over to Raz, while Issac was approached by the stuck-up new boy and a younger boy with black hair and a t-shirt with Godzilla destoying a town with his atomic breath. Suddenly, Issac heard the same voice in his head as before.

'Issac what happened? Was it cool? Was it...'

"Out of my way idiot." Alex snapped, pushing the younger boy out of the way. "So, proud of yourself? Happy to play the hero are you? What's the point if you don't profit?"

Issac was dusting himself off and stood up to Alex. The two were roughly the same height. "Well that's the difference between us I suppose. You seek profit for you actions. I seek the satisfaction for helping others." Issac smirked. "And if I'm a hero as you put it, that makes you the villian." At this, Issac leaned closer to Alex, giving him the best glare he could muster. He had been working on his "death glare" but it usually made him look like he was "pitching a loaf" as Quentin had put it. But either it was the stress of being in a life or death situation, or the exhaustion of using up most of his psychic energy in that last barrage of attacks, but this glare was remarkably good, sending chills down Alex's spine, making him realise that he may have just made a dangerous enemy. He stormed off, muttering something about "...sueing for emotional damages."


Zane quickly got up when the mean boy stormed away and walked over to Issac and spoke in his mind again:

'That guy's a jerk. So what happened?'

"Huh? Couldn't you just read my thoughts to find out?

Well yeah. But I don't like doing that, it's like I'm snooping.

Issac chuckled. "Here, I'm going over everything now."

And so Zane read his mind as Issac went over the events inside Miriku's mind. Zane's face broke out in a grin, growing bigger and bigger, reaching a full, toothy smile when he got to the point when Issac snapped and charged Eciov. Suddenly, a hand clamped down on Issac's shoulder, and a voice with a German accent said, "Issac Lyons, you disobeyed my orders that nobody follow us." and Issac's mind filled with many words that Zane tucked away for future use.

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Raz slipped away from Joan's spine-chilling glazed stare. He could bet that when the lanky emotionless girl looked at any kind of living beign, she saw them like one of those anatomy books with transparent sheets showing all the internal organs in a layered fashion. He was relieved by the thought that they didn't sleep in the same cabin, but it may be a good idea to block the door at night, just in case she was a sleepwalker. Or sleepvivisectioner.

In a hurry, Raz stepped out of the main lodge to find it was already night. Oh, wow, did they spent the whole day inside Miriku's mind? It seemed much shorter. Well, he wasn't sleepy at all, and there was much fun in being awake at ungodly hours. He was, however, a tad hungry, but if he got inside the cafeteria again, he might be forced to confront Sasha's mind questioning. That would get him into a lot of trouble and he wasn't in the mood for lectures. If anyone ever is.

Raz headed to where Kitty and Franke usually lied down making friendship bracelets, gazing at the lake. The meteorite was still a complete mystery. Maybe it was time to check it.

Suddenly, Razputin burst out giggling.

—Oh, man... they did build a cushion fort around us...

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((Hello. Sorry about the small hiatus. I'm still alive. It's just...my PS2 is working again...I'm falling in love with PsychoNauts all over again...it's magical...))

Zane groaned. Every freaking time...oh well. Maybe he would go and find that girl that that guy...what was his name...Issac?...was talking about. He groaned. He wanted to go home, but...he slowly reminisced the moment his parents had dropped him off that morning. They seemed to be in a rush, even though there was no camper due date at Whispering Rock. He also remembered them getting several tickets as they sped along. When they finally arrived at camp, they quickly filled out his forms, and left hurriedly, without even a 'goodbye'. Zane sighed again.

Well...I AM a bit of a freak...nobody really likes me... Zane walked outside, his hand tightly gripping his pocket telescope. Dawn was breaking, and he wasn't the least bit tired.

Meanwhile, Miriku felt content. She was meditating on a rock out in the woods, and she somehow felt mentally full. She licked her lips. The voice was gone. All was good...

"Miriku, dahling!" Milla cried out. CRAP. That was the last voice that the odd girl wanted to hear. She turned her head twoard the Brazilian psychonaut, and said, straining through her teeth,


"Oh, dahling, I was so worried!" Milla cried, strangling Miriku in a hug. "I didn't know wether it worked or not, but-"

"Look, Milla," Miriku stated, prying her off, " I just want to be alone right now. Okay? Here." Miriku handed Milla the psychoportal that had been resting on her forehead. "Take this and go. Sorry." Miriku apologised, not sorry at all. Milla looked worriedly at her, but left anyway.

