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Reinstate old and not so tasty

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Really? Nobody cares even the tiniest bit? There's a new game coming out and you guys are good with a huge doublefine fan being alienated because you don't want to be on Klint's bad side?

That's a little extreme, really. I'm not mad at DF and I still intend to buy the crap out of the game when it comes out. I'm really not mad at anyone. I just think it would be nice if I wasn't banned. Especially since I did nothing to warrant it.

But it appears to me that you are still posting, now that we have established that you are, indeed, OnNST. So why not just use this new account and try to stay on the good side this time?

What exactly did you do, anyway?

But this isn't my account. Not the same thing. Plus, Klint is likely to consider this a multi and ban it.

What I did was state a contrary opinion to Klint's. As I said, I used no coarse language and didn't flame. Klint obviously didn't like my opinion and banned me. I had received a warning earlier about language and I made sure to not repeat the offense. What is the point of a warning if you are just going to ban me, anyway?

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