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Thank you DobleFine!

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I just wanted to say THANK YOU for bringing out Act 1 of the game!

It worked without problems on my Ubuntu/Linux Laptop also with a non-performant graphics card, and I liked the graphics very much!

What I somehow miss: An option to pause the game during dialogues in order to be able to read the texts... I like to listen to the english speech, but this sometimes distracts me from reading the text in my own language. Could you provide a pause function, or better: an option to regulate the speed with which texts are displayed / to delay the dialogue for a specified time after the caracters have spoken?

As a workaround I can press the Escape key, but this also darkens the screen...

I didn't play all of act 1, because I want to keep the best things for another time.

I really liked what I saw and I feel the graphics and the sound together make you really feel being part of the game!

My criticism is very short and stands only for a small part of act one: * Puzzles are too easy * For my taste the dialogues could be sometimes a little bit "crazier", like in Monkey Island or Simon the Sorcerer...

But before saying too much, I have to play it all.

So I simply end with another Thank You, for turning this dream finally into reality!

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