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((Long school days+muggy summer=a very hot and bothered me. So I apologise in advance if this isn't up to my usual standards.))

As Miriku was glomped by Milla, Issac was on the recieving end of a lecture by the German Psychonaut.

"...completely irresponsible. You put yourself at risk by following us. I don't care if you are from a long line of combat psychics, you should not have done this...."

By this point, Issac had tuned out. He could have mentioned that he took down Eciov mostly by himself, but he knew that Sasha already knew this, or wouldn't care. So he stood there, letting Sasha berate him until he ran out of steam or dismissed him in disgust. What he wasn't expecting was an interruption from Lili Zanatto.

"HEY!" You're so uptight Sasha! This guy did more then you did!"

Issac shot her a what are you doing? look. She replied with a saving your butt look. Sasha shook his head. Children and their "looks."

"Ms. Zanatto, he disobeyed orders. He must recieve some form of..."

"Don't give me that! Not only did he take down that freak, he disrupted the shield Miriku was projecting so Raz and I wouldn't have to project through it."

Sasha was surprised, but didn't visibly react. Shield Disruption was a difficult technique. And the fact that he took down the manifestation of Miriku's voice had not escaped him. But if he backed down now, he would look weak, and the reason all the campers respected him was because they feared him. So...

"Issac Lyons, for disobeying orders, you will report to my lab tomorrow at 1300 hours. Your punishment is to clean my lab. Dismissed."

Issac was surprised. A cleaning job was a lot better then what he was fearing, and it wasn't even early in the morning. Lili however, knew better.

"You just want to hook him up to that cheap Brain Tumbler, don't you?"

Sasha smirked. "Well, if he cleans fast enough, I may help him unlock any hidden potential with the Tumbler."

Issac was confused. What the hell is a Brain Tumbler? However, the concept od "unlocking hidden potential" excited him.

"Well, it's late. Everyone should go to bed now." Sasha announced to any lingering students. Everyone wandered off muttering about the day's events, while Issac quickly spoke to Lili.

"Why did you stick up for me? I agreed to Razputin's terms that I would take the fall should I get into trouble."

Lili snorted. "Don't get me wrong. I doubted that I could have projected through that shield, and you were a huge help in there. You deserved to be praised, not punished."

Issac was once again surprised. "Why Lili, who knew you could be nice to anyone but Razputin?"

"Of course I'm nice! I ooze niceness from my pores!" Lili snapped, reverting to her cynic self.

((Ohhhh... it's so hot... Anyway, some of Issac's past is revelaed. A family of combat psychics you say?))

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"James. James. James." Joan stared at the boy, not sure whether he was listening or not. The kid was kinda staring off into space. She briefly wondered whether to poke him or not, but quickly remembered that wasn't a wise idea. "James."

Finally, the boy looked at her. "James. Hey. I know where a hose is and I wanna try - "

"JOAN!" shouted a short and rather irritated counselor. Joan calmly turned and peered down at Oleander's scowling face.


"DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR PUNISHMENT!" shouted Oleander, though he didn't need to shout. "C'MON, HUP TWO! MOVE IT!" And Joan was led away to wash dishes or clean boots or something. Bored, Joan started chattering away about the mating calls of tortoises.

James stared, then decided that he should probably go to the boy's cabin. His mom didn't like him staying up too much.

Other kids were slowly diffusing out of the lodge too, ready for sleep. Or for staying up again. Alex, to get a feel for this stupid camp, started to wander around, and ended up at the beach. After all, it wouldn't do well to get lost. He had to know his surroundings, without that knowledge, there was no chance of conquest. Not that he'd actually try conquering this place. That was just a...metaphor...ish...thing.

There was that goggle boy from before, who followed the adults in that crazy girl's mind. Alex made sure to scowl at him ferociously, though he wasn't sure whether it could be seen or not. Then he turned his attention to the lake and was surprised to see a big rock in it. "What is that?!" he gawked at it in surprise. Raz seemed to smile smugly at him (he couldn't really see).

"A meteor."

"Meteorite, idiot," Alex shot back. Just because he was surprised doesn't mean he temporarily forgot stuff. "A meteor is when it's falling." Alex made sure to expel a general aura of smugness right back at Raz. Raz sulked, or at least he hoped so. Ha, take that!

Alex examined it some more, from the beach, since he didn't want to get his clothes wet. "Hm, it's kinda like...Psitanium. Huh."

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((LOL HAI GUYS. I'm still here; just a bit too over-swamped with work right now to RP. D8 Three projects in Studio Art, an Original Character Tournament entry, gallons of homework in World Affairs, a mysterious fanproject to be done, and an autobiography to write... urgh...))

