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What prototypes did you vote for?

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First round:

- Steed: because it sounds like the most charming project, and the idea of a humor-based Crazy [Horse] Taxi with combat sounds incredible.

- What Could Go Wrong: because the aesthetics it world it was referencing is rad!

- Gone Astray: because it would have been awesome to explore a suburbia from such a unique perspective.

Second round: Steed, What Could Go Wrong, and...

- Mnemonic: because my girlfriend thought it sounded cool, and I had already denied her request that I vote for it in order to cast my vote for Gone Astray!

And now that the winners have been announced, I'm actually most excited for Dear Leader. I didn't vote for it because 1) I knew it was going to win--the pitch was great, and people are crazy about stuff like Papers Please, and 2) Papers Please is an amazing experience, but playing it is so, so, so depressing. Seeing the team working on it is reminding me how meaningful experiences like that are, though, despite how bleak and troubling they can be. Plus, all of the art they're taking inspiration from is super cool.

EDIT: Oh! And, Little Pink Best Buds, because it was adorable and weird and scary and seems like a really unique experience!

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