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Feature request: High resolution art when zooming in (spoilers)

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A minor complain, but the game is otherwise so beautiful and polished, I think it could use a little touch here.

The problem is at the scene when Marek first points the ventilator vent for the navigation room.

The camera briefly zooms in on the vent.The art displayed during this zoom is low in resolution, apparently just a scaled up and filtered version of the full scene.

I'm running under linux, fullscreen at 1080p.

Hmm, ok, so, now that I'm paying attention to it, it seems that every single time there's a "zoom in", the art is just being rescaled. Seems to be intended behaviour, so I'm moving this from "bug" to "feature request". As I said, the game is otherwise so polished that those bits of low resolution art are distracting.

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