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Issac walked toward the Kid's Cabin, mind abuzz with the day's events.

1.)A rich kid was mauled by a bear.

2.)The odd ninja girl was under the effects of a sadistic voice.

3.)He had disrupted a Psi Shield.

4.)He nearly got his face ripped off by a split tailed wolf.

5.)He had won his first life-or-death fight.

6.)He made a new enemy.

It was number 5 that was the main buzz in Issac's mind. In his family, winning a life-or-death fight was a coming of age trial. If he was home, he would have first started learning the secret techniques of the Lyons clan from the head of his family. If I had a home, and our family head hadn't run off...

He slapped his forehead. No point freting about the unchangeable. There's nothing I can do. At moments like this, where Issac felt depressed, he remembered a song written by a group of men, a song full of truth that always made him feel better.

Okay, it was "The Galaxy Song" from Monty Python, but still. Issac hummed the majority of the song, until he reached his favourite part.

So remember when you're feeling very small and insecure,

Remember how unlikely is your birth.

And pray that there's intelligent life somwhere up in space,

'cause there's bugger all down here on Earth.

Feeling better already, Issac reached his cabin. He picked up his bag to put his stuff in, only to realise it felt slightly heavier then usual. After a quick look inside, Issac found a box he recognised immediately. Could it be...? Opening the box, he found several leather bound journals, all with a roaring lion embossed on it, painted in gold leaf. They had titles on them like "Close Range Techniques", "Evasive Techniques and Counter Attacks." and "Non-Lethal Takedowns."

He also found a letter. The letter read:


If you are reading this, then you have emerged from your first real life-or-death fight victorious. I am sorry that I could not be there to see it, or to teach you the techniques listed in these journals. I placed a compulsion in your mind to keep the box on you at all times, but not be aware of it until you won your first life-or-death fight. If what I fear happened happened, you must self-teach yourself in these techniques. I am sorry for any grievances my absence has caused you.

Head of our branch of the Lyons Family

Johnathan Lyons.

Issac felt both happieness and fury at this. He could finally start learning the Roaring Lyons style techniques. On the other hand, grievances? Grievances? Oh, he had grievances all right. For a moment, he wanted to scream, but didn't.

There was nothing he could do.

((Once again, erred on the angst path again. Sorry about that. Also, sorry if the cuss in "The Galaxy Song" offended anyone.))

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That Alex kid was a complete stuck-up jerk. Like some sort of evil, twisted, male version of Kitty.

—Well hello there, Sherlock. It is Psitanium —said Raz crossing his arms, trying to sound as if he knew way more than him about the rock. Then he added in the most poisonous way he could— And it's a pity you weren't here when it fell down. It could have turned from meteor to meteorite right in your head.

That remark didn't have the desired effect. Alex didn't even look at Raz. He just stood there, looking all snottily at the meteor... ite. Raz snorted. He wasn't looking forward to have a brat poking his nose all around while he investigated. He should try another strategy.

—And what are you doing here this late? Huh? Shouldn't you be sleeping?

Alex gave him an icy glare, squinting.

—It's not like I care —he went on, feigning indifference—, but kids are supposed to be in bed by this hour.

—Really? —replied Alex, raising an eyebrow. They weren't probaby more than a year apart, but it was evident which one of the two was more mature— I don't see you in bed either. If someone like you can ignore the rules of this cheap place, it's crystal-clear obvious these rules don't apply at all to me.

Raz smirked.

—The thing is, I'm a Psychonaut. So I'm allowed to come here and investigate.

Alex puckered his lips. Hell, that goggle-boy was really annoying.

((I wonder what ever happened to Apple, Tikara and Zilla. They just vanished. It's happening again!! D8 ))

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((Hey guys. I went to this music thing today...I swear, the girl in that band sounded EXACTLY like Milla Vodello. Yeah. Being sick sucks.))

Zane had been looking for hours for the girl, and finally decided to give up and relax. He grabbed a straw and some scissors and made his way down to the lake. At least there was ONE good part about this camp...

"My god, what is that awful noise?!?" Alex screamed covering his ears. In the air was an odd sound, like a sitting duck or something. Nobody else was that annoyed, though.

Jeez, relax. Zane appeared behind them, straw in hand. Though, the straw was flattened at one end...and there was a few bits cut off...but it was still just a plastic drinking straw.

It's a homemade oboe. Zane blew into the flattened end, and the sound filled the air again, but this time it sounded more like a kazoo than a duck.

