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[Feedback] New framing in the Vella opening

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I tried to check the forums for threads on the opening, didn't find any. Sorry if this a duplicate thread.

I really loved the old Vella opening. Where you hear Rocky (not 100% sure on the name, the little sister) calling out to Vella, but you do not see her. I really loved that moment. Perhaps my favourite moment of the whole experience. You know time's up, and you should already be up. But you're stealing a tiny little moment further, pretending for short while still that it isn't so. That you don't have to get up. That all the things out there can wait. By making a silly little lie you inevitably remind yourself why you also will, in just a second or two, get up. And face the cupcakes.

Having Rocky be in the same starting frame the moment gets a bit lost. I hope it's still there, and I'm just biased, unable to experience the scene again for the first time. But it feels very different to me. I think I get why you did it. Better player direction, clear immediate focus. I'm just a bit sad that you felt that was needed. I wish you would and could change it back :-)

Further general thoughts: I quite liked the game. I loved the story thus far. It has a good Empire Strikes Back ending. It does very much feel like half a story, and I do kind of wish I could have waited until the release of the second part. Fear of spoilers and such.

I do understand the complaints people have with regards to difficulty, but I don't care that much myself. It keeps the story flowing and I think the general pacing benefits from it.

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