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[Bug report] Minor stuff

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I just played through the game again on RC8.4.5, checking the bugs I noted on my first play-through. I am happy to see that most have been fixed, and that the higher resolution backdrops are a major improvement. I do have a few nitpicks however:

* There is notable aliasing around M'ggies eyes.

* When Car'l is given the knife, there is a slight delay between the movement of her hands and the knife.

* If you click twice on the mountain during the runaway train mission, before the knitted guy holds on to the tracks, he will still grab on the to tracks when reaching the top but then immediately let go. It would make more sense if he always held on until the bridge was up, in such a way that the puzzle could only be solved by bringing the mountain to sleep AFTER the knitted pal let go of the tracks.

On a side note, I found the puzzles to overall be disappointingly easy, given that the documentary had given me the impression that puzzles were meant to get players stuck for a while, in order to later provide that A-HA moment—something that never occurred. Fortunately the story, art and music were phenomenal.

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