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Black Box Behind Beastender [ UUID: 94b9c52d-fbdf-434b-b367-739d4cc6c1af ]

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When loading up a save file which is from 1 or 2 Release Candidates ago (RC6 I believe), there is a large, visible black square area drawn behind Vella's grandpa in the background. When switching from Vella to Shay and back, the black rectangle is still there in the background behind the grandpa. When starting a new save/playthrough, this graphical defect is not present. Everything appears as it should with a new save.

This bug is present in both the Linux and Windows release of the current Release Candidate (RC8 from 2014-01-24).

Linux version is Debian 7.3 Stable ("wheezy"). Windows version is XP SP3. Please see the attachment sent via e-mail for more OS, hardware, & logging information, as well as screenshots and a save file.

An e-mail has been sent to DF Support with the relevant files.

Bug report UUID:


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