"Woah!" Raz smiled. "You're gonna have to teach me how to make one!"

Sure. Why? Zane lifted an eyebrow. Raz walked up to him, looked around shiftily, and whispered in his ear,

"Just between you and me...I think that new kid is a douche."

NOOO. Zane projected his telepathy into only the mind of the older kid in front of him, widening his eyes. REALLY? No dip, Sherlock? Zane scoffed and blew into the straw again. Raz was somewhat impressed. It was tricky to use sarcasm in telepathic messages.

"Alright, what are you two talking about?" Alex barged in, not being able to take it any longer.

"Uh..." Raz stumbled for an excuse, "Well, we, uh..."

Raz thinks this might work for contacting ailens or a dog whistle. Zane intervened, I bet Tim Schafer himself couldn't come up with a better idea. Zane smiled. Raz and Alex looked at him quizzically.

"Tim who?" they said simultaniously. Zane groaned.

Nobody, never mind...

((No offense to the great Tim Schafer. *bow**bow*))

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((...did I just drive us into a pothole of writer's block? Sorry...))
Nah, I'm sur it's just that people are going back to work/school and have less time to RP))

Issac looked still, but inside he was freaking out. In front of him was the compiled knowledge of the entire Lyons family. Every technique, every idea, everything.

And he was too tired to read them.

He wanted too. He wanted to start reading and not stop until he had memorised every word. Then practise the techniques until he dropped. But he could barely keep his eyes open anymore. Moaning at his bad luck, he climbed up to his bunk and was asleep the second his head touched his pillow. Tomorrow... I'll start tomorrow...

((Short I know, but I have a buttload of homework. Someone wanna clear up the happenings at the lake?))

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Alex stared. Did they think him stupid enough to believe that?! Contacting aliens with a friggin' sraw?! Or were they really that moronic?!

The boy backed away a bit, as if afraid idiocy was contagious, then decided that it was a nice time to go to sleep. Before he disappeared from the beach, he made sure to say, "You two are idiotic."

Raz grinned back. "If you're supposed to be smart, then I'll stay idiotic, thank you very much." Alex rolled his eyes and walked to the cabin. Raz stayed silent for a bit, feeling that he had beat the snooty boy...somehow. He still wasn't tired, though.

A tug at his coat. So, any reason you're here?

"Eh, I wanted to check out the meteor...ite."

Ah. Right. Silence. Are you gonna go up to it, then?

Raz jerked involuntarily. "I can't...it's too far out in the lake."

A waterphobe?

"Ah, yeah."

Maybe I could check it out, then.

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Razputin stared at him.

"Uh... you sure about that?" He asked nervously. Zane just smiled.

Don't worry. If anything goes wrong, I'll just send out a telepathic 'help' signal. That easy.

"Uh, you're forgetting that that thing is made of psitanium. Probably."

And YOU'RE forgetting my homemade oboe. Zane said with his mind, while blowing through the straw, causing Alex to wince again. ((Woah...typing 'said with his mind is getting tiring. There should be a verb for using telepathy. From now on, I'm going to use 'telepathed'. There. ))

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((I think Mr. Writersblock is currently camping in the Collective Unconscious xD

Hey, guys, do you know what we need? A thread to collect and classify OCs in a handy, easily accessible database. Because I keep forgetting who is who, whose is each, what can they do and how should they act xD... And having to look their reference sheets back in the thread is a pain. And this would be useful for past, present and future RPG games.

And stuff.))

Zane rolled up on his Levitation ball next to the meteorite. Raz, in turn, got as close as he could from the docks, walking cautiously. The planks were slippery because of the dampness, so he got down on all fours to get more stability. The younger boy looked thoroughly at the rock, and then placed his hands on it. The Levitation ball seemed to flicker.

"Hey, it's warm."

—Be careful... —said Raz, voicing out his own concerns.

Zane didn't answer. He was busy examining the meteorite. Razputin looked down to the dark waters. Through the undulations of the lake, he could glimpse the eerie Hand of Galochio waving it's fingers like a ghostly waterweed, making him feel a knot in his stomach.

"It sounds like it's... whispering?", mumbled Zane.

—You mean the rock talks? It's alive?

"Maybe there's someone trapped inside."


"Nah, I think it's like a giant radio or something. Imagine if we could eavesdrop private conversations with this." Zane chuckled, pressing his hands on the meteorite.

—Cool —replied Raz. Although it would be cooler if the rock was not in the middle of the lake, of course.

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