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Broken Age sales?

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I am sure, that there is no a single backer who wouldn't like this game to sell good. For all of us it was kind of bet, that most of adventure gamers made 2 years ago: To bring (old school) adventures games back to their roots. To make them come back on the stage as protagonists and as not as walkons. Based on the first act (and I am not reffering to act I thi time), the result was really impressive (~90.000 backers and 3.5 millions to Tim). However, it is after the final act that the final judgement will be made. Did we succeeded in our bet?

And the final act is just now: The official release (well technicaly, there is another one after actual release of act 2 (this time i actually mean act 2!), but I think that its impact will be insignifacant compare to the current). An the critical question is?

Did we managed to attract non backers to the game?

Only DF is capable of answering this question, since they know the exact number of units sold! And the real question is:

Are they wiling to share with us this sales progress of Broken game (we do not speak of exact sales, just rough numbers, or thresholds achieved)?

I am indeed, very keen on learning